Bargain Table Top Pool Stockists

Bargain Table Top Pool Stockists

Unfortunately, most of us don’t own a huge house where we can fit a full-sized pool table. So if you love playing pool but need something a little more space saving, this Table Top Pool fulfils all your sharking desires! Providing endless fun for parties, sleepovers, summer holidays and long winter nights, this cool mini table provides hours of fun for anyone who plays! The nifty game set features everything you would expect from a full game of pool – only in miniature for your convenience! Styled with a funky blue cloth, 15 perfectly weighty coloured balls, one cue ball, two mini cues, chalk and brush, this set makes a fun addition to any home. Measuring approximately 51cm x 31cm x 9cm, tis perfectly proportioned set can fit just about anywhere, and easily packs away when not in use. Contents: Pool table Two cues 16 balls One triangle One chalk Felt brush

Bargain Deal: £16.99

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BBQ Branding Iron Stockists

Say howdy doody to this searingly brilliant aluminium branding iron that lets you personalise your meat (ouch!) with any message you fancy. Simply arrange the moveable letters, heat and get phsstt-ing! Ideal for steaks, chops, chicken, burgers or even (gasp!) tofu. Yee-ha!

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Smartphone Projector Stockists

Share home videos in the new old-fashioned way, with this retro-look Smartphone Projector.T...

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Black Crossbow Stockists

If you are a fan of outdoor activities and enjoy a game of aim and shoot, then this Black Crossbow is the ideal toy. Perfect for improving your accuracy and shooting skills, play with friends or aim for tin cans and other targets when playing on your own.   This crossbow features is robust and well built and comes with a spring trigger mechanism for easy loading and firing, meaning you can play for hours with ease. With sucker tipped darts included, this crossbow set is the ideal gift for any outdoor lover, simply aim and fire! Measuring 56cm long.

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ATM Bank Touch Screen Stockists

We all have saving and spending goals that we need a little help every now and again. So if you’ve got a big purchase on the horizon or simply enjoy that satisfying squirrelling feeling of getting plenty of money tucked away, then we have the perfect place to put all your well-earned pennies! You’re very own personal hole in the wall, the ATM Touch Screen Bank allows you to have a bank in your bedroom! Much more than your standard piggy bank, this clever ATM is a card and password secured bank that helps you reach your saving goals with ease. Complete with all of the features you would expect from a real ATM machine,...

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Mood Cube Stockists

Candles are so last century! Upgrade your mood lighting with one, or even better several, of these very ambient and quite lovely Mood Cubes. Plain and unobtrusive white blocks by day, colourful and colour phasing portable lighting by night. Perfect as a night light for kids, an accompaniment to music and romance for grown ups, or simply as a relaxing end-of-a-long-day good mood agent...

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Fibrelite Peony Stockists

Flowers can bring a beautiful and calming feel to any room, and the peony is one of the most beautiful of all. Flowering only in Spring, you can usually only enjoy their enchanting blossom for a short time. Lasting all year round, these mesmerising Fibrelite Peony inject an uber-soothing glow into any space and can be enjoyed without the need for watering or the worry of wilting petals. When switched off they brighten any room, sitting in a stylish pot with plush leaves and clustered flowers. When switched on the real magic happens as each fibre optic emits a spectrum of calming shades in an enchanting sequence that is truly...

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Plasma Ball Stockists

Science can be pretty cool and the Plasma Ball is definitive proof of that. Standing at an intimidating 6”, the Plasma Ball isn’t the touchy feely type with it instantly displaying bolts of coloured light and electricity when it is touched. Quite the reaction. Although that may sound dangerous, rest assured that you won’t get an electric shock and that it is more than suitable to live in your child’s bedroom at all times. Ball of a time.

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Foot Massager Stockists

Don't neglect your feet, get rid of that foot tension with this Foot Massager.  Due to the non-slip rubber feet, you will be able to sit back and relax with your Foot Massager on any type of floor, and not worry about the massager rolling away. Allow it to stimulate aching, tired muscles and before you know it you will be back on your feet! The vibrating cogs reinvigorate your feet to ensure they are left de-stressed and free from tightness and aches. It is the ideal home accessory for when you are just wanting to sit back and relax with a cuppa. Requires 3xAAA batteries (not included).

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Jellyfish Tank Mini Round Stockists

Take some time off from your busy schedule and make room for some ‘me time’ with the Jellyfish Tank Mini Round. This relaxing mood light is perfect to use as a child’s night light or as a cool lighting feature around the house. As this tank is battery operated, you can place it anywhere you want, on your shelf, desk or bedside table. Three bright LED’s light up the tank in a rainbow of colours as gentle jets of air push the jellyfish around with amazingly, realistic movement. Two jellyfish are included in the tank and set up is so easy, it will only take you a few minutes. Using distilled or de-ionized...

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R/C Stunt Monster Stockists

What’s better than an RC car? An RC car that can do some awesome rolls and tricks of course! Send yourself into crazy spins with the amazing R/C Stunt Monster. Unlike most RC cars, this one has a 360° front axle which means you can do spins, 360° flips, single tyre wheelies and more! A super exciting button is included so you can add an injection of speed into your stunt routine. With LED’s built in to the body and the stunt wheels, you can race around during the day or at night creating the most extreme driving experience. A robust shell and hard wearing rubber tyres mean that this car will be well protected...

'R/C Stunt Monster Deal' priced at £14.99  =>  Click for Deal

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