Bargain Teaching Skills For Dummies Stockists

Bargain Teaching Skills For Dummies Stockists

Being a good teacher" is a difficult goal to achieve being largely dependent on a huge variety of skills outside of the main curriculum. Teaching Skills For Dummies focuses on these 'soft' skills of teaching from maintaining discipline to creating engaging lesson plans and monitoring performance. This essential guide promises to help teachers gain the respect of their pupils manage potential confrontations and ultimately get the best out of both their careers and their students. Teaching Skills For Dummies includes information on: Developing Your Teaching Style Teaching a Class Managing a Class Dealing with Different Kinds of People Succeeding Beyond the Classroom "Don't let the title fool you; this is an essential guide and resource for any aspiring teacher. Sue Cowley uses her experience and insight to provide a comprehensive and informative resource packed with excellent advice and brilliant suggestions for making both teaching and learning effective. A must for any teacher's bookshelf!" - Peter Hadfield Principal lecturer in Education University of Bedfordshire"

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Spellbound & Seduced eBook Stockists

Undone January 2012 Scottish Highlands, 1822 Two hundred years ago, a witch cursed all the women in Jura Mcnair’s family to be widowed on their first wedding anniversary, until a true and perfect love could break the spell. Jura has chosen a life of loneliness instead of risking the sorrow of losing a husband. Then fate brings handsome Lawrence Connaught to her cottage, and for the first time she realises the lure of temptation. She may never know love, but just once Jura is determined to experience a taste of forbidden desire…

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Mindful Manifesto Stockists

Stress is endemic in our culture. We live in a restless world and there often seems little time to really appreciate our lives. Rather than constantly trying to keep up perhaps it's time for us to slow down pay attention and notice what we need for our well-being. For thousands of years Eastern traditions have taught meditation to help people lead healthier happier lives. Now scientific research is confirming that mindfulness can help us cultivate our mental and physical well-being. Written by Dr. Jonty Heaversedge and Ed Halliwell this revised and updated edition of The Mindful Manifesto integrates the very latest...

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Notorious Eliza eBook Stockists

Undone February 2010 Eliza Dauntry was infamous. Most people assumed she was a wanton because she supported herself and her son by painting portraits of courtesans. Yet Eliza hadn't been tempted by a man since her husband's death...until she met Patrick Felham. An old friend of her husband and a one-time rake, Patrick awakened a yearning in Eliza that demanded to be satisfied at once.... Patrick was looking for an upright woman to become his wife and stepmother to his daughter, not a siren like Eliza Dauntry! But Eliza had aroused his desire ever since he saved her scandalous self-portrait from the auction house. The chance...

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BT Devon South East Stockists

# The BT Phonebook The BT Phone book is the complete telephone directory listing for your area, and helps you find products and services from businesses you know as well as from those you don't, along with all the local residential numbers you need in the same book - three directories in just one book.

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Goosebumps: The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena Stockists

THE classic horror series. So scary libraries ban it. So cool it’s sold 350 million copies. Nasty like fingernails scratching on glass. Prepare to gnaw your knuckles. Jordan Blake and his sister are sick of the heat in Pasadena, California. Just once they’d like to have a real winter. A real winter with real snow. And then it happens. The Blakes are taking a trip to Alaska! It’s just too bad about the deadly snow critter they disturb there… #goosebumps #halloween-1016

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Flames of Attraction eBook Stockists

Two classic Westmoreland novels from New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson QUADE'S BABIES Quade Westmoreland's one-night love affair with Cheyenne brands him body and soul, but he never even learns her last name. Almost a year later, driven by sensual memories and one incriminating photo, the sexy operative finally tracks her down-and discovers three little babies who look just like him. Learning he is a father makes Quade even more determined: he plans to claim Cheyenne Steele as his very own. Shockingly, the irresistible beauty seems intent on refusing him. But Cheyenne and their children are now part of the Westmoreland...

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Mole and the New Hole Stockists

Winter is coming and Mole is looking for a new hole to stay in but he doesn't want to be on his own. Will any of the other animals let him share their home? * Blue / Band 4 - A story with a familiar setting * Text type - Fiction * The focus phoneme in this book is -are (share). * Children can use the cross-section of the hill on the final spread to discuss the characters and the story setting. * Jane Clarke also wrote Red 2A Muck it Up!

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Vampire Sheikh both Stockists

Paranormal July 2011 Hell hath no fury like a vampire scorned! Seth is enraged. The recent defections of his two favourite lieutenants have sparked a bitter need for vengeance. Someone will pay, and pay dearly! Who better than Josslyn Haliday? Her two scheming sisters seduced and destroyed his friends, luring them straight into the camp of his mortal enemy. What Seth doesn’t count on is Joss’s own anger. After losing her parents as a child, she’ll now do anything to find her sisters and bring them back to safety. Anything. Including making a deal with the devil. But how far is the temptress willing to go?

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Temptation's Edge Stockists

Connor Galloway is about to meet his match. Mischa Kennon may be willing to let the sexy Irishman into her bed but many a dominant man has tried to tame her and failed. Only for all Mischa's talk she's relatively inexperienced when it comes to intimate power games. Can Connor tempt her to surrender to her innermost desires? This is a dark sensual romantic novel perfect for fans of E.L. James from the acclaimed author of Pleasure's Edge and Desire's Edge.

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Falling for Christmas book Stockists

Including: A Ceder Cove Christmas Mother-to-be Mary Jo Wyse arrives in Cedar Cove on Christmas Eve, pregnant and alone. However, the people of Cedar Cove are happy to lend a hand. There’s more than enough hope and love to go round this Christmas!

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