Bargain Tablet Induction Stand Black Stockists

Bargain Tablet Induction Stand Black Stockists

Induction technology is the cool new tech that is all the rave these days. No wires, no fuss, simply place your device onto the stand and away you go! The Tablet induction Stand works by amplifying the sound from your devices external speaker and this stand is a great example of this new technology. Great for using with your phone or tablet, simply open up your music or a film and pop the device on the stand for instant sound amplification, so easy and satisfying to use. The volume of the sound is controlled directly by the device that it is coming from so you can play it as loud or as quiet as you like. This handy speaker even comes with a USB port so that you can charge your device at the same time, great as a gift or for treating your inner techspert.

Bargain Deal: £5.97

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The Travel Power Bank 2200mAh Stockists

Super portable, lightweight and ultra-stylish, the Travel Power Bank is the perfect accessory for your holidays. This rechargeable 2200 mAh leather-style power bank features two detachable keyring cables that provide you with both a Micro USB charging cable for Android and an 8 pin lightning connector for Apple devices. Simply plug the appropriate cable from the Travel Power Bank into your phone and the LED will light up to indicate charging, then when your done you can re-attach the keyring to your bag or rucksack for perfect portability! Ideal for festivals, camping and holidays, the Travel Power Bank makes sure you’ll...

'The Travel Power Bank 2200mAh Deal' priced at £7.97  =>  Click for Deal


Mayhem Connector Pen Stockists

Have you ever reached the office, or arrived at a friend’s house only to find that your phone is almost dead and you forgot your charger? This problem will be a thing of the past with Mayhem UK’s new product, the Connector Pen. This innovative gadget is a brilliant all-rounder that will fix all your phone needs. This ‘pen’ is a charger, stylus and biro all in one. Featured in a sleek gun metal grey, not only is it highly useful but looks good too. To use the Connector Pen, simply screw the main body of the pen apart to reveal an 8pin adaptor and a micro USB. The end cap of the pen comes off to reveal...

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Happy Cable Black Micro USB Stockists

If you are a smartphone dependant kind of guy then you must dread a dead battery! That horrible time when you can’t access text messages, Facebook, Instagram or finish off your next level on Candy Crush. Thankfully in this modern age we live in we are never too far away from a USB port, but this is only good if you have a charging cable handy! The Happy Cables not only give your phone a much need boost of life but also add a touch of fashion to the charging process. These charging cables have been revamped into a gorgeous new designs. Instead of boring white cable, you now have a funky patterned ‘shoe lace’...

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Scribble Writing Alarm Clock Stockists

Always forgetting things in the morning? Then thats all in the past thanks to the Scribble Alarm Clock from Mayhem UK... The Scribble Clock is the first cool alarm clock with a screen that allows you to write on it! Scribble reminder notes, ideas, things to do or anything you want onto the screen and then when the alarm goes off in the morning the screen will light up in a cool blue colour proudly reminding you of your notes. If that wasnt enough, weve also made the Scribble alarm clock include an ultra cool dot display screen which displays the time, temperature, year and date, alarm and a birthday reminder date. The Scribble...

'Scribble Writing Alarm Clock Deal' priced at £12.99  =>  Click for Deal


The Cool Cable Stockists

Our phones have got bigger and more advanced than ever before but the charging ports on Apple devices and Android are kind of tiny. So make all that fiddly charging that little bit easier with the awesome Cool Cable. With a household full of devices there’s nothing handier than a universal cable that can cater for all your tech. This 2 in 1 charging cable has universal compatibility featuring a Micro USB as well as an iPhone and iPad lightning pin with a subtle but very handy blue glow, giving you the perfect amount of light to assist you in the dark, but not too much to disturb you from your slumber. Simply use the...

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Speaker Station Stockists

Everyone loves having a speaker – there’s nothing quite like your music filling a room up to bursting with your favourite tunes. For those so inclined, this awesome multi-function Speaker Station is just the thing. This amazing station doesn’t just play music - with Bluetooth compatibility, you can connect a wide variety of devices to this speaker, allowing for anything from your smartphone to your iPad to blare out some banging tunes – it even has an integrated stand for your device. Simply slot your phone or tablet into the groove at the top, then you can enjoy that movie on your tablet with high...

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Magnetic Induction Speaker Black Stockists

Most smartphone speakers require a lot of faffing about with wires and cables, which is not what you want when you need to hear your tunes instantly. This Magnetic Induction Speaker amplifies your smartphone, tablet and MP3 player's sound wirelessly. All you have to do is place your device on the speaker's stand for instant music amplification. This speaker connects to any device which has an internal speaker, such as mobile phones, tablets, mini tablets and music players. The speaker is held up by an ingenious stand which makes it great for watching films or tv programmes on your tablet or mini tablet. There's also a USB...

'Magnetic Induction Speaker Black Deal' priced at £5.97  =>  Click for Deal


Power Bank Pen 700mAh Stockists

Have you ever been about to make a call or take a photo on your smartphone and realised it has decided to die on you despite being charged overnight? Trust us when we say you’re not alone in this. Smartphone capabilities are amazing but using all the functions on offer can seriously drain your battery life. These days will be a thing of the past with this revolutionary new gadget that will change the way you are able to use your smartphone. The Power Bank Pen is a brilliant all in one piece of tech that will keep your phone going throughout the day.  This innovative pen is a biro, stylus and phone charger in one....

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Cool Charger Stockists

Nowadays we love our tech, with smartphones, tablets, hand-held gamers and e-readers keeping us entertained all day long. But when we own multiple devices, sometimes there just aren’t enough power sources to go round. The Cool Charger eliminates the need to wait around for sockets and chargers to become free and gives you the power of four chargers in one. This four port USB power adapter gives you multiple charging ports in one unit, with a handy light up LED indicator to let you know the progress of your charge. The Cool Charger can be used with any charging cable with a USB adapter, with the LEDs lighting up blue...

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Cool Cable Stockists

The lightning and Micro USB Cool Cable charger is a universal charging cable perfect for a home with multiple devices, providing a 2 in 1 combination for your iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets. For those moments when you don’t want to wake yourself (or anyone else) up reaching for your phone to check the battery, the Cool Cable features a handy blue glowing light, making charging your smartphone a breeze, particularly in the dark! Use the lightning pin for your Apple devices or pull out the hidden Micro USB for your Android, it’s as easy as that! This metre-long charging cable is perfect for travel...

'Cool Cable Deal' priced at £3.97  =>  Click for Deal

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