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Sweet Tobacco in a Kilner Jar Sadly the sweetshop jar is dying out. More and more sweets coming in boxes... or ultra boring, personality-less 3kg plastic bags. How dull! So we`ve decided to fight back! You don`t want to give a gift in a soul-less polythene bag... but you will want to give one of our old-school glass kilner jars, especially when its crammed full of one of our best selling sweets - the delicious conbination of coconut and chocolate powder that we know and love as Sweet Tobacco. For those of you who like to know exactly what you are getting, each jar measures 21.5cm x 10cm x 10cm (that`s 8.5in x 4.0in x 4.0in) - so it`s pretty meaty... and it keeps your delicious sweet tobacco in tip-top condition! And when you (or the lucky recipient if it is a gift) has polished them off, you can refill the jar and start all over again! - Qty In Order: 1 Kilner Jar containing 690g of Sweet Tobacco

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