Bargain Team OT18T Compact Black Oven with Grill Stockists

Bargain Team OT18T Compact Black Oven with Grill Stockists

Compact Oven Toaster & Grill. 18 litres capacity 240 degrees temp maximum 18 Litre capacity Own and Grill feaure -á

Bargain Deal: £34.98

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Team SteamPro Iron SPI3V Stockists

The Team SteamPro Iron is a hand-held iron that thinks its a steam generator! Within its compact body, this revolutionary steam iron can produce up to a massive 30 grams of dry steam per minute, which rivals most far larger steam generator irons that can cost many hundreds of pounds more. One touch steaming enables you to concentrate on the ironing while delivering a steady blast of steam without interruption or any drips. Cut the time it take you to iron by up to 50% without breaking the bank with this Team SteamPro Iron. Powerful 2300W Power Up to 30 grams/min shot of steam Stainless steel soleplate with 11 focussed steam...

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Team VitaMeister Slow Juicer Stockists

The VitaMeister Slow Juicer combines the benefits of slow juicing with style, versatility and function. The screw type augur really presses the flavours, vitamins and minerals from your vegetables and fruit to deliver a rich drink for a healthy lifestyle.In use, it's very quiet at just max 65dBa, though you will hear the fruit or vegetables being ground and masticated by the high torque slow speed motor. There is a reverse function for the occasional blockage, otherwise all you do is simply prepare the vegetable, fruit to fit the chute and push down onto the screw augur. It gets squeezed through the mesh filter and the juice...

'Team VitaMeister Slow Juicer Deal' priced at £67.70  =>  Click for Deal


Team CeramaGlide Arc Cordless Iron Stockists

Cordless Steam Iron with comfortable handle and unique three position indexing base for great ergonomics 2300W power CeramaGlide ceramic soleplate with 40 perimeter and focussed steam vents 350ml best-in-class water tank with easy visibility 28 g/min max steam rate The iron holder indexes to 3 positions of an arc for ultimate user convenience Comfortable open handle Ergonomic spray and steam buttons with lovely sprung variable steam slider and steam burst position -á

'Team CeramaGlide Arc Cordless Iron Deal' priced at £45.98  =>  Click for Deal


Team Combi Moroccan Tagine & Slow Cooker TSLG Stockists

Combining two great products in one. The Team Combi TSLG is a combination of the popular Slow Cooker and Tagine models. Team SLG55T VisiCook Slow Cooker comes with an easy to see and clean glass bowl that can be used elsewhere in the kitchen. It features 3 temperature settings and allows you to see the food cooking from not just top but sides as well with glass bowl. The glass bowl simply lifts out for cleaning, The VisiCook brings an added dimension to your cooking. Easy to clean Low, high, auto settings Cooking capacity of 3.5L Glass bowl capacity is 5.5L Cook hearty Moroccan inspired cuisine with the fun and eye catching...

'Team Combi Moroccan Tagine & Slow Cooker TSLG Deal' priced at £75.73  =>  Click for Deal


Team OT39T Stockists

Ideal for homes with a little space to spare the Team OT39T Double Decker Oven give you power and a surprisingly generous amount of capacity to prepare your meals. Includes 2 slide-out trays as well as 3 heater elements with up to 900W of power and the option of Low setting to half power the power usage. 320mm x 240mm x 260mm (H x L x D)

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Team Compact VisiCook Steamer and Egg Boiler Stockists

The VisiCook range now includes this Compact Steamer - great for Healthy Living lifestyles. It has a small footprint on your counter top (8" x 8") and you can steam on one layer or both layers (2 stainless steel steaming trays are included). Additionally, each tray has 7 dimples so that you can steam prepare up to 14 eggs at the same time. It's a Jurassic egg steamer.-á It comes with easy instructions, egg preparation guide and handy water beaker with scales for soft/medium/hard eggs. Two layers Vegetable steamer Egg Steamer

'Team Compact VisiCook Steamer and Egg Boiler Deal' priced at £28.98  =>  Click for Deal


Team VisiCook SuperChef Multifunction Wave Oven CR3WX in White Stockists

The Team VisiCook SuperChef Multifunction Oven, as featured on TV is popular for cooking quickly, almost like a microwave. It's a fat free cooking device, which means it's a healthier option too. It also environmentally friendly as it uses half the energy of a conventional oven. Using a vortex of super heated air, the VisiCook cooks food quickly and efficiently, sealing in the natural flavour with little or no added fat. 1400W max power Halogen cooking delivers instant control and high efficiency Roast/Bake/Defrost/Grill Accessories included High cooking rack Low cooking rack Lid holder Food tongs Height extender ring Easy...

'Team VisiCook SuperChef Multifunction Wave Oven CR3WX in White Deal' priced at £74.91  =>  Click for Deal


Team IHP5M Induction Hob and Cooking Pan Stockists

The IHP5M Induction Hob and Cooking Pan from Team is made for the modern kitchen designed to excel in terms of function, longevity and style. The Team Induction Hob has a maximum cooking power of 2000W and features 10 Temperature settings along with overheat protection.Induction cooking is a safer and faster cooking method than gas and is instantly controllable and gives great results. You will be amazed at how quikcly you can boil, simmer and cook with induction. 2000W max cooking power10 Temperature settingsSimple rotary controlOverheat protection systemFree double skinned stainless steel cooking potFairchild igbt power systemBox...

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Team VisiCook Home Baker Stockists

New from Team the VisiCook Home Baker is a must for every budding cook. You will bake up a storm from bread to cakes. Bake bought or made cake mix, bread etc Precise and accurate temperature control German engineered for even cooking temperature throughout Floating hinge enables extender ring to be fitted for high bake items 3 silicon moulds ÔÇô cupcake, bread tin, tray bake included Comprehensive instructions and recipe book included Uses less than half unit of electricity per hour at 200 degrees C, 1/8th of a unit to bake cupcakes - a massive cost saving alternative to a regular oven. -á

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Team Delta Head Steam Mop SC19W Stockists

Save time and energy with a Team Delta Head Steam Mop SC19W! Traditional mops are messy and time-consuming - plus they do a terrible job of reaching all those corners in your home. The Team Delta Head Steam Mop SC19W eliminates the mess and the fuss of an ordinary mop with its self contained cleaning system. With its variable steam output control, the steam mop allows you to select the level of "clean" you desire from a light mopping to a deep down clean. The 580ml water tank contains enough water to last, yet is not bulky or cumbersome. Best of all, the steam mop features a Delta head that easily gets into corners. You'll...

'Team Delta Head Steam Mop SC19W Deal' priced at £34.57  =>  Click for Deal

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