Bargain Stikbot Action Packs Stockists

Bargain Stikbot Action Packs Stockists

StikBots – an awesome social media phenomenon, bringing stop-motion animation to a whole new generation of budding film-makers with their associated free app (and being dashingly cute to boot). Now, aspiring animators can add whole new dimensions of character, plot and storytelling to their work, with these awesome StikBot Action Packs. With the Action Packs, you could end up with a variety of hairstyles and hats to give your characters more of an individual flavour, or you could end up with a collection of weapons to arm your Stikbots with in order to tell exciting stories of battle and intrigue. Whatever you end up with, the Action Packs will add another StikBot, of a special metallic colour scheme to your collection, meaning that you’ll have a fresh actor to make your movies with. Note: We cannot guarantee what Action Pack you get – it could be awesome hair and hats, or it could be an armoury. Plan your scripts accordingly ;-)

Bargain Deal: £12.99

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Animal Torch & Projector Stockists

Bring a tiny piece of Africa into your bedroom with this 2 in 1 Animal Torch & Projector which projects incredible images of real life wildlife around your room. See giraffes grazing, elephants, alligators and much more, as you project real life photographs of dozens of different animals onto your wall or ceiling.   The torch comes with 3 slides which contain 24 photographs each, so you will be able to view up to 72 photographs in complete clarity.To change each slide simply pull back the plastic flap and insert the chosen disc. Aim the torch and press the button to see your photograph and the projections can reach...

'Animal Torch & Projector Deal' priced at £1.97  =>  Click for Deal


Space Torch & Projector Stockists

This 2 in 1 torch and projector is the perfect educational toy for any space mad kids and is great to use at nighttimes. It projects high resolution colour photographs of space onto any surface from up to 1 meter away.   Put the torch into projector mode to see a whole multitude of different images including astronatus, space shuttles, planets and much more. View up to 72 individual images on three slides which each contain 24 official colour photographs from NASA. To change each slide simply pull back the plastic flap and insert the chosen disc. Aim the torch and press the button to see your photograph and the projections...

'Space Torch & Projector Deal' priced at £3.99  =>  Click for Deal


Stik Bot Studio Stockists

Make yourself the director of your very own movie epic with the fantastic Stik Bot Studio. Stik Bots are the world’s very first social media sharing toy, allowing you to create stop motion animation in a fun and accessible way. This Studio set gives you everything you need to get started providing you with a handy tripod, two Stik Bot figures and full instructions on how to download the free stop motion editing app. All that’s missing is the director’s chair! Simply shape, play and move the Stik Bot figures using the suction cups on their hands and feet by sticking them to any available flat surface. Then...

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Mega Inflatable Globe of the World (50cm) Stockists

Teach the kids where they and the rest of the world is on our lonely planet with this massive 50cm inflatable political globe which comes in an original and colourful design.  The globe has a high quality finish and shows longitude and latitude lines. Kids can throw the globe to each other and identify continents, countries, capitals and oceans making geography fun for all of the family. Includes an educational game ideas sheet for use at home, in the school classroom, or even for learning geography whilst playing on the beach or at the park. The globe is easily inflated and can be hung up to create an eye-catching display....

'Mega Inflatable Globe of the World (50cm) Deal' priced at £9.99  =>  Click for Deal


Aqua Dragons Jurassic Time Travel EGGSpedition Stockists

Welcome to the Jurassic world of Aqua Dragons. Ideal for kids and a perfect “pet” which doesn’t need toilet training, Aqua Dragons are real live pre-historic aquatic creatures that you can hatch and grow at home. Their scientific name is Artemia Salinas, and they have been living in the sea and salty lakes for millions of years; right back to the time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth! From the crustacea family, Aqua Dragons look like tiny three eyed, long tailed, hairy headed dragons that grow up to 2cm long. Their eggs have an amazing capacity called cryptobiosis which means they can dry out and stay alive...

'Aqua Dragons Jurassic Time Travel EGGSpedition Deal' priced at £24.99  =>  Click for Deal


Aurora Northern and Southern Lights Projector Stockists

For many of us we will never get the pleasure of seeing one of the greatest wonders of the world - the Northern Lights. Fortunately with this Aurora Northern and Southern Lights Projector, you can see one of the most fascinating natural wonders of the world in your own bedroom. This projector uses multi-coloured LED's in eight different light modes to project moving Auroa lights onto the walls and ceilings of your home. Choose between two pattern discs which switch between the amazing aurora borealis (northern lights) and the breathtaking aurora australis (southern lights) for a different projection every night....

'Aurora Northern and Southern Lights Projector Deal' priced at £5.97  =>  Click for Deal


Space Explorer Room Projector Stockists

If you know a youngster who is into Outer Space, then let them discover the universe in their own bedroom with their very own Space Explorer Room Projector. Ideal for a bedroom, this fascinating projector allows you to view 24 NASA and Space Hubble Spacecraft telescope photographs of spacecraft, astronauts, planets and nebulae from 3 changeable slide discs. Easy to use, simply turn the switch to projector mode and insert one of the three picture slides, rotate the slide round to view the 24 different photographs that project on to the ceiling up to one meter wide. The light also comes with a colourful educational booklet...

'Space Explorer Room Projector Deal' priced at £5.99  =>  Click for Deal


StikBot Zanimation Stockists

This fantastic StikBot Zanimation Studio is an amazing stop motion animation set which lets you create your very own movies at home! The StikBot figures are fun characters which can be posed in countless ways and at multiple different angles to create any story you like, using their flexible limbs and suction cups. Use them together with the z-screen and two prop boxes to create a 3D effect, creating amazing adventures with your smartphone using the free Stikbot Studio mobile app, available on iOS and Android. Then once you’re done filming, edit all your photos together and finish your masterpiece with built-in music...

'StikBot Zanimation Deal' priced at £24.99  =>  Click for Deal


BeepEgg Classic Stockists

There are few things better than a perfectly cooked breakfast. Holding the legendary status of miracle hangover cure, a cooked breakfast just can’t be beaten. But one of trickiest things to get right when you’re serving up your morning munchies is creating the perfect boiled egg. So if you like a runny yolk and all you get are hard boiled batches then the BeepEgg Classic is here to help! The BeepEgg Classic combines a cheeky musical twist for an easy way to get egg-cellent, flawlessly cooked eggs. Simply set your BeepEgg preference to soft, medium-soft or hard boiled eggs, drop into the pan with your real eggs,...

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T-Rex Projector & Room Guard Stockists

Watch intruders tremble under the almighty roar of this T-Rex Dinosaur Projector & Room Guard. Thanks to it's motion sensor technology, this unique 40cm long jurassic beast will cry out an almighty roar when it detects any movement. It features 5 unique roar sounds to keep any intruder guessing each time they try to force entry! Stick your little dino buddy by the entrance to any bedroom door, so you will always be warned before someone enters your domain. Not only does this T-Rex function as a novel room guard, but it also works as a fascinating projector, which projects up to 24 unique, high quality images of up to 18...

'T-Rex Projector & Room Guard Deal' priced at £11.99  =>  Click for Deal

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