Bargain Sportmax Mutant Stockists

Bargain Sportmax Mutant Stockists

Dunlop Sportmax Mutant is a Supermoto bike tyre designed to offer the real zeal of driving even at low urban speeds. This special player performs its best on both wet and dry weather conditions. The mono-ply construction of the front player with technically designed tread pattern ensures straight-line drivability while the JLB construction for the rear end assures light casing for the light-weight bikes. The wide footprints of this Dunlop give increased manoeuvrability and superb vehicle handling ability. The durable player has precise handling and shows increased racing performance both on and off the roads.

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Tourance Next Front E Stockists

Metzeler, a German motorcycle tyre manufacturer focused on quality and performance, is a major player in the motorcycle tyre industry. With around 130 years of experience, Metzeler manufactures world-class tyres for motorbikes. The Company, established by Robert Friedrich Metzeler in 1863, started manufacturing multilevel rubber tyres. It continued the same till 1978. From 1979, it shifted its focus to motorcycle tyres. Metzeler has the credit of being the first manufacturer in Europe to develop tubeless tyres. It also introduced tread design with diagonal grooves. Ever in the process of introducing new and innovative tyres...

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K36-1 RF Stockists

Heidenau K36-1 is a road profile designed to meet the demands of on-road drivers. Featuring deep continuous centre groove with separators, this pattern maintains straight-line drivability and controlled driving experience. The curvy grooves in the tread pattern ensure good traction and helps in gaining high performance. The tread pattern creates even contact patch and the advanced tread compound gives enhanced tread life and increased mileage. The reinforced carcass construction of this Heidenau maintains stability of the vehicle and this powerful player offers sophisticated driving experience.

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K30 RF Stockists

Heidenau K30 is a classic tyre designed specially to meet the needs of scooters. The traditional tread pattern of this Heidenau gives precise driving experience and greater vehicle control. The solid tread blocks ensure greater traction and creates larger contact patch for well balanced driving experience. This tyre moulded from advanced tread compound assures longer tread life and reduces uneven tread wear. This technically designed tread profile enables easy vehicle handling and offers unbeaten performance on roads. The closely arranged tread pattern presents optimal rolling resistance and the deep grooves pave way for good...

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Battlax Sport Touring T30 Rear G Stockists

All tyres used by the Formula 1 teams were supplied by Bridgestone, from 2008 to 2010. Bridgestone Corporation is the first tire manufacturer to ever establish in Japan. In 1988, the company expands, by taking over of the Firestone Tire Company. Technology and safety are the key words in the philosophy of this Nippon constructor, who won the second place on the international tire market. Specialized in the off-road tires, Bridgestone takes very personally the development of ecological tires, fit to stand up against the worst weather conditions. From a Bridgestone tire we can expect both an excellent wet traction and the noise...

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Block C RF / Fuel efficiency: E, wet grip: C, ext. rolling noise: 70dB, rolling noise class: B Stockists

Metzeler Block C is a classic tyre designed specially to fit both front and rear wheels of medium to small capacity motorcycles. The tread pattern of this tyre features wide curvature that provides high precision and easy vehicle handling. The dedicated tread grooves ensures efficient water drainage and enhanced performance. Offering high mileage, the closely spaced tread blocks maintains maximum road contact which assures greater stability. The special tread design with high skid resistance ensures good grip on both wet and dry surfaces. The geometry of the tread pattern gives balanced and comfortable driving. This stylish...

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D254 Stockists

Custom tire combining classic design and contemporary Sportmax technologynPaired with D256 as Original Equipment on Honda's GL1800 F6C (2014)

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H02 Stockists

Mitas, a Czech Republic tyre manufacturing firm had its origin as MITAS Praha in the year 1933. Started as subsidiary of Michelin in Prague-StraÅ¡nice, after the war, the manufacturing plant was nationalized and got its new name MITAS in 1947. With skilled labours and technical facilities, during 1949-1952 the company established itself with a well equipped manufacturing plant. Also, it expanded its products right from bicycle tyres to heavy truck tyres. MITAS currently have three tyre manufacturing plants each in Prague, Zlín and Otrokovice. At present, the company with its wide spread products, has created an everlasting...

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Angel GT Stockists

The Italian manufacturer Pirelli was declared favourite by renowned automobile magazines after the summer tires tests, held in Germany, in 2006. Very appreciated by the critics, these tires received attributes going from "very recommended" to "highly recommended". Founded in Milan, at the end of the 19th century Pirelli has definitely won its place among the greatest tire manufacturers in the world. Design and high technology: the Italians imposed their marks on the field with their perception of the tire mixing both the technical perfection and the most "design" aesthetics. In 2004, Pirelli "showed off" with Subaru, in the...

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H18 Stockists

Disposable Boxed Vacuum Dust Bags 5-Pack

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Conti-Motion Z Stockists

One out of four cars made nowadays in Europe is originally equipped with Continental tyres. Based in Hanover, Germany, Continental A.G monopolizes the fourth place on the international tyre market, with more than forty plants and testing tracks all over the world. The company focuses more than half of its personnel on the tyre business, creating them to fit all kind of vehicle, no matter the size, the shape or the speed capacity. Innovation and safety are the fundamental elements that define this brand, who signed in 2002 an agreement with one of its competitors, Bridgestone, in order to boost the research and development of...

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