Best Strangers in the Desert book Stockists

Best Strangers in the Desert book Stockists

Modern May 2011 The Desert King’s Lost Wife… Isabella, the wife Sheikh Adan thought was dead, has just walked back into his life – on the eve of his wedding to another woman… Now Adan is to be crowned King, Isabella must be his Queen – sharing his desert throne and the royal bed… But gone is the dutiful, pure girl he once knew – in her place is a defiant, sultry woman who makes Adan’s blood run hot… A woman who has no memory of being his wife…

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Not Fit for a King? ebook

Modern December 2011 The Impostor Princess…It’s the stuff of fairytales: Hannah agrees to help out a princess, and within hours finds herself engaged to a king! But this dangerous charade has to end fast – the electrifying chemistry between them feels far too real! …and the King!Zale’s royal bride-to-be looks like the pampered princess he’s being forced to wed – yet she transforms into a feisty woman who makes his blue blood run hot! But is she fit to be his queen? Zale will just have to tempt her out from beneath her tiara to find out!

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Sin's Pride eBook

Erotica August 2010 Annora knows a lot about her best friend, Singh—including the fact that he is a lion shapeshifter and has a notoriously wicked way with women. She secretly longs to experience that passion herself, but doesn't dare risk their friendship. Then Sin's usual flirting becomes way more intimate. Suddenly, neither of them can resist their desire—even though according to pride rules, their union is forbidden....

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Claimed by the Desert Sheikh ebook

Special Releases January 2012 by Susan Mallery, Susan Stephens, Olivia Gates The Sheikh and the Pregnant Bride Prince Qadir needs a fake fiancée and the no-frills Maggie Collins seems to be the answer – she’s almost as resistant to the idea of romantic love as he is! When passion flares between them, Maggie falls pregnant. Will Qadir demand a real marriage? Also includes: Desert King, Pregnant Mistress, Desert Prince, Expectant Mother

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Cold Case Cowboy ebook

Intrigue November 2008 Melting the cowboy’s heart For Nick Law, the case of the Snow Globe Killer had grown as cold as the snow-covered Colorado mountains. Then architect Sasha Myer came to town – fitting the profile of every victim. After an avalanche trapped her, the wilful woman wished she’d heeded Nick’s warning. Stranded in a blizzard, Sasha and Nick generated a searing heat of their own. But Nick had to stay focused, because only his strength would stand between a cold-blooded predator and his prey.

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Just One Touch eBook

Kimani August 2011 Spencer plays by nobody's rules but his own. Three years ago he and Tatiana were inseparable. Which made her betrayal all the more unforgivable. Now the self-made entrepreneur intends to have his sweet revenge: a summer the traitorous news correspondent will never forget. All it takes is one kiss to reignite desire. But how can he avoid putting his own heart on the line? Because now Spencer and Tatiana are playing for the highest stakes of all—a second chance at love...

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The Heart of Devin Mackade book

The patient MacKade Sheriff Devin MacKade had always had his eye on Cassie. For twelve years he'd watched over her and her children. Twelve years of being the dependable friend, of seeing the woman he would've cherished suffer. Now Cassie was free...but vulnerable. Devin knew he'd have to be calm, move slowly. But he'd waited long enough. If Cassie wasn't careful, he might just carry her off. And he wasn't sure either of them was quite ready for that yet... Fall under the spell of New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts and the MacKade brothers.

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Divine by Blood ebook

House of Night" series comes the award-winning world of Partholon, rich in goddesses, intrigue and magic. Raised as a normal girl in Oklahoma for eighteen years, Morrigan had no idea how special she really was. After discovering the truth of her heritage, her rage and grief take on a power of their own, carrying her back to the world of Partholon. Yet, instead of being respected as the daughter of the goddess Incarnate, Morrigan feels like a shunned outsider. In her desperation to belong to Partholon, she confronts forces she can't fully understand or control. And soon a strange darkness draws closer...

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Just A Little Bit Married? eBook

began their honeymoon very seriously. Trouble was, the last time the confirmed bachelor had mixed business with pleasure, the consequences had been fatal. Now, more than Sara's heart was at stake... .

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Red Wolf both

Nocturne October 2010 IN THE SHADOW OF A PREDATOR… Tory understands exactly what kind of monster is stalking the moonlit streets. She, too, is a werewolf and is ready to bring the rogue shifter to justice. What she isn’t prepared for is Adam Scott, the sexy detective whose investigation crosses paths with her own – a human who inexplicably stirs her senses. Adam is searching for a killer, not a lover, but with one look at the flame-haired beauty, he is ensnared. When one steamy night ignites their animal passion, there is no denying their desire. But could their passion turn them into their target’s prey?

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McKettricks of Texas: Austin ebook

Let New York Times bestselling sensation Linda Lael Miller take you away to the dusky Texas plains as the gorgeous McKettrick brothers find love and home World champion rodeo star Austin McKettrick never expected an accident to end his career. Now the rebellious maverick has nowhere to go when the hospital releases him but back home to Blue River, Texas. To ease the brooding cowboy’s recovery his brothers have hired a nurse and Paige Remington’s bossy brand of TLC is driving Austin crazy. As is her beautiful face, sexy figure and silky black hair. Paige has lost count of how many times Austin has tried to fire her,...

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