Bargain T630 Bluetooth Speaker Stockists

Bargain T630 Bluetooth Speaker Stockists

For most of us, music is a powerful tool, it empowers us to work harder in the gym, it's an escape from talking to people in public places and it's a driving force for when we are... driving! The T630 Bluetooth Speaker is the new kid on the block and although smaller than its big brother (the T900) it packs a punch in terms of portability, sound quality and awesomeness. With 5 awesome multi-coloured LED themes you can take your party anywhere with this funky speaker! Club – watch your music bounce in time with the music. Lie the speaker flat and the animation rotates to pulse from the middle. (sound responsive) Equalize – the LEDs light up in a similar fashion to a graphic equaliser. Rotate the speaker to display the animation across the full speaker. (sound responsive) Groove – The speaker cycles through all the colours, one at a time. Rainbow – The ultimate party effect is the rainbow mode. Diagonal bands of colour light up the speaker. Meteor – bands of colour pulse up the speaker. Its compact design and handy carabineer clip mean that you can listen to your tunes on the move. You can use it as an external speaker by connecting with an AUX cable and it also has a useful hands free function. These speakers make it hip to be square!

Bargain Deal: £29.99

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300 Piece Poker Chip Set in Aluminium Case Stockists

Who needs Vegas when you can bring the fun of a Casino to your living room? Ok, there may not be a professional croupier, however you can dazzle your friends with this impressive 300 Piece Poker Chip Box Set. Housed in a stylish aluminium case, this set contains 300 casino chips weighing at 11.5 grams each casino in red, white, blue, black and green. There are 2 complete decks of Playing Cards, a dealer button and 4 dice. Now all you need do is pour the whisky or beers, provide bowls of nuts, ash trays for the cigars and you're ready to deal. The set makes an ideal gift for those who like to gather with the guys for...

'300 Piece Poker Chip Set in Aluminium Case Deal' priced at £29.99  =>  Click for Deal


Camera Lens Mug Stockists

44 Advantage card points. The Camera Lens Mug is a life size representation of a camera lens, ideal for home or travel. With a 300ml capacity, screw cap lid with a silicone seal and stainless steel interior, this mug is the perfect gift for photographers. FREE Delivery on orders over 45 GBP.

'Camera Lens Mug Deal' priced at £7.47  =>  Click for Deal


Hover Shot Stockists

Test your night time shooting skills with this glow in the dark Hover Shot game and compete against another player to see who the master of the target is.  This set comes with 6 glow in the dark darts which you can unleash at the 10 white foam balls that hover above the individual pillars. The pillars are set at different heights to give players a real challenge and are mounted on the target air base.  The pillars, balls and darts are glow in the dark so you will still be able to see what you’re shooting at.The foam ball targets stay suspended in the air by a battery powered system, making it even harder to...

'Hover Shot Deal' priced at £12.47  =>  Click for Deal


Credit Card Power Bank 2000mAh Stockists

We all suffer from a flat phone battery from time to time, so what you need is this Credit Card Power Bank to slot inside your wallet ready for when your phone power is out. This gadget is great for when your travelling or out and about for long periods of time. These days we just can't seem to put our phones down for longer than 5 minutes so when your battery is drained, simply pull out the built-in mini USB cable and insert into your phone. The lithium battery will power 2000 MAh to your phone to ensure you will be re-connected to the social media madness in minutes! Compatible with the following Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE...

'Credit Card Power Bank 2000mAh Deal' priced at £12.99  =>  Click for Deal


Golf Ball Monogram Stamper Stockists

Golfers are the easiest people to buy for! If you know someone who eats, sleeps and drinks golf, then buying golf accessories is a no brainer! And if the golfer you know ends up in the rough a lot of the time (although he/she won't admit to it), this Golf Ball Monogrammer is perfect. Personalising golf balls couldn't be easier! Featuring instant press and dry technology, the self inking stamper applies a two or three initial smudge-free monogram in seconds. Simply load the stamper with the initials and press-down on the ball. Presto!   This brilliant golf accessory comprises: Self-inking stamper with quick dry ink...

'Golf Ball Monogram Stamper Deal' priced at £9.99  =>  Click for Deal


Pocket Voice Changer Stockists

Do you fancy yourself as the joker amongst your friends and want some extra ammunition in your comedy belt? If so then you'll love this Pocket Voice changer available in 2 colours! This microphone may be tiny but it is powerful with just as much effectiveness as larger voice changers. It's small size also means it can be carried around easily in a bag or pocket and whipped out at any moment with perfect comedic timing. This voice changer has 4 different voices to choose from too so you won't get bored with merely 1. Batteries are included so you can get to joking around straight out of the packet. This would be a great novelty...

'Pocket Voice Changer Deal' priced at £7.99  =>  Click for Deal


Giant Beer Glass Stockists

Get a reasonable amount of beer in your glass with a Giant Beer Glass - the perfect gift for any lover of the traditional pint who wants that little bit extra.

'Giant Beer Glass Deal' priced at £2.97  =>  Click for Deal


Chocolate Fountain Stockists

The Chocolate Fountain is your very own piece of heaven. Sit back, relax, stick on a movie and indulge in soft, melted chocolate on marshmallows and strawberries....

'Chocolate Fountain Deal' priced at £15.99  =>  Click for Deal


1:14 BMW i8 RC Car Stockists

Sometimes there’s nothing better than taking your BMW i8 out for a spin on a sunny day on country roads… at least that’s if you have a BMW i8. With the cheapest model coming in at a whopping £84,500 it can be a little pricey for some. That’s why you need this fantastic BMW i8 RC Car which is a 1:14 scale model of the real thing! This fantastic RC toy has been made to look like the real thing with moveable doors and the detailing finished to the exact detail. This car is available in grey or white with blue detailing. Please note that the colour cannot be picked. This car is finished with an injection...

'1:14 BMW i8 RC Car Deal' priced at £29.99  =>  Click for Deal


Grey Ice Stones Stockists

It’s an age old problem that we’ve all experienced at one time or another, yes, we’re taking about ice. Messy, inconvenient, watery and the ultimate diluter of drinks, ice is the bane of anyone who enjoys a refreshingly cold drink but doesn’t want it diluted. If you don’t fancy having your favourite tipple watered down, but you still want it to taste cold and refreshing, these Grey Ice Stones are little miniature cubes of pure genius! The eco-friendly recycled soapstone’s are specially designed to keep your drink cold for longer, and chill spirits and other drinks without losing any flavour....

'Grey Ice Stones Deal' priced at £12.99  =>  Click for Deal

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