Bargain Stonehenge and Avebury Map Stockists

Bargain Stonehenge and Avebury Map Stockists

Stonehenge and Avebury. Exploring the World Heritage Site. Map 1:10 000 Scale.Ideal for walkers and anyone wishing to explore the fascinating landscape of Stonehenge and AveburyA UNESCO World Heritage Site - internationally important for its unique prehistoric landscapeThe Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site is internationally important for its outstanding prehistoric monuments. Stonehenge is the most architecturally sophisticated prehistoric stone circle in the world while Avebury is the largest. Around them lie numerous other monuments and sites which demonstrate over 2000 years of continuous use. Together they form a unique prehistoric landscape.There is no better way to learn about and experience the monuments than to go out and explore the World Heritage Site on foot. This map is ideal for walkers and others wishing to explore the fascinating landscape of the two areas of the World Heritage Site. The map uses an Ordnance Survey 1:10000 base and draws upon information from the English Heritage Archive and recent archaeological investigations. With Stonehenge on one side and Avebury on the other the map shows and describes both visible and hidden remains with information about where you can find out more.The map is divided into two parts on a durable double-sided water resistant sheet.Key Features:The map is made of water resistant paper with a laminated card cover � it is water resistant and durablePublished to coincide with the new Visitor Centre opening at StonehengeSheet size is 952x1270mmPublish Date: December 2013

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Guidebook: Thornton Abbey Stockists

Founded by the powerful magnate William le Gros in 1139 Thornton Abbey became one of the richest Augustinian monasteries in England. Its splendid 14th century gatehouse reflects its enormous wealth and stands as one of the largest monastic gatehouses in the country. Beyond it lie the remains of the abbey church and cloister buildings including the elegant octagonal chapter house begun in the late 13th century.Key Features:28 pagesPaperbackPublished in 2010 (revised reprint)

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Guidebook: Dover Castle - A frontline fortress and its wartime tunnels Stockists

Dover Castle is one of England's oldest and most famous fortresses. A medieval castle forms its core but from the 1740s onwards its outer defences were dramatically reshaped in the face of the threat of invasion from France. During the Napoleonic Wars a network of military tunnels were cut within the famous white cliffs to provide barracks for the garrison. These tunnels were adapted during the Second World War and played a vital role in Britain's war effort: it was from here that the near-miraculous evacuation of British and French troops from Dunkirk ware masterminded in May and June 1940. This new guidebooks packed...

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Guidebook: Bolsover Castle Stockists

Perched on a ridge high above the vale Bolsover Castle is an extraordinary 17th century aristocratic retreat containing exceptional wall-paintings and interiors. The riding house is the earliest in England to survive complete.Bolsover Castle was founded in the late 11th century and seized by the Crowin in 1155 but neglected from the middle of the 14th century. Its ruins provided the setting for the Little Castle an exquisite miniature house begun in 1612 by Charles Cavendish as a retreat from his principal seat at nearby Welbeck.His son William inherited in 1617 and over the next half-century added the Terrace and Riding House...

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English Garden Cities Stockists

'he Garden City Movement provided a radical new model for the design and layout of housing at the turn of the nineteenth century and set standards for the twentieth century which were of international significance. The vision of the movement's founder Ebenezer Howard drew on many strands of political and utopian thought and initially aimed at addressing the problems of an increasingly urban and dysfunctional society along 'the peaceful path to real reform'. It took only five years from 1898 to 1903 for the idea to take root in the open fields of North Hertfordshire when Earl Grey proclaimed the Letchworth Garden...

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Guidebook: Grimes Graves Stockists

Grime’s Graves were the first Neolithic flint mines to be recognised as such in England. The shallow depressions – over 400 in all – that created such a mysterious lunar-like landscape represent the infilled shafts and pits of these mines which were dug about 5000 years ago. Here prehistoric miners dug deep beneath the ground to extract the fine quality jet-black flint from which they fashioned tools weapons and ceremonial objects. Visitors today can descend one of the shafts to see the radiating galleries in which the miners worked.This guidebook provides a tour of this extraordinary site and explains the...

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The Rows of Chester Stockists

Almost ten years of historical and archaeological research on the Rows of Chester the most extensive surviving example in Europe of a medieval two-tier complex of shops are detailed in this thorough and authoritative report. The Rows of Chester form a unique system of walkways through the frontages of buildings on the city's four main streets. They pass above the street-level shops giving access to a second tier of shops at Row (first floor) level. Established in 1984 the Chester Rows Research Project aimed to survey all the Rows buildings using an interdisciplinary approach in which an appreciation of the architectural...

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Radiocarbon Dates: 2004 - 2007 Stockists

This volume holds a datelist of 647 radiocarbon determinations carried out between 2004 and 2007 in support of research funded by English Heritage throught the Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund. It contains supporting information about the samples and the sites which produced them a comprehensive bibliography and two indexes for reference and analysis.An introduction provides information about the scientific dating undertaken and methods used for the analyses reported. Details of technical reports available for programmes of dendrochronology luminescence dating and amino-acid racemization funded under this scheme are also...

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Guidebook: Wrest Park Stockists

Wrest Park is an exceptional rarity. Its grounds contain one of the few remaining formal gardens of the early 18th century and the house is a near unique example of English architecture following the style of 18th century French chateau.For over 600 years the estate was home to one of the leading aristocratic families in the country the de Greys. They rose to prominence under Edward IV who made Edmund Grey 1st Earl of Kent.More than 200 years later the formal gardens and Long Water were created by Amabel Benn together with her son Anthony the 11th earl and his wife Mary. Anthony’s son the Duke of Kent laid out what is...

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The Story of Stonehenge: Activity Guide Stockists

This children's activity guide to the story of Stonehenge takes children and their families on a tour round the site shedding light on this fascinating and mysterious monument. The lively and informative text draws on the very latest research and is aimed at children aged 7-11.It includes a quiz a wordsearch gory stories and fun activities to complete on site as well as two pages of stickers for children to make their own Stonehenge scenes. It is illustrated with photographs and specially commissioned drawings from well-known children's illustrator Peter Cottrill.Key Features:4 pagesPaperbackPublished in 2013

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Dangerous Energy Stockists

This book comprises a national study of the explosives industry and provides a framework for identification of its industrial archaeology and social history.Few monuments of gunpowder manufacture survive in Britain from the Middle Ages although its existence is documented. Late 17th-century water-powered works are identifiable but sparse. In the later 18th century however the industry was transformed by state acquisition of key factories notably at Faversham and at Waltham Abbey. In the mid-19th century developments in Britain paralleled those in continental Europe and in America namely a shift to production on an industrial...

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