Best Taken ebook Stockists

Best Taken ebook Stockists

Paranormal July 2011 He was everything she feared. She was everything he desired. And he’d claim her – even if it killed him! Sophie never believed she was special. Avoiding a violent ex, she can’t remember the last time she truly felt safe. Then vampires murder her best friend and Sophie is kidnapped by a dangerously sexy shape-shifter. Zach insists that Sophie is a Shaman – someone with a rare gift for taming his savage side – and he needs her to help him save his pack. Now, with a malevolent enemy closing in, Sophie and Zach must risk everything on a bond that may be their only salvation…

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Society's Most Scandalous Rake book

Historical Fiction May 2012 CAN SHE TAME THE TON’S MOST NOTORIOUS REBEL?Domino de Silva appears quite the most innocent of girls: young, beautiful and pure. Her sparkling merriment charms all who meet her. But all is not what it seems, and a summer spent in Brighton promises every delectable temptation…Mr Joshua Marchmain is reputed to be society’s most scandalous rake: tall and wickedly handsome, with a dangerous allure that can disgrace even the most decent of ladies…An overwhelming force draws Joshua and Domino together – but there are those in society who would stop at nothing to keep them apart…

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Summer Fling ebook

Special Releases July 2011 By Sarah Morgan A Bride for Glenmore Poor Evanna has been infatuated with her boss forever - to him she’s just part of the furniture. Rumour has it this summer she’s decided to get noticed…no more sensible suits for her…she’s bringing out the stilettos! Also includes: Single Father, Wife Needed

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The Magnate's Marriage Demand ebook

Modern April 2009 Bought for her baby! Marriage and children have never played a part in Armand De Luca’s plans. Then the steel tycoon learns he has to marry and produce an heir or lose his company! When he discovers his late brother has fathered a pregnancy, Armand sees the perfect opportunity. She might be expecting and alone, but Tamara Kendle won’t be bought by Armand’s millions – no matter how devastating she finds his kisses. Luckily for the hard-edged tycoon, the most difficult business deals are always the most satisfying!

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Aftertime ebook

THE WORLD IS GONE. THE DEAD ARE WALKING. HER DAUGHTER IS MISSING. Cass Dollar vaguely recalls surviving something terrible. Around her is barren wasteland where cities once stood. Her body is ravaged. Her daughter has disappeared. Her eyes are unwilling to believe what they see… People turned hungry for human flesh by a government experiment gone wrong. Packs of cannibalistic Beaters prowl the desolate landscape. Everyone is out for their own survival. There are no rules. No morals. No hope. And for Cass, with a body scarred by a zombie attack, the nightmare has only just begun. ‘Grab a Littlefield pronto.’...

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The Viscount and the Virgin - Volume 5 of Regency... ebook

Imogen Hebden knew she was no Diamond of the Ton. A clumsy, gangling spinster more like! This last-chance season was sure to be a disaster. What sort of suitor could she – at four and twenty with no town bronze - hope to catch? And then she had her proposal! Viscount Mildenhall, son of the Earl of Corfe, the most eligible, most arrogant rake in London claimed to find her guileless ways irresistible.

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Whirlwind Cowboy both

THE COWBOY SHE NEVER FORGOT When the woman he loved vanished without so much as a farewell, cowboy Bram Ross vowed to harden his heart. He doesn’t want to trust beautiful Deborah Blue again – and she’s now suspected of being an accomplice to a treacherous outlaw. Yet trauma has erased Deborah’s memory of not just her supposed misdeeds, but also her passionate past with Bram. As the murky truth about her disappearance unravels Bram must protect her – by keeping her very close…

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Better for Us eBook

Better than the first time... Ryla Evans is no stranger to tough choices. After growing up watching her mother bounce from one unfaithful man to the next, she's always been determined not to repeat the same mistakes. So when she catches her college athlete boyfriend cheating on her, all her dreams of love and fidelity are crushed. Saying goodbye to the relationship is Ryla's only option. She resolves never to see Noel again, nor tell him how he has irrevocably changed her future... Following a career-ending injury, ex-NBA star Noel Carter has worked hard to reconstruct his life. With an eye on a Congressional seat, he knows...

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The Maverick Prince / Dante's Marriage Pact book

Desire November 2011 The Maverick PrinceThe world knew him only as Tony Medina, shipping magnate, lover of the finer things in life…including Shannon Crawford. And then his true identity was splashed across the tabloids – he could no longer hide his royal heritage. Despite his lover’s furious reaction to the news, Tony had no choice but to whisk her away to his secret island retreat. Was he guarding Shannon from the paparazzi or was Tony’s true goal to win her back… Dante’s Marriage PactDraco Dante’s family’s legacy drew him to Shayla Charleston, a mysterious beauty who ignited his blood. Soon he had her...

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A Royal Bride of Convenience eBook

When ten-year-old Princess Francette met her betrothed, teenage Prince Raimundo, they hated each other and vowed never to marry... But their parents planned to join their two powerful kingdoms. It would be a royal wedding...of convenience!

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Swallowbrook's Winter Bride ebook

Medical November 2011 A snowkissed proposal – from the village doc!GP Libby Hamilton fulfils a lifelong ambition when she’s made senior partner of Swallowbrook’s village surgery, set in a lovely old farmhouse. She’s thrilled – right up until she comes face-to-face with the man she’s worked hard to forget: new colleague and neighbour Nathan Gallagher, who once rejected her youthful declaration of love!Standing on her doorstep, clutching the hand of his adorable soon-to-be-adopted son Toby, Nathan’s dramatic reappearance knocks Libby for six! But, with Nathan settling in Swallowbrook for good, will her secret dream...

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