Bargain Star Wars C3PO Speaker Stockists

Bargain Star Wars C3PO Speaker Stockists

Drop everything, Star Wars just got real. Every inch of this beauty is modelled just like the actual protocol droid with unfathomable detail and it has definitely blown our tiny minds. Looking just like someone’s just raided the props department and stolen one of the most valuable pieces of movie memorabilia ever, this stunning officially licensed Bluetooth speaker has got to be the ultimate Star Wars collectors piece. Standing at around 30cm high, this golden masterpiece gives us an incredible aesthetic that’s so detailed it’s caused the internet to go slightly bonkers. It’s not that surprising really, as it’s not just an amazing likeness that makes this speaker so great. As soon as you pair with your Bluetooth device, his eyes light up and the C3PO Speaker proclaims “I do believe they think I am some sort of god”. Classic 3PO. But as Jabba the Hutt and Jar Jar Binks will tell you, looks aren’t everything, and fortunately this Star Wars C3PO Speaker was designed with functionality and excellent sound quality in mind too. The 2.1 system combines 2 x 3W speakers with a down-facing 10W ported subwoofer which delivers a powerful bass that’s louder than a home planet exploding (almost)! Making it more than loud enough for a cheeky house party or Cantina themed fiesta. Alongside the wireless Bluetooth connection, your droid can help you receive calls, so it will look as though C3PO has mysteriously taken over the body of your sibling or bestie as they talk!  He’ll even make sure you won’t miss your call either, as any music you’re playing will mute while you chat away. What a helpful droid! This painstakingly perfect Star Wars Speaker is portable too (well, just as portable as the actual C3PO when Chewie gave him a piggyback), playing your favourite tunes wirelessly using the internal rechargeable battery, with an impressive 4-5 hours of quality playback time. In prime condition, this iconic speaker really is a sensational cyborg. Please note: unfortunately this item is excluded from all coupon code offers.

Bargain Deal: £169.99

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C3PO Speaker Stockists

With an unparalleled level of detail, incredible sound quality and awesome functionality, this C3PO Speaker is a must-have for any true Star Wars fan. As soon as we saw this amazing design we were simply blown away, and we think you will be too! This incredible speaker looks just like the real deal, with every tiny detail of the famous droid made to perfection. With light up eyes and mouth and the proclamation ‘I do believe they think I am some sort of god’ when you switch the speaker on, it really makes you feel like you own your very own protocol droid! But this cool C3PO Speaker isn’t just about the looks...

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