Bargain Street Photography Now Stockists

Bargain Street Photography Now Stockists

This title is now available in paperback. Get up close and personal with the world's best street photographers as they capture the drama of everyday life at 1 125 of a second. Prowl pavements and back alleys encountering comic absurdities small acts of kindness and scenes of unexpected beauty; let your eye be caught by a witty billboard a woman dressed as an angel a businessman sprinting through the crowd: the human carnival is in town and the streets are alive. Street Photography Now" presents 46 contemporary image-makers noted for their candid depictions of everyday life. Included are Magnum masters such as Bruce Gilden Martin Parr and Alex Webb along with an international cast of emerging photographers whose individual biographies illuminate the stories behind their pictures of New York Tokyo Delhi or Dakar. Four thought-provoking essays and a global conversation between leading street photographers explore the compelling and often controversial issues in the genre. A select bibliography and a resource section for aspiring street photographers complete the book."

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The Twits Stockists

A yucky masterpiece! Do you think Mr Gum is a nasty piece of work? What about the evil Burt in Ratburger? Well, long before they came along to terrify you, there were these two wretches: Roald Dahl’s nastiest villains! The Twits torment little children, keep monkeys in a cage, and gobble up songbirds baked into pie. They’re beastly as sin. They’re horribly funny. And they’re about to get what they deserve. #middle-readers #6-9-books #middle-readers-2 #primary-092016 #top100-092016 #top100-ages7to9 #rrchildrens

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The Power of the Legendary Greek ebook Stockists

Modern June 2010 In the presence of a Greek god… Isobel James, the last single girl on earth (or so it seems!), can’t believe she’s come to Greece on her own – anything to escape the wedding fever gripping her girlfriends. When infamous tycoon Lukas Andreadis finds Isobel stranded on his beach, he assumes she’s just another prying journalist playing the ‘damsel in distress’ to get a story. An interrogation at his villa should reveal the truth – except he finds himself keen to discover a whole lot more about this pretty intruder… Now Isobel has something more than marriage mayhem to contend with – a...

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Danny Green: A Continuous Journey Stockists

Join celebrated pro wildlife photographer and Canon Explorer Danny Green on a rich photographic expedition, recorded in the extraordinary detail and high-quality finish of an HD Book. A Continuous Journey charts the stages of Danny's career, starting with his humble beginnings amongst the common wildlife of the UK, through to long-term projects amongst the magnificent predators of the Far North.

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Unnatural Exposure Stockists

A sadistic serial killer the weapon a deadly virus Dublin Ireland and Richmond Virginia: separated by thousands of miles - linked by murder. For Dr Kay Scarpetta a lecture stint in Ireland provides the perfect opportunity to find out if the murders on both sides of the Atlantic are indeed connected. Five dismembered beheaded bodies were found in Ireland five years ago - now four have been discovered in the States. But the tenth corpse in Virginia is different. There are vital discrepancies and an indication that the elderly victim was already seriously ill. A copy-cat killing. Ghoulish perhaps but not unusual. And then...

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An Teallach and Slioch Stockists

OS Explorer Map is the Ordnance Survey's most detailed map and is recommended for anyone enjoying outdoor activities like walking horse riding and off-road cycling. Providing complete GB coverage the series details essential information such as youth hostels pubs and visitor information as well as rights of way permissive paths and bridleways.

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Straight Up Stockists

Growing up in the eighties in East London was no picnic. Proper hard bastards wannabe villains and cockney wide boys everywhere you went all looking to make their mark. With trouble at home and more at school Danny Dyer didn't have many options. He was a rascal running with a tough crowd getting himself into scrapes with the Old Bill on the verge of becoming just another nobody. Until he started to act. It came naturally to him. He landed role after role working with big stars making a name for himself. And then came Human Traffic" and his career went into overdrive. Fame opened doors into the best clubs the best...

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Act of Love Stockists

When Ella Burton takes a job as a lowly cleaner at the glamorous Palace theatre in Swansea she is surprised by how quickly she takes to the job - it's as if she was born for a life in the theatre. Unlike Kathleen who wants her name in lights it's backstage that Ella's heart lies running the show under the watchful eye of Anthony. It's not long before she realises that she has fallen in love and Ella begins to dream about a future that's far from everything she has ever known...But a tragic accident threatens to ruin everything she has worked for and it seems clear that Ella will have no choice but to accept the man that...

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Stratford-upon-Avon Warwick and Banbury Stockists

Perfect for day trips and short breaks the OS Landranger Map series covers Great Britain with 204 detailed maps. Each map provides all the information you need to get to know your local area and includes places of interest tourist information picnic areas and camp sites plus Rights of Way information for England and Wales.

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Someone Special Stockists

An enthralling novel about families friends and finding love from the ever-popular bestselling Sheila O'Flanagan. Romy Kilkenny loves her life in Australia - she has her dream job an active lifestyle and best friend Keith who understands her better than anyone. Best of all she couldn't be further from her family. But when her family needs her back in Ireland at short notice Romy's world is turned upside down and she is thrust back into the lives of her mother and half-siblings again. Romy has never fitted in with her family and now with Keith too far away to give comfort she feels like more of an outsider than ever....

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The Chief Ranger ebook Stockists

Cherish February 2012 Becoming her hero…Vance Rossiter lives by a powerful code of honour. That’s why the chief ranger is troubled by a tragedy he should have prevented. The arrival of Rachel Darrow only adds salt to the wound. Until Vance meets her nephew…Six-year-old Nicky thinks Vance is some kind of hero. Rachel sees only the man who was in charge when her brother perished. But the rugged ranger seems dedicated to making things right. Spending time with Rachel and her little boy is making Vance realise what he’s been missing. Now he has a new mission: to help them become a real family…

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