Bargain Suicide Squad Joker Bodyknocker Stockists

Bargain Suicide Squad Joker Bodyknocker Stockists

He’s not gonna kill you. He’s just gonna hurt you. Really… really… bad. Jared Leto’s Joker was definitely one of the more memorable parts of the Suicide Squad movie, with a dark and layered performance that begged to be explored further, enhanced by a unique look that emphasised the Joker’s nature as a crime lord of Gotham city. With his sparkly silver jacket, open purple shirt, trademark grin – complete with silver teeth caps – and various tattoos, this Joker Bodyknocker is just the thing for any fan of the burgeoning DCEU. Solar-powered, he rocks gently when left in light, making him a perfect decoration for any office desk or home space. Just make sure to stay on his good side? 

Bargain Deal: £19.99

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Terminator: Genisys Endoskeleton Bodyknocker Stockists

Alright, we don’t mean to alarm anybody now, but there’s a little solar powered robot from the future bodyknocking on our desk here at Menkind, and we think he’s looking for Sarah Connor. Joking aside, this Terminator Endoskeleton bodyknocker is an awesome bit of memorabilia from the movie Terminator: Genisys (which apparently means “GENeral Identification SYStem”, for those who still don’t get the spelling). This cute little 6” fella is modelled after the version from the latest in the iconic sci-fi franchise. Being solar-powered, he rocks from side to side when he’s exposed...

'Terminator: Genisys Endoskeleton Bodyknocker Deal' priced at £19.99  =>  Click for Deal


Groot Bodyknocker Stockists

He first entered our hearts in Guardians of the Galaxy as an awesome tree-man, and was reintroduced in Guardians Vol 2 as a cute little tree-baby. Now, in his current infant form, you can display him on your shelf with this Groot Bodyknocker. This awesome replica of the cute little Groot, when sat in a sunny place, is capable of rocking to itself gently, creating a steady rocking rhythm not unlike the real deal’s. Impeccably modelled and sitting on a stereo smiling out at you, this cute and incredibly detailed little fella is sure to look awesome sat on your shelf, rocking to himself and looking adorable.  

'Groot Bodyknocker Deal' priced at £19.99  =>  Click for Deal


Dynamo Magic Set Stockists

For the very first time, you too can learn the trade secrets behind the amazing mysterious magic of Dynamo with this fantastic Dynamo Magic Set. Perfect for budding magicians, Dynamo reveals some hand-picked tips on how to perform mind boggling tricks and incredible illusions. Before long your young magician will be mastering the trade and amazing audiences, gaining new skills and confidence along the way. This kit provides you with step by step instructions and words of wisdom from the man himself as well as Dynamo’s Book of Secrets, a standard deck of cards, trick cards, ear bud head phones, a pair of shoe laces,...

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Deadpool Bodyknocker Stockists

Everybody loves the merc with a mouth. Well, we say love, we probably mean tolerate. Well, we say tolerate, we probably mean “can’t get rid of him so we’re kinda stuck with him”. Look, you know what we mean. This Deadpool Bodyknocker, fortunately, doesn’t come with the mouth that the merc is famous for, but it does make for a pretty cool* little figurine of him, replete in his red suit and giving us two thumbs up, his deadly katanas on his back waiting for him to draw them and make someone into a kebab**. This makes a brilliant gift for a comic aficionado or movie fan. *Note from Wade: you missed...

'Deadpool Bodyknocker Deal' priced at £19.99  =>  Click for Deal


Incredible Hulk Bodyknocker Stockists

Hulk famous! Hulk iconic comics character! Hulk get Bodyknocker made that look like Hulk! It rock in sunlight! It look like comics version! Okay, so maybe Hulk speak isn’t the best way to convey how awesome this Bodyknocker is (honestly, about the only thing Hulk speak conveys is… well, ‘Hulk SMASH!’), but take it from us, this is one decorative figurine that truly is Incredible. Solar powered, it rocks gently when exposed to light, making it a fun little novelty piece to have on your desk at work or on a mantelpiece at home. Modelled after Hulk’s classic comic-book appearance, it even comes...

'Incredible Hulk Bodyknocker Deal' priced at £19.99  =>  Click for Deal


Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Bodyknocker Stockists

Ah, Harley Quinn, what a journey that character’s been on throughout the DC universes – from her humble origins as a bit part henchwoman to the Joker of the Batman Animated Series, to her pivotal role in the recent Suicide Squad. It is this appearance that this incredible Harley Quinn Bodyknocker is based upon. Clutching her signature baseball bat and wearing her red and blue outfit, this Bodyknocker is replete with details from the movie. When exposed to light, this solar powered decoration begins rocking, making it an ideal decoration for office or home spaces. Just don’t leave her near anything precious,...

'Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Bodyknocker Deal' priced at £19.99  =>  Click for Deal

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