Bargain Sudden Fear (Digitally Remastered) (DVD) Stockists

Bargain Sudden Fear (Digitally Remastered) (DVD) Stockists

A fantastic, brand-new restoration from the original elements of this gripping multi-Oscar nominated noir. Following a whirlwind courtship, acclaimed playwright Myra Hudson (Joan Crawford) marries Lester Blaine (Jack Palance), a slick actor she has just fired from her latest play. Shortly after the honeymoon, Myra overhears Lester and his lover, Irene (Gloria Grahame), plotting to murder the wealthy writer for her inheritance. Shattered by the revelation, Myra pulls herself together and hatches a revenge scheme. But can she go through with her violent plans? Review Simply a cleverly turned melodrama. --The New York TimesOne of Crawford's finest performances is in 1952's Sudden Fear; in a DCP restoration... a restoration hopefully is on its way to other arthouse theaters around the country. Since the magnificent and nightmarish noir effects of the film have been well-covered by many other worthy writers, a closer look at Crawford's superb performance is in order. Sudden Fear; got Crawford her third (and final) Oscar nomination. Directed by David Miller, Sudden Fear; also received Oscar nominations for co-star Jack Palance, Charles Lang for his stunning cinematography, and Sheila O'Brien for costumes. (& Miss Crawford's Wardrobe; gets an entire screen in the credits: O'Brien for gowns, with others handling jewels and furs and hats and lingerie.) --Roger Ebert.comNoir-Inflected, Sudden Fear is an Underseen Classic Waiting to Be Rediscovered. --Village Voice Running Time: 110 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 7 Nov. 2016

Bargain Deal: £8.99

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Conquest Of The Air (DVD) Stockists

One of the Korda Brothers' most unusual and extraordinary collaborations, The Conquest of the Air is a gripping British documentary celebration of flight from the earliest Greek myths to the dark, early days of the Second World War. Combining spectacular dramatic reconstructions with rare historic film, photographs, prints and schematics, The Conquest of the Air sweeps you through thousands of years of history. From the doomed Icarus of myth to the inventions of Leonardo, and from the Montgolfier balloons to the first powered flight by the Wright Brothers, the documentary not only recreates the giant steps in aviation history...

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The Story Of King's College Choir [2014] (DVD) Stockists

Documentary exploring the history and tradition of King's College Choir in Cambridge. The institution was founded by King Henry VI in 1441 and remains one of the most prestigious centres for choral music today. Running Time: 60 minutes Region: All Regions Release Date: 27/05/2014

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Armored Car Robbery (DVD) Stockists

First UK DVD release of this 1950 crime from RKO Pictures Dave Purvis (William Talman) is the smartest crook there is and he's got a red-hot scheme to secure his retirement: rob an armoured car full of money, then fly off to the sun. But Dave's not as lucky as he needs to be: a cop car swings past, guns are fired and a policeman dies. The dead man's friend Lt. Jim Cordell (Charles McGraw) vows pursuit: he's smart and tough and gets results. As the heat starts to rise, paranoia kicks in and the gang turns on each other. Can Dave escape before Cordell runs him to ground? Review Good competent second feature with Los Angeles locations...

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Visions Of War - The Algerian War (DVD) Stockists

The Algerian War, a truly objective history of the momentous struggle for independance from France by the Algerian people between 1954 and 1962. Unique historic footage has been gathered from both sides, much of it never before seen. The cameras were free to roam in both countries and many of the interviewees speak frankly for the first time of their role in the struggle. This was an eight year conflict that caused the fall of sis French Prime Ministers and the collapse of the 4th Republic. It returned Gaulle to power, but also almost saw his demise and twice brough civil strife to mainland France. Certainly brutal and horrifyingly...

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The Friends of Eddie Coyle (1973) (Masters of Cinema) Dual Format (Blu-ray & DVD) (DVD)&BLU-RA Stockists

It's a grubby, violent, dangerous world. But it's the only world they know. And they're the only friends Eddie has... Peter Yates, the Oscar-nominated director of riveting crime classics Robbery and Bullitt, teamed up with the incomparable Robert Mitchum for an unforgettable excursion into Boston's criminal underworld. Based on the acclaimed novel by George V. Higgins, The Friends of Eddie Coyle follows an ageing gunrunner's troubles at the peripheries of the local mob once he finds his options split disastrously between the threat of a fresh prison sentence or police cooperation. One of the best, most unexpected gangster films...

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Vera Series 7 (DVD) Stockists

ITV's top-rating crime drama returns for a seventh series, starring multi-award winning actress Brenda Blethyn as DCI Vera Stanhope. Based on the bestselling Inspector Stanhope books by award-winning writer Ann Cleeves, Vera and her team are drawn into four more compelling mysteries, including the death of a wildlife ranger, left alone overnight on a remote and inaccessible island. Set around Newcastle and the stunning Northumberland countryside, Vera features complex and intriguing cases, atmospherically-shot landscapes and captivating performances, led by BAFTA and Golden Globe award-winning actress Brenda Blethyn as the...

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Dracula (DVD) Stockists

The 1958 classic from Hammer Film Productions, Dracula is the first in Hammer's series of films inspired by Bram Stoker's novel. This is the most complete version of Dracula ever released in the UK and contains the 2007 BFI restoration plus the 2012 Hammer restoration, which adds additional footage that has been unavailable for decades. The additional footage comprises two of the scenes originally censored by the BBFC that have now been restored to the film from the Japanese reels': Dracula's seduction of Mina and the vampire count's sunlight disintegration. Both versions are presented in the original aspect ratio of 1.66:1,...

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Swallowed by the Sea: Ancient Egypt s Greatest Lost City (BBC)(British Museum- Sunken Cities) (DVD) Stockists

Uncovering the mysteries of Egypt's sunken city.In the fading days of the Pharaohs, the city of Heracleion was the gateway to Egypt an opulent and prosperous port city adorned with statues, sphinxes and home to the temple of Amun. But despite its importance, Heracleion was mysteriously wiped from the face of the Earth, after being consumed by the sea. This lost city lay forgotten beneath the waters of the Mediterranean until 2000 when archaeologists discovered the city s remains six kilometers off the Egyptian coast and only 10 meters under water. Pristinely preserved, it is an archaeological jewel; an ancient Egyptian city...

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Straw Dogs - Ultimate 40th Anniversary Edition (DVD) Stockists

To commemorate the 40TH ANNIVERSARY of Sam Peckinpah's controversial ''STRAW DOGS'', the film has been fully restored to create the definitive version of one of the most intensely powerful and menacing portrayals of violence to appear on the big screen. Released in 1971 and banned from home viewing under the 1984 Video Recordings Act, his disturbing masterpiece can now be seen in its 'uncut' form as he intended. David Sumner ( Dustin Hoffman) is a quiet American mathematician who has moved with his wife Amy (Susan George) back to a remote Cornish farmhouse near the village where she grew up. The couple have relocated to rural...

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