Bargain Specials Stockists

Bargain Specials Stockists

Special Circcumstances"...the words have sent chills down Tally's spine since her days as a repellent rebellious Ugly. Back then the Specials were a sinister rumour - frighteningly beautiful dangerously strong and breathtakingly fast. And now Tally's become one of them: a super-amped fighting machine engineered to keep the Uglies down and the Pretties stupid. But one tiny corner of Tally's heart still remembers something different. When she is ordered to stamp out the rebels of the New Smoke she is forced to make one last choice: carry out the mission she's been programmed to complete or listen to that faint yet persistent heartbeat telling her that something's wrong..."

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Nate eBook Stockists

Intrigue February 2013 On the day Lieutenant Nate Ryland’s baby daughter is kidnapped, he finds hope in the most surprising of allies: Darcy Burkhart, a woman he never wanted to see again. But Darcy’s son has also been taken and nothing will keep them from bringing their children home. As the search continues, Nate’s desiring Darcy in a way he never would have thought possible.

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Book of Mediterranean Food Stockists

A Book of Mediterranean Food" is Elizabeth David first book and made her a favourite with foodies everywhere. Originally published in 1950 "A Book of Mediterranean Food" is based on a collection of recipes she made while living in France Italy the Greek islands and Egypt. She gives us hearty pasta and polenta dishes from Italy; aromatic and tangy salads from Turkey and Greece; and tasty seafood and saffron dishes from Spain. Whether it is the simplicity of hummus or the delicious blending of flavours found in plates of ratatouille or paella Elizabeth David's wonderful recipes in "A Book of Mediterranean Food" are imbued...

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Horrible Histories: Gruesome Guides: York Stockists

A witty whistle-stop tour of York’s foul but fascinating history – complete with deadly diseases, vicious Vikings and creepy criminals!

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Dinosaur Doo Stockists

If you liked Claire Freedman's Dinosaurs in Underpants you'll love this! When Spark's village is bombarded with dinosaur poo he sets out on a mission to stop the naughty dinosaurs. But how? By building a dinosaur loo of course! An hilarious book with a winning combination of poo and dinosaurs! This book certainly has the yuck factor appeal! With all the favourite dinosaurs including an iguanodon triceratops brachiosaurus and pterodactyls.

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Happy Kids Stockists

A fresh and practical guide to successfully managing children's behaviour - from babies to young adults. Cathy Glass has been a foster carer for over 20 years during this time fostering more than 50 children as well as bringing up three of own. Many of these children have had severe behavioural difficulties and have come to Cathy as a last resort when their parents or carers were no longer able to cope. Drawing on a combination of years of training and extensive personal experience in this comprehensive guide Cathy passes on her tried and tested methods for guiding nurturing and disciplining children. Approaching child...

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BT Warrington Stockists

# The BT Phonebook The BT Phone book is the complete telephone directory listing for your area, and helps you find products and services from businesses you know as well as from those you don't, along with all the local residential numbers you need in the same book - three directories in just one book.

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PM Blue: Hairdresser (PM Non-fiction) Level 11, 12 Stockists

This text describes what happens when we go and get our hair cut. It touches on the tools that are used and what the hair dresser does to make our hair look nice. Blue level titles introduce children to sentence structures and common word endings. This level also teaches how to read with insight, encouraging children to stress words in bold type for example. PM Non-fiction books are carefully researched, presenting factual information accompanied by superb photography and realistic illustrations to engage young readers.

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The Elephant and the Bad Baby Stockists

The Elephant takes the Bad Baby for a ride and they go ‘rumpeta, rumpeta, rumpeta down the road…’ #bookpacks-0816

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Festivals Around the World Pack x 5 Stockists

Let’s celebrate! This beautiful series lets you start learning about major religious festivals around the world. Each religion has its own special days, celebrated in various colourful ways. Don’t miss out on the fun – come and join the party! See dragons dance in the street for Chinese New Year, and Hannukah candles lighting up Jewish houses. There will be feasts, gifts and special Eid prayers for Muslims. Plus: don’t forget to look out for the Divali fireworks! Very first look at key religious festivals, designed for beginner readers Beautiful photos bring alive the fun while helping to explain the text...

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Just as Long as We're Together Stockists

Stephanie and Rachel have been best friends for years in spite of their differences. Alison is new in town and immediately becomes an integral part of their group. But is it possible to have two best friends? And how can you call anyone a friend if you can't tell them your most painful secrets?

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