Bargain The Boot Buddy Stockists

Bargain The Boot Buddy Stockists

As seen on the BBC’s Dragons’ Den, we present to you the Boot Buddy. No longer will muck and grime mess with your footwear: The Boot Buddy is capable of cleansing your soles within the space of five minutes, using only 300ml of water. All you need to do is fill it up, squirt some water onto your filthy footwear and use the brush attachment to scrub away the mud.  With no pesky batteries to worry about changing for this entirely handheld bit of kit, you’ll always be ready to go, and with its bright colour scheme, this cheerful and friendly looking item is sure to bring that dirt to heel – or away from heels, as the case may be.  

Bargain Deal: £12.99

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MenkindThe Boot Buddy£12.99Click for Deal Boot Buddy£12.99Click for Deal

Candy Grabber Stockists

As a child the humble grabber machines were the game of choice and many hours (and wads of cash) were spent trying to grab an elusive prize. Now you can bring the magic of the grabber machine home with one that doesn’t require real money to play! This Candy Grabber machine is perfect for anyone that has a sweet tooth and can be filled with your sweets of choice. Styled to look exactly like a retro grabber machine it has red accents and sleek silver controls. To fill your Candy Grabber with treats simply open the hatch on the lid and pour in your sweets. You don’t even need real money to play as this machine comes...

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MadWish Pro Stockists

In a world where all your maddest wishes can come true, it’s time to flirt, snitch or drink your way to victory! So are you a flirt or a snitch? It’s time to find out! Taking truth or dare to a brave and slightly bonkers new level, MadWish Pro is the all new party board game which challenges you to do things you never expected! Combining naughtiness, terrible secrets and potentially quite a few shots, once you’ve stepped into the world of MadWish, you can never go back! No matter how many people there at your party, everyone can play this ridiculously cringe worthy game, from two to one hundred and two,...

'MadWish Pro Deal' priced at £12.99  =>  Click for Deal


Exentri RFID Leather Wallet Stockists

Exentri is the wallet redesigned for the modern world, with cool and contemporary Scandinavian design and protective technology built in. Made from stunning soft premium leather and with a billfold design, the Exentri delivers a stylish, lightweight and easy to use wallet which is perfect for everyday use. With all your valuables just a thumb flick away, the Exentri is an ergonomic masterclass – making your two most used cards instantly accessible at any time without having to open the wallet, ideal for regular use travel cards or contactless payment. The rest of your cards, receipts and notes are all catered for too...

'Exentri RFID Leather Wallet Deal' priced at £49.99  =>  Click for Deal


Half A Pint Glass Stockists

Key Features: A glass split length ways!Perfect for those who like to enjoy a half pintLet's admit it, no one likes to order a half, do they? The tiny glass it comes in seems unimpressive and it feels like it's gone within seconds. But wait, it doesn't have to be like this! This amazing new invention changes the stigma that surrounds the pint glass's inferior sibling and transforms its look completely...Introducing the Half A Pint glass! Simply put, the glass is the usual half pint size, but is split length ways instead, so from an angle it will look as if you are drinking from a normal pint glass! A great gift...

'Half A Pint Glass Deal' priced at £1.47  =>  Click for Deal


Gator Multi-Function Tool Stockists

Please Note: This product is strictly for over 18’s only. By placing an order, you declare that you are 18 years or over, and that the item will be use responsibly and appropriately. If you love being the man who can around the house, then you’re going to want to the right tools for the job! So move aside your dusty old tool kit and say hello to this portable and lightweight multi-tool, giving you everything you need for the home in one compact package! Whether you’re hanging a picture, building some furniture or fixing your bike, this Gator Multi-Function Tool comes with everything you need for those day-to...

'Gator Multi-Function Tool Deal' priced at £11.99  =>  Click for Deal


Gator Multi Tool with Light Stockists

Please Note: This product is strictly for over 18's only. By placing an order, you declare that you are 18 years or over, and that the item will be use responsibly and appropriately. If you’re a handy guy around the home, but don’t fancy lugging round a tool box everywhere you go, then a portable multi-tool is the perfect solution! Equipped with everything you need to fix those pesky odd jobs around the home, the Gator Multi-Tool with Light features nine tools in one super lightweight design, which folds up small enough to fit in your pocket. Made with a sturdy stainless steel body, hanging a picture, cutting...

'Gator Multi Tool with Light Deal' priced at £9.99  =>  Click for Deal


Duel Battle Stockists

1....2.....3....FIGHT!!! Awooooga!!! If any of these words mean anything to you then your will love this Duel Battle Gladiator Game, which lets you recreate everyone's favourite game from the hit TV show. Wack each other into submission with the inflatable batons to prove who the true gladiator is. To win you just need to knock your opponent off of their retrospective inflatable podium, which means this game isn't just about who can hit the hardest, but who has the best balance. Just make sure you give your lil' bro or granny a fighting chance when you enter into the inflatable arena of battle.You can play sudden death,...

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Robot Clock Red Stockists

Clocks and robots have a lot in common, they both have intricate insides full of dials, cogs, gadgets and gizmos - they’re a mechanic's dream! Combine the two together and you’re left with a new and different way to tell the time! This cute Robot Clock has poseable arms and hands so you can set them up however you like. The analogue clocks inside their abdomens are numbered with some robotic looking digits (if you can describe a font as looking ‘roboty’) along with a body covered in dials, cogs and gauges and of course, an antenna on his head so he can communicate with his human overlords. A handy alarm...

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Juice n Go Stockists

Ever woken up late for work and not had time to make yourself breakfast? Well worry no more, as the Juice & Go Blender gives you a healthy, delicious and speedy alternative for the most important meal of the day. Catch on to the latest juice trend and buy yourself a Juice n Go- the new and improved juicer and blender combined in one. This great product works through an electric base, which can be plugged into a standard UK 3 pin plug, with extreme effects. There is no piece of fruit which this blender cannot tackle and even ice is not an issue, giving you chilled smoothies or juices. Within minutes or even seconds you...

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Android OXO Smartwatch Stockists

There’s a whole new generation of watches revolutionising the way we connect to the world - changing the way we use technology forever! And once you’ve experienced it for yourself, you’ll never want to go back. The Android OXO Watch gives you nearly all the functions of your smartphone at your fingertips, reimagining the watch for the 21st century. This handy device will give you tons of functionality, style and ease of use without breaking the bank. All you have to do is download the free app and connect your phone to the watch via Bluetooth. The Android OXO Watch has a fantastic colour LCD TFT touch...

'Android OXO Smartwatch Deal' priced at £49.99  =>  Click for Deal

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