Best The Balfour Legacy book Stockists

Best The Balfour Legacy book Stockists

Absolute scandal has rocked the core of the infamous Balfour family. The glittering, gorgeous daughters are in disgrace... Powerful tycoon Oscar Balfour has only one option - to cut his daughters off from their lavish lifestyles. He draws up a set of rules that each of his daughters must abide by, enlists his most powerful contacts and sends each girl on her way to learn the lessons of life...and love! They're sent to the boldest, most magnificent men to be wedded, bedded...and tamed! And so begins a scandalous saga of dazzling glamour and passionate surrender... RRP £31.92. Yours for ONLY £23.00, plus £2 P&P!

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Enemy Within eBook

She Had to Harden Her Heart! A troubled childhood and a disastrous love affair had left Michaela older and wiser - and vowing never to get close to anyone again. And that certainly included photographer Ryan Douglas with his legendary reputation as a womanizer! Ryan was determined to believe that Mickey had encouraged her half sister to run off with his wealthy nephew - and he was going to make Mickey pay the price by demanding that she join his search for the missing pair. Ryan was Mickey's enemy: he had the power to threaten the whole fabric of her life - and even if she wasn't able to avoid being with him, she could refuse...

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Claiming The Forbidden Bride- Volume 4 of Regency... ebook

Soldier Rhys Morgan is back home in England and in the market for a bride. But battle-scarred and jaded from the Peninsula wars, the simpering debutantes on the Marriage Mart don’t seem able to rouse his interest – let alone fire his blood...Dark-haired, dark-eyed Romany beauty Nadya Argentari, has a strength and passion to match his own. If he took her as his mistress, no one would blink an eye. But what if Honourable Major Rhys Morgan were to marry her...

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The Girl He'd Overlooked both

They grew up side by side – but he lived in the mansion, she in the servants’ cottages… James Rocchi has always had it all: money, good-looks and perhaps too much charm – his killer smile ensures there is never a shortage of sophisticated beauties willing to grace his bed. Yet not once has his appraising glance fallen on Jennifer, the plain girl from next door… Until a spell in Paris transforms Jennifer into a stylish woman with tempting curves… Now she is firmly in his sights! So when James offers her a job it’s clear there’s more than just business on his agenda!

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Royally Romanced ebook

Blaze March 2013 Once upon a time, there lived an overworked prince named Giorgio Di Leone. So, when his little sister announces she's getting married, he flies to the enchanted kingdom of New York. There he meets Renata Pavoni, but can a normal gal find a “sexily ever after” with a real prince?

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Daddy's Double Duty book

Cherish March 2012 A changed man…How did her instant motherhood make Vanessa’s boss a different man? While caring for the twins she’d inherited, Vanessa Valdez saw rancher Conall Donovan in a new light. Once a coldhearted businessman, he’d dropped everything to help her care for the newborns. And he was suddenly looking at her with passion in his eyes…Though she’d been half in love with him for years, he’d always been out of her reach. Yet now he was a caring man whose touches thrilled her. Vanessa didn’t know why the rugged Conall suddenly wanted her and her new family. But having his arms around her was enough...

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Savas' Defiant Mistress ebook

Modern May 2009 Inexperienced and out of her depth! The friction between Sebastian Savas and his new employee is instant. But unfortunately the lusciously curvy Neely Robson is also the tenant in the property he has just added to his portfolio. Neely cannot share her home with iceman Savas: the tension is palpable! On the surface she can take it, but underneath her lack of worldliness is making her quiver. Living and working with Neely, Seb realises he’s made an error. But the benefits of discovering Neely’s inexperience far outweigh the annoyance of being wrong!

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Shadow Play eBook

Nell Masters had suffered enough traumas in her life, so who could blame her for being wary of men? Then she met Ben Rigby and longed for something more... more than sex with no strings attached. But, she was afraid. Nell's past was beginning to catch up with her. Her child - her lost child whom she had never even had the chance to see - shared the same birthday as Ben's adopted son... . Was fate being cruel or kind? And would Ben ever forgive her when he found out that she was just marking time?

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The Dangerous Jacob Wilde book

Jacob Wilde lived a fast and furious life of reckless abandon…until his wild streak put a cruel end to a life spent in pursuit of pleasure… The Texan ranching grapevine is legendary, so Addison McDowell has heard all about Jake Wilde’s shameless past – and his scarred, solitary present. But her only focus is her future – which won’t include the impossibly arrogant Jacob Wilde! Addison is no Texan wallflower – when Jake starts a fight, she’s more than capable of finishing it! However, a searing attraction to a man she knows cannot love her back? That she has no idea how to handle…   The Wilde Brothers Wilde...

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Winter Heat both

Special Releases January 2011 Things are heating up. For three couples, this weekend will be… Unforgettable Two cynical best friends believe beginning an affair would be too much of a cliché…until they decide to share a vacation – and a bed! Incredible A schoolteacher eager to get rid of her good-girl image and the undercover agent who knows how to bring out her wild side! And completely mind-blowing! A career woman is looking to shed her office shackles with the one man who can’t afford to get carried away…

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Dangerous both

Special Releases March 2011 Jacobsville, Texas, is a risky place for the heart… Tall, lean and headstrong, FBI agent Kilraven lives by his own rules. And one of those rules includes keeping his hands off Jacobsville’s resident sweetheart, Winnie, no matter the temptation. Shy and innocent, she couldn’t handle a man like him – a merciless man with a dangerous past. Yet Winnie’s still determined to stand by his side and, if they are to have a future together, her ruthless Texan will need to confront old secrets and let her into his guarded heart. Discover Diana… The author of over a hundred books, Diana Palmer...

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