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Medical March 2011 He needs her, but dare he admit it? Everyone at the hospital has fallen under Heart Surgeon Dr Luke Davenport’s spell! But Anna Bartlett is certain the ex-army medic is hiding something. Actions speak louder than words, and the tightness of his grip and the shadows behind his once sparkling eyes don’t align with the words, ‘I’m fine.’ She should remain professional, but Anna’s longing to be the one to save Luke from his nightmares – if only she can reach out to the man behind the brooding mask… St Piran’s Hospital Where every drama has a dreamy doctor…and a happy ending

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Alpha One / Internal Affairs book

Intrigue March 2013 Alpha One Undercover agent Logan Quinn's priority was to get Juliana James back home. But once the senator's daughter was safely back in their Mississippi home town, Logan had a new mission: to get another chance with the woman he couldn't lose again. Internal Affairs Sheriff's Deputy Rafe Franco still has strong feelings for his college sweetheart, but Lisa's ex is a powerful mobster who will stop at nothing to get her back - or destroy her. As Rafe's instincts as a man battle with his duty as a cop, he'll do anything to ensure their survival...

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Cowboy Comes Back / The Cowboy's Convenient Bride ebook

Cherish June 2011 Cowboy Comes Back Now that his rodeo career is over, Kade has nowhere to go but back home. He just wants to keep his head down, fix up his father’s ranch and sell it so he can afford to spend more time with his daughter. Unfortunately, after ten years he can’t avoid Libby Hale…or the way she still owns his heart. The Cowboy’s Convenient Bride Claire needs a job and she needed it yesterday. But when the single mum arrives at Pine Road Ranch, she doesn’t expect to be greeted by churlish former rodeo champ Fletcher. Turns out sexy Fletch isn’t looking for a housekeeper – he’s looking for a wife!

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Daddy by Christmas / Christmas Magic on the Mountain ebook

Cherish November 2010 DADDY BY CHRISTMAS Jarrett McKane has never had any festive cheer, but when pregnant Mia needs help he won’t turn his back on her. Before Mia, Christmases were spent alone. Now this previously ruthless tycoon may just have found a fairytale ending for all his Christmases to come! CHRISTMAS MAGIC ON THE MOUNTAIN When Sean Hughes meets Zoe Flynn on Mount Hood he recognises a free spirit – much like himself! And as they spend the Christmas holidays together Sean soon wishes there was more than just chemistry between them. But Zoe has a secret…and he has until the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s...

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The Duke's Boardroom Affair/Convenient Marriage, ... ebook

Desire February 2010 The Duke’s Boardroom Affair Michelle Celmer How was Victoria Houghton supposed to work for Duke Charles Frederick Mead? The gorgeous royal had never met a woman he couldn’t seduce. Victoria despised him. Having taken over her family business, he’d made her his PA. Well, there was very little she would personally assist Charles with! Convenient Marriage, Inconvenient Husband Yvonne Lindsay Marry before her thirtieth birthday or forfeit her inheritance. The sticky choice for heiress Amira Forsythe was a golden opportunity for her ex-fiancé, Brent Colby, for revenge. Eight years ago, Amira humiliated...

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The Best Laid Plans ebook

Cherish November 2011 On the edge of something big!Boundaries. The key to how corporate lawyer Alexandra Knight manages her busy life. However, lately all her precisely drawn lines are getting blurred. Blame it on her out-of-control biological clock that is ignoring her single status… Because her sexy, no-strings colleague Ethan Stone has posed an outrageous solution to her dilemma – he’ll be her baby daddy. This from the guy who avoids all commitment? OK, so they’re attracted to each other. Really, really attracted. But crossing the line from co-worker to co-parent with Ethan could ruin Alex for all other men. After...

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The Pregnancy Contract eBook

Desire May 2012 Wade Collins has longed for revenge on the spoiled rich girl who toyed with his affections. So he blackmails her back into his bed; if she bears his child, he’ll forgive her debt. The proposal is unthinkable, unimaginable…yet not entirely unappealing. Long ago Piper Mitchell’s passionate affair with her father’s protégé ended in disaster. Now, in spite of his attitude, she’s thrilled to begin it anew – especially if she can get love on her terms.

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Playboy Doctor to Doting Dad both

Medical March 2011 A&E doctor Kieran Flynn with his delicious Irish charm has always called the shots – until now! Arriving in Nelson to run the A&E department for two months, Kieran is greeted with not one but three life-changing bombshells: 1) He’ll be working with nurse Abby Brown – he hasn’t seen her since their magical night together two years ago… 2) He’s now daddy to a bouncing tot called Seamus! 3) His buried feelings for Abby make this hospital’s new playboy want to swap all-night parties for reading bedtime stories to the son he can’t imagine being without…

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Mackenzie's Mountain / Mackenzie's Mission book

Special Releases August 2010 Men with the courage to protect and defend their own A mysterious loner Still paying for a crime he didn’t commit, Wolf Mackenzie has a chip on his shoulder the size of Wyoming. But Mary Elizabeth Potter doesn’t see Wolf as the dangerous man the town has branded him. Then a series of violent acts against women makes the townspeople question whether Wolf has reformed – and Mary must prove them all wrong. A dangerous game Night Wing – the revolutionary test plane with a top-secret weapons system – was Colonel Joe Mackenzie’s first priority. Then the programme was sabotaged. With her...

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Once a Ferrara Wife book

Modern December 2011 For better…or for bedding?Laurel Ferrara wouldn’t know a happy ending if she fell over it – of course her whirlwind wedding was always going to end in disaster. But it wasn’t as simple as just walking away. From the moment she is summoned back to Sicily the shivers of unease set in… The command comes from legendary billionaire Cristiano Ferrara, the husband she can’t forget – but it might as well have come from the devil himself. The outrageously gorgeous Cristiano’s power is a potent reminder of this Sicilian dynasty’s unbreakable rule: once a Ferrara wife, always a Ferrara wife…

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The Hunted ebook

Paranormal April 2011 A tempting stranger with a dangerous secret… When a handsome stranger washes up in a storm by Beth’s beachside home, she is cautious; her immediate attraction to him frightens her. She knows nothing about him…except that he’s hiding something. Shapeshifter Dylan was happy with his own kind but beautiful Beth drew him to live among humans…and risk discovery for the chance at love. Neither can deny that the passion growing between them is real. But as Beth wrestles with her feelings – and uncovers her own mysterious origins – danger lurks. Dylan is being hunted and now Beth is a target...

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