Bargain T Rex Skull Small Stockists

Bargain T-Rex Skull Small Stockists

Everyone loves dinosaurs. That’s just a fact. We’re still mourning the events of sixty-five million years ago when these awesome dudes were wiped out for good. That was until Jurassic Park came out. So if you’re still feeling the rumbling effects of the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event we have just the thing to bring a little natural history into your living room (without the need to spend a lifetime digging for fossils). This fantastic T-Rex Skull Small looks just like a real tyrannosaurus skull, with a fearsome set of nashers and fantastic detailing, it’s just like having the real deal. Luckily though, the painted resin model isn’t quite as enormous as a standard T-Rex skull, and is the perfect size to place anywhere around your home. Set up with some spooky back lighting and create an awesome light sculpture, or make a dinosaur mad child so happy they might burst with this little Cretaceous carnivore!

Bargain Deal: £21.99

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Cappie Skull Stockists

This Cappie Skull by Nemisis Now is a deathly skull that will look great sitting up on your shelf. The perfect addition to any gothic or fantasy collector. The dark denim cap features Ed Hardy-esque rhinestones which create an image of skull and crossbones. 

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Terminator 2 Head Box Stockists

“Stay here, I'll be back” The Terminator film burst onto our screens in 1984 and became a cult sci-fi hit than has spanned generations. The T-800 class terminator reappeared in Terminator 2: Judgement Day and now you can bring a piece of that movie home with you. This T-800 Terminator skull box is a brilliant piece of movie memorabilia that will look perfect in any true fan’s home. The box has been moulded to look like the metal skeleton of the T-800 terminator, complete with red eyes and teeth. This box includes not only the head but the neck of the T-800 and stands on a plinth which reads ‘T-800. Terminator...

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T-Rex Skeleton Small Stockists

If we said to you that you could have your very own T-Rex skeleton, your first thoughts might be “we’re going to have to move the sofa!”. Well don’t worry as this fantastic replica is a scaled down version and at 33cm long it should comfortably fit on your mantel piece. Brilliantly detailed, you can see how this amazing dinosaur was made up, from the tiny vertebrae in its tail right through to its razor sharp teeth! Each T-Rex sculpture is made from a quality resin and will add a touch of the unusual to anywhere you place it.

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Bitter Taste Goblet Stockists

This skeleton style resin Bitter Taste Goblet would make a great addition to any gothic style collection and would impress any fan of Tim Burton or Goth Culture. The design features a skeleton hand holding goblet with bones covering the bottom. This item would make a perfect feature for a Halloween party, Wedding or Birthday present! About Nemesis Now Ltd:Nemesis Now Ltd was founded in 2003, Its vision is to become the market leading brand in the world of fantasy and Gothic gift-ware. 

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Triceratops Stockists

Triceratops are a well-known species of dinosaur which you have probably seen in the Jurassic Park movies. Part Prehistoric Rhino, lizard and bird, there is only one word to describe this dinosaur…. Awesome! As all budding palaeontologists would agree on there is nothing better than the majestic skeleton of a long since extinct creature. This product is exactly that, only a lot smaller than the real thing and made out of resin rather than actual bones. A great addition to the dinosaur lover’s collection or as a cool office ornament this Triceratops sculpture would make John Hammond proud.

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Rose From Beyond Stockists

If you're looking for something a little different for your home then this Rose From Beyond Skull ornament is perfect. Do you love Goth Culture? Are you obsessed with skulls, bones and anything alike? Well with this Rose From Beyond skull and roses ornament, you can kit out your bedroom or living area in true Gothic style sure to impress friends and family! A good size that will not take up too much room in your home. This white, resin skull would even make the perfect gift for that Goth or Tim Burton fan that you know. A lifelike skull with red roses growing around it, gives that hair-raising feel to any room! 

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Draymar Dragon Stockists

The Draymar Dragon is another addition to our ever expanding Figurine collection and is made from a high quality resin material. A Gold and Green pigmented Dragon fiercely protecting a Crystal jewel. The perfect gift for any Fantasy enthusiast providing a vibrant array of colour mixed with the formidable fire breathing force which is Draymar. Not only can this figurine be used as a collectable but is also perfect for a house warming gift. Dimensions: Length - 200mm Width - 150mm Height - 190mm Weight 300g

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Death Ride Stockists

The Death Ride is a Black, Silver and White skeleton shaped motorbike carrying a wine bottle as it's passenger. This unique Gothic style product is perfect for a house warming gift and for any type of wine lover. This product securely holds any kind of wine bottle and can also be used as a home decoration. Dimensions: Height: 230mm Length: 200mm Width: 160mm

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Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull Stockists

If you’re looking for some creative Cretaceous interior décor inspiration, and Pinterest is coming up short, this cool Tyrannosaurus Rex Skull will fulfil all of you dino-desires! Styled just like an authentic T-Rex skull, this pint sized replica is the perfect size to fit anywhere in your home, whilst keeping all the authentic detail and specifications of the real thing. This antique-finish resin model has all the ferocity of the famously fearsome predator, and is the perfect home accessory for any dinosaur fanatics! 

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Soul Skull Stockists

The Soul Skull is a detailed resin figurine of a skull with one important difference; it features an incredibly detailed overprint showing ghostly skulls and figures twisting and writhing in what appears to be eternal torment. The skull itself has its main features (eye sockets, nose and teeth) highlighted in black and white so that from a distance it looks almost like a normal skull. The perfect way to bring a touch of the macabre to your home of office, the Soul Skull works equally well as an ornament to take pride of place on your shelf or as a more practical paperweight on your desk. 

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