Bargain Spiderman App Enabled Superhero Stockists

Bargain Spiderman App-Enabled Superhero Stockists

In about six minutes of screen time, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man managed to be the most memorable thing about Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War. And in a movie that features Cap himself, Iron Man and a 15 metre tall Ant Man that’s no small feat. This year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming is set to capitalise on this popularity. And awesome droid makers Sphero are onboard too with this amazing (see what we did there?) Spider-Man App Enabled Hero. This Spidey will pair with your phone via Bluetooth, and that’s the first thing you’ll want to do after installing Sphero’s unique app (on Android or iOS, natch). Your new best friend is voice activated, so you can ask him to tell you stories and jokes and he will – but watch out, he has a cheeky sense of humour just like the real Peter Parker. You can also tell what he’s thinking by looking at his incredibly emotive eyes, which will change depending on his mood and help to give him a personality all of his own. He’s packed with amazing cutting edge technology which allows him to learn from your personality and adapt his own, making him your own unique super hero pal. He’ll take you on super hero missions where every single decision you make can change the entire story, meaning that no two are ever the same. What’s more he’s connected to the web and will periodically download new missions, games (did we mention there are games?) jokes and stories. And when you’re relaxing after a hard day’s superheroing he even comes equipped with his own Spider Sense (via motion detection) so he can keep an eye on your room while you snooze. So if you want the most authentic super hero experience you can have without having to be bitten by a radioactive spider then this Spider-Man is definitely for you. Packed with clever technology and super cool features he’ll be your new best friend and take you on all sorts of exciting adventures. 

Bargain Deal: £149.99

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