Bargain Spectraboom Stockists

Bargain Spectraboom Stockists

If you’re looking for a single solution to all your audio needs then the Spectraboom just might be it. It offers a rare combination of sound quality, style and portability that is unusual at any price. Encased in a stylish glossy black case with simple, minimal controls the Spectraboom will fit in perfectly to any home. The 5” woofers and wide dispersion tweeters combine to pump out an impressive 60 watts of rich, full sound with deep, powerful bass and crystal clear treble. Simply connect via Bluetooth or the aux socket so you can use virtually any music device. It even has an FM radio built in! But the really cool bit comes when you press the light button. The speakers are equipped with a clever lighting system that can pulsate and flash in time to your music, in a variety of bright colours. Select either a pulsating light that will dance in time to your music, a slow fade that gently glides through the colours or simply no lights at all. The large built in battery will give up to 30 hours playback with the lights off (though we’ve found this to be volume dependant) and you can run it off the mains while it’s charging or even all the time if you like. There’s even a USB port so you can charge your phone up while you listen. So if you’ve been struggling to find that all-in-one solution to your music needs then check out the Spectraboom. It could be the ideal answer.  Technical specifications: Output power: 60W Supported Bluetooth: A2DP Bluetooth range: 100ft Radio frequency range: 87.5 – 107.9 Power input voltage: 100-240V, 50/60Hz 50W Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion Battery life: up to 6 hours with audio and LEDs – up to 30 hours just audio Recharge time: up to 6 hours Weight: 3.75kg  Contents: 1 x Spectraboom 1 x Power/charging cable 1 x 3.5mm AUX cable 1 x Manual

Bargain Deal: £149.00

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Max LP Record Players Stockists

This classically designed Max LP Record Player is an all-in-one turntable that makes a cool and stylish addition to any home. With record players seeing a surge in popularity in recent years, this is a sure fire way to get with the trend in true retro style. This vinyl player has all the old school charm that you would expect with some cool 21st century additions, making it easy to listen, connect and convert. Not only can you enjoy your records, you can convert them into digital files onto your computer, backing up all of your awesome music collection with ease.   Simply use the EZ Vinyl Converter software CD included...

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Superior LP Stockists

The Superior LP from Ion is even more impressive than its name might suggest. As well as playing LPs (and records of any size, from your 7” singles to your white label 12”s) it will also play all of your modern and legacy media too! It features a CD player, cassette deck, AM/FM radio, Bluetooth input, a USB port that will play MP3s and even an aux input for if you have any other devices (MiniDisc anyone?) you’d like to connect. And the powerful built in amplifier and speakers mean that it’s a true, all in one solution. As well as playing virtually anything you can throw at it, the Superior will also...

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Ion Tape 2 Go Stockists

If you can’t resist the old classics, but have nowhere to play all of you much loved cassettes, this Ion Tape 2 Go is the perfect way to convert all your tapes into MP3 format to enjoy them on all your devices! This portable handheld Tape 2 Go looks just like any classic cassette player. All you have to do is pop in your tape and connect your Tape 2 Go via the USB connection to send music from your tapes straight to your Mac or PC where the files are instantly converted to a digital music file. The exclusive EZ Vinyl/Tape converter software is a powerful and easy to use program which guides you through the process of...

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Ion Tailgater Go Stockists

If you’re looking for state of the art sound quality with fantastic portability in one amazing design, the Ion Tailgater Go is the powerful speaker which gives any music lover the complete package. This compact design is the ideal solution for anyone who is looking for stunning sound without unnecessary bulk, providing portability and convenience without any compromise on quality. The Tailgater Go delivers 20 watts of power delivered by a 4-inch woofer and wide dispersion tweeter, giving a loud, deep tone which sounds great in an outdoor space. Simply connect your device using Bluetooth and NFC technology, to wirelessly...

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Slides Forever Stockists

The ION Slides Forever is a high quality, flexible and easy to use 35mm slide and negative scanner. With the included software you can convert all your old analogue photographs to easy to view and share digital files. Featuring a high res 5 megapixel scanner, adjustable slide feeder and a single USB cable connection to your PC or Mac you’ll be digitising your old photos in next to no time. The Slides Forever features separate attachments for scanning both 35mm slides and negatives including a rapid slide feeder for when you want to quickly scan multiple slides. All the attachments are easy to use with simple click to...

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Air LP Bluetooth Record Players Stockists

This Air LP Bluetooth turntable is the next generation of record players, combing sleek design with high functionality. The popularity of records has soared in recent years and with that has come a new range of incredible turntables. Not only can you enjoy all of your favourite 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM records, this Bluetooth turntable provides so much more. Now you can send the sound from your records wirelessly to any Bluetooth speaker, wherever sounds best for your space, leaving behind the need for inconvenient and messy wires. Hooray! The exclusive EZ Vinyl and cassette converter software converts analog material to digital...

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