Best Spare CS60 Headset Quad Stockists

Best Spare CS60 Headset Quad Stockists

Plantronics is pleased to announce the introduction of CS60 spares. These spares are designed to compliment the existing CS60 and allow personal issue of headsets in situations where a phone or turret is used across multiple shifts with a single CS60 base. The headset comes with all standard accessories - Uniband, tripods, tripod headband and earloops. The neckband remains an optional extra. Note that where a phone or turret is used across multiple shifts with a single CS60 base, each CS60 headset will require pairing at start of shift as multiple headsets can not be used simultaneously.

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Blackwire C710 M USB Bluetooth Headset

The Blackwire 700 Series is the singular UC headset that combines corded reliability with wireless flexibility. Enjoy seamless call management and industry-first Smart Sensor technology for unprecedented ease of use &endash; answer a call by simply putting on the headset, or pause mobile device media playback by taking it off. Advanced noise canceling, Digital Signal Processing, wideband PC audio, and hi-fi stereo sound create unmatched audio quality, and the detachable cable enables you to take your mobile calls throughout the office. With up to 10 hours of talk time, and a versatility that connects to all the...

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PLANTRONICS Rig 500E Gaming Headset

Experience high quality audio with the performance to match in the Plantronics Rig 500E Gaming Headset.It features Dolby 7.1 surround sound technology so you can hear everything around you and gain the advantage, and comes with vented earcups for long sessions or noise-isolating earcups when you need to hear everything in detail.You can customise the headset to your personal preferences with additional components, and the boom mic flips up when you want to undertake solo missions.

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CS70N Avaya AWH75N Wireless Headset

Plantronics AWH75N Headset System Noice Cancelling - Ideal for on-the-move office executives, the AWH-75N boasts a lightweight, over-the-ear design that combines sophisticated style with all-day wearing comfort. Whether moving between meetings, conferring with colleagues, or taking calls in offices, executives can use the Plantronics Avaya AWH-75N to go wherever business takes them—up to 100 meters from their desk phone. Leading-edge, voice-dedicated DECT 6.0 (1.9Ghz) technology provides best-in-class audio quality, digitally-secure communications, and the lowest probability of interference with other wireless devices.

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D251 SupraPlus DIGITAL Quad Headset

The SupraPlus Digital Monaural Headset works with the VistaPlus adaptor to optimise audio performance in Health and Safety aware work places. The headset uses on board memory to store the exact parameters characterising each individual headset. It reads these parameters and tunes its setting to best match with the headset and lifting the receive level to enhance ease of listening, while staying within EU noise limits. Please note that this headset can only be used with the VistaPlus adaptor.

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Encore Binaural Voice Tube Noise Cancelling Headset

Plantronics Encore Binaural Noise Cancelling Headset with U10P Cable has two earpieces for total call concentration. By providing sound in both ears it gives greater clarity and is ideal for anyone working in a noisy environment that needs to concentrate on calls. With a fully adjustable headband and earpieces for an extremely comfortable fit, it's ideal for all day use. The Encore Binaural headset features a unique Sound Enhancement System that allows the user to adjust the caller's tone of voice, making it easier to listen to.

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CS351N SupraPlus Wireless Monaural Headset

The Plantronics SupraPlus Wireless Monaural DECT headset offers call centre and office professionals flexible all day wearing comfort. The unique QuickPair feature allows multiple headsets to share one base for effective hot desking. DECT technology provides excellent sound quality and 64-bit digital encryption means that calls are secure. The monaural earphone offers peripheral hearing while the noise cancelling microphone provides total focus noise reduction. A binaural version is also available with two earphones for complete call focus. There are built-in controls for volume, call answer/end and mute, plus with up to ten...

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Plantronics CS 540A - headset - with Plantronics APS-11 Electronic Hook Switch

Plantronics legendary CS family is setting a new wireless standard for desk phone communication with the CS500 Series. The system features the lightest DECT headset on the market, a streamlined design and improved performance all with the same reliability for hands-free productivity that has made the CS family a bestseller for nearly a decade.

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Clarity 340 P340 Standard - USB VoIP phone with caller ID

Clarity 340 P340 Standard - USB VoIP phone with caller ID

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CS540 Wireless Convertable DECT Headset

The lightest, most comfortable DECT headset Plantronics has ever made Plantronics CS540 Headset is setting a new standard for wireless desk phone communications. The new convertible headsets – the lightest DECT™ headsets on the market – feature streamlined design, improved performance, and the same great reliability. They offer hands-free productivity up to 100 meters away from your desk, and great collaboration options. Pair your headset with any base by simply docking it, or add up to three additional headset wearers into your call. Switch between narrowband audio to maximise battery life or wideband, professional-grade...

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Plantronics Savi W740 - headset

The Savi 700 series is changing the way productivity-focused office professionals communicate. With three-way connectivity, easily manage and switch between PC, desk phone, and now mobile calls from a single wireless headset. Optimized for Unified Communications, the system automatically updates your status to "busy" on PC, mobile and even desk phone calls so colleagues can see your availability. This intelligent system combines best-in-class sound quality, hands-free mobility and hours of talk time for ultimate efficiency. Once you experience a Savi 700 headset system you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

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