Bargain Star Wars Blueprint Millennium Falcon Pack Stockists

Bargain Star Wars Blueprint Millennium Falcon Pack Stockists

We’ve all dreamed of taking a flight on the Millennium Falcon, because there’s nothing better than cruising through the stars with Han Solo (at least that’s what Chewie tells us). This fun DIY pack won’t get you flying through space seeing distant planets but it will let you make your own Chewbacca and Han! The Star Wars Millennium Falcon Blueprint Pack contains everything you need to build your own Star Wars scene from paper. A detailed guide will take you through the steps of folding until you have a Millennium Falcon, a Millennium Falcon Cockpit, Han Solo with Blaster and a Chewbacca with Bowcaster.  Each piece is super easy to build with no need for scissors, tape or glue. Simply pop them out and you’re ready to go! Great for any Star Wars fan looking to build their own officially licensed Star Wars Memorabilia. 

Bargain Deal: £2.97

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Uncharted Nathan Drake Pop! Vinyl Stockists

Explorer, adventurer and treasure hunter Nathan ‘Nate’ Drake is a man determined to explore uncharted territory. His quest is fulfilled by his seemingly endless list of talents that see him deep sea diving, using incredible climbing skills and being an all-round action pro! Posed with grappling hook in hand, this mini action figure is the ideal companion for you for any lovers of the Uncharted series. Pop! Vinyl figures are the latest collectible craze set to brighten up bedrooms, offices, and living room mantelpieces all across the country. From movies, to TV, to comic books and everything in-between we are sure...

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Robo Hub 2000 Stockists

Plug up to four USB devices into one outlet with the handy Robo Hub 2000. A little red robot with four USB ports, this USB robot has green LED eyes that light up when he's connected. Simply plug into your Windows or Mac PC and charge your must have devices all at the same time from the same port! 4 USB HubCharge 4 devices from one outletGreen LED eyesSize: 10cm (H) x 6cm (W) x 2cm (D)Compatible with Windows and MacPlug and play

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3D Art Captain America Stockists

It sometimes easy to forget just how cool the original comic book Star Spangled Avenger really was, but thankfully this 3D Art Captain America is here to give us a cool retro edition of everyone’s favourite patriotic superhero without having to fork out on a pricey original comic! So if you love the Cap, this awesome 3D lenticular picture provides a slice of cinema action in amazing three dimensional effect format. This officially licensed Marvel picture shows the Cap’s battling with his once friend Iron Man.  This retro styled design is presented in a sturdy black frame and can be wall mounted or free standing,...

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Newtons Cradle Stockists

A great quality Newton's Cradle which gives a timeless demonstration of Newton's third law and conservation of momentum and energy.This 5 balled chrome cradle is an adaptation of the original Locraine created Newton's Cradle with a solid plastic base..Size 18 c 15 x 20cm.Age 8+

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M600L Speaker Stockists

Enjoy an awesome lightshow and wireless speaker in one with this incredible M600L portable Speaker! Now you can turn all your favourite tunes into a party every time you play! This impressive rechargeable 5V 20W speaker features a bank of cool integrated LED lights that cover one side of the cool rubberized design, which light-up when your music plays. The impressive full-spectrum light show features a gravity sensor to detect which way the speaker is resting as well as five LED themes including Club, Equalize, Groove, Rainbow and Meteor. When paired with your smartphone, the M600L Speaker can receive and make calls using...

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Aquabot Deco 2.0 Stockists

If you love the idea of enjoying a gorgeous tropical fish tank but don’t fancy any of the fuss, the Aquabot Deco 2.0 Tropical Fish can make your aquatic dreams come true! These super cute robotic fish swim around a tank just like a real fish, moving around the water at various speeds and depths. The uber-realistic and super-smart subaquatic swimmers are powered by electro-magnetic propulsion with an automatic on/off sensor that activates when submerged in water. They even have a handy auto shut-off function after 5 minutes of activity so the batteries included last as long as possible! Once your tropical cutie is under...

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Selfie Tripod Stand Stockists

If you haven’t taken a selfie yet you’re either a technophobe or living under a rock. Selfies are filling up our news feed every day and although you may not want to admit it, we have all had a go. Whether you’re a duck faced pouter, casual smiler or funny face puller, the Selfie Tripod Stand will help you to get the perfect shot wherever you are. With three gooseneck legs and rotating grip that you can pose in any position, you can get a steady, blur free picture any day. Team it up with our awesome SelfieShutter to really make the most of your photos. An adjustable grip means you can use the Selfie Tripod...

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Blok Induction Speaker Stockists

Throughout the 20th century, people have struggled to share their music with their friends. For years we lugged around heavy boomboxes, or made our friends sit in silence as we cupped our earphones hoping to project the music from our Walkman. With the advancement of technology these are things we dont have to do anymore, so stop breaking your backs carrying heavy speakers and pop your phone on top of a Blok Induction Speaker for instantly amplified music. This slick portable speaker is perfect for when you are on the go and wanting to share your music with the world. With 15 hours of playback and an automatic on/off...

'Blok Induction Speaker Deal' priced at £11.99  =>  Click for Deal


Rubber Band Tiger Plane Stockists

Tired of boring old model planes that don’t fly? Well look no further than the Rubber Band Tiger Plane! Not only do you get all of the joy of building it yourself but you can also wind her up and watch her fly on the wings of nostalgia (well, maybe for your grandad). There are no glue or tools required to build these aircraft so you can tell your dad to put away his miniature utensils. The De Havilland Tiger Moth is a biplane developed in the 1930’s by designer Geoffrey de Havilland. This plane was used by the Royal Air force primarily as a training aircraft and remained in service until 1952. So if you are an...

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Luminara Flickering Flame Candles Stockists

The Flickering Flame Candle is the most realistic artificial candle we have ever seen (and as we regularly frequent trade shows, with about a gazillion artificial candle stalls, that’s quite a boast!). Like every other artificial candle, they are 100% safe, unless one falls from a shelf and hits you on your head; we obviously mean they won't burn your house down! The flickering candles are perfect if someone in your home has young inquisitive hands, as zero heat is emitted. The candle itself is actually coated in wax and the gentle flicker of the flame only adds to the realism. Even up close the effect is still extremely...

'Luminara Flickering Flame Candles Deal' priced at £39.99  =>  Click for Deal

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