Bargain Suck UK Robot Nutcracker   2 Sizes Stockists

Bargain Suck UK Robot Nutcracker - 2 Sizes Stockists

In a not too distant future, an uprising of sentient nuts have waged war on humanity for the crimes against their people. After being well and truly conkered by the nuts, the humans turned to Suck UK, humanities last hope for survival! Two robots were sent back in timestriving to put right what once went wrong andeliminate the previous generation of nuts to stop the future uprising! Armed with specialist armour piercing weaponry, the Suck UK Robot Nutcrackers have arrived to crack shells and chew bubble gum. And they're all out of gum! There are two robots available, the large blue one and small red one. They are both made from beech wood and feature a screw which emulates the wind up mechanism on a retro tin robot toy that the designs are based on. Simply place the nut in the robots body and wind the screw to crack the shell. A fun designer nutcracker is a great gift idea for boys who still love their toys! Suck UK Robot Nutcracker Specifications Material: Beech Wood Dimensions: Blue: W12.5 x H33 x D6cm Red: W14 x H22 x D5cm Designer:Matthias Zschaler Product code:NUTROBOTL1 /NUTROBOTS1

Bargain Deal: £14.95

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Satin Nickel Coronet Door Knobs In Pairs Stockists

Satin nickel coronet door knobs suitable for use with a mortice latch or lock. Rose diameter measures 59mm and these knobs are unsprung. Supplied in pairs complete with spindle and bolt through fixings.

'Satin Nickel Coronet Door Knobs In Pairs Deal' priced at £29.66  =>  Click for Deal


Ivory Grace 33x50 Tiles - 500x333x10.5mm Stockists

Bring these Ivory Grace 33x50 Tiles into your home and they will give a bright, ambi

'Ivory Grace 33x50 Tiles - 500x333x10.5mm Deal' priced at £49.95  =>  Click for Deal


Bal Single Part Flexible White 20KG Stockists

x26ltpx26gtA flexible, nonslip, waterfrostresistant wall and floor tile adhesive which can be used on most tile types including porcelain. This adhesive is suitable for most substratesbackgrounds including those with limited movementvibration and underfloor heating.x26nbspx26ltpx26gtx26ltulx26gtx26ltlix26gtExcellent bond strengthx26ltlix26gtx26ltlix26gtSuitable for interiorexterior, drywet conditions including showers, swimming pools and total immersionx26nbspx26ltlix26gtx26ltlix26gtPot life at 20 degrees 5 hoursx26ltlix26gtx26ltulx26gtx26ltpx26gtx26ltstrongx26gtGrout after x26ltstrongx26gt16 hoursx26ltpx26gtx26ltpx26gtx26ltstrongx26gtClassification...

'Bal Single Part Flexible White 20KG Deal' priced at £49.99  =>  Click for Deal


Rebate Kit for Euro DIN Sash Case Stockists

This Rebate Kit for Euro Sash Case has a stainless steel finish.

'Rebate Kit for Euro DIN Sash Case Deal' priced at £14.70  =>  Click for Deal


Butterfly Clock Fuchsia Stockists

A delightfully modern clock in a bright fuchsia pink by Italian designers Diamantini, the Butterfly Clock Fuchsia is just the thing to make a feature in any room. If you love the cheerfulness a splash of pink adds to a room, you’ll adore this contemporary design. The Butterfly Clock in Fuchsia is crafted from lacquered steel meaning that it’s not only extremely pretty but also high-quality. The intricacies of the design can be seen in the detailed negative cut-outs in the clock face. With a trio of butterflies bursting from this unique wall clock, your room will instantly have a feature worth talking about. Butterfly...

'Butterfly Clock Fuchsia Deal' priced at £135.00  =>  Click for Deal


Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glasses Stockists

Are you the type that enjoys the finer things in life, like a quiet and uninterrupted drink of cognac in a peaceful setting? Then these Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glasses should suit your tastes perfectly. Specifically designed with cognac and its connoisseurs in mind, these rocking cognac glasses enhance the enjoyment of your favourite tipple, turning each drink into a moment to be savoured. The innovative stemless composition by Normann Copenhagen is a new take on the classic cognac glass design, and facilitates its purpose perfectly. These unique ergonomics and tactile contours of the base provide a very natural and pleasurable...

'Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glasses Deal' priced at £31.95  =>  Click for Deal


Grey Shabby Chic Up-Cycle Drinks Cabinet Stockists

Grey Shabby Chic Up-Cycle Drinks Cabinet. An ex-display unit that has some damage on the door and drink rings on the top.

'Grey Shabby Chic Up-Cycle Drinks Cabinet Deal' priced at £849.00  =>  Click for Deal


Hunting Black Cat Door Stop Stockists

This cast iron black cat sat in a hunting pose ready to pounce could be used as a doorstop, paperweight or just a nice ornament.

'Hunting Black Cat Door Stop Deal' priced at £31.00  =>  Click for Deal


Stratos Entwined Flame Metal Sculpture - Large Stockists

This abstract silver sculpture shows a ribbon of metal entwined as it curls upwards to form the flicks of a dancing flame. The textured finish lets this large aluminium sculpture spread the light beautifully with a soft shine, and the twisting, curling shape makes a dramatic focal point for side tables. This modern metal ornament stands at an imposing 59cm and is mounted on a black base that accentuates the shiny contours of the flames. It's also available in a smaller size. Dimensions (WDH) 27 x 21 x 59cm

'Stratos Entwined Flame Metal Sculpture - Large Deal' priced at £124.00  =>  Click for Deal


Cup and Saucer Cabinet Knob Stockists

Quirky and fun the cup and saucer cabinet knob is sure to be a talking point with your afternoon tea group. If afternoon tea doesn't appeal to you then morning coffee will go with a stir with these. Unsurpassable British quality.

'Cup and Saucer Cabinet Knob Deal' priced at £4.00  =>  Click for Deal

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