Bargain The Brothers Series 2 (DVD) Stockists

Bargain The Brothers Series 2 (DVD) Stockists

Starring: Jean Anderson,Patrick O'Connell,Richard Easton After a month abroad to recuperate from her heart attack, Mary suddenly returns on the day Barbara is celebrating her 18th birthday Bill Riley catches an Australian named Carter surveying the land around Hammond Transport Edward and Jennifer's growing relationship is strained by Mary's insistence that he attend her homecoming dinner instead of Barbara's birthday party The brothers learn that Edward, distracted by marital problems, hasn't finalized plans to acquire surrounding property needed for crucial expansion of the firm, and Carter has outbid them Mary attempts to befriend Barbara Jennifer refuses to accept Edward's excuses, and he receives unexpected contact from a former flame In case you missed the previous series> Genre: Tv Series Release Date: 9th November 2015 Year of production: 1973 Director: Quentin Lawrence Running Time: 650 min Cat No: 164439 Barcode: 5019322644392 No Disc: 4 Format: DVD

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Harry Brown (DVD) Stockists

Two-time Academy Award winner and screen icon, Sir Michael Caine stars in the riveting and gritty action thriller HARRY BROWN, the story of one man's journey through a chaotic world where drugs are the currency and guns run the streets.Modest law-abiding citizen, Harry Brown is forced to dispense his own brand of justice as he bids to clean up the run-down estate he calls home. Michael Caine gives the performance of his lifetime as the iconic Harry Brown. Barber's debut film is a gripping, violent thriller that'll make any Quentin Tarantino film seem like The Magic Roundabout' (Mail on Sunday).Daniel Barber's first directorial...

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Walk the Line [DVD] (2005) Stockists

Drama following the life of the legendary 'Man in Black', Johnny Cash. The movie begins in 1955, when a tough, skinny guitar-slinger who called himself J.R. Cash (Joaquin Phoenix) walks into the soon-to-be-famous Sun Studios in Memphis. It was a moment that would have an indelible effect on American culture. With his driving freight-train chords, steel-eyed intensity and a voice as deep and black as night, Cash sang blistering songs of heartache and survival that were gutsy, full of real life and unlike anything heard before. That day kicked off the electrifying early career of Johnny Cash. As he pioneered a fiercely original...

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Tower Of Evil - Digitally Remastered (DVD) Stockists

A horror classic finally remastered in HD! From acclaimed horror producer Richard Gordon (Inseminoid, Devil Doll, Horror Hospital) comes the brutal and mysterious story of the Tower of Evil! Set in deserted lighthouse on fog-shrouded Snape Island, the terror begins when a nude, crazed woman slaughters a sailor who visits the island. When she is taken back to civilization, she is found to possess an ancient relic; and so the authorities mount an expedition to solve a mysterious series of psycho-sexual murders. Stars Jill Haworth, Bryant Haliday, Dennis Price and George Coulouris. Running Time: 86 minutes Region: All Regions...

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Armchair Theatre: Volume 2 (DVD) Stockists

Armchair Theatre was ITV's flagship drama anthology series. Initially screened between 1956 and 1973, it was hugely popular, with viewing figures occasionally reaching twenty million, and became a byword for quality in televised drama. Pioneering, immensely influential and sometimes challenging in its content, the series consistently drew upon a wide range of talent. Armchair Theatre became a showcase for the post-war generation of British writers who sought to place sensitive social topics - in particular the British class system - under the microscope. Throughout, the series featured a number of powerful, award-winning plays,...

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The Fast Lady (DVD) Stockists

Classic British comedy, starring Stanley Baxter and Julie Christie. Murdoch Troon (Baxter) is a shy civil servant attracted to the vivacious Claire (Julie Christie), the daughter of a prominent businessman. In an attempt to impress Claire, Troon acquires a vintage Bentley racer, 'The Fast Lady', and undertakes a series of driving lessons to learn how to handle the car. Needless to say, Troon's attempts to impress Claire don't go entirely according to plan. Running Time: 94 minutes Region: All Regions Release Date: 2 Feb. 2004

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Wuthering Heights (DVD) Stockists

*BBC RELEASE FIRST TIME ON DVD IN THE UK* The original 1967 uncut release. Wuthering Heights is a heartrending story of unrequited love and sibling rivalry. When the dark brooding orphan boy Heathcliff enters the Earnshaw household at Wuthering Heights, he is at first shunned by his new stepsiblings, Catherine and Hindley. Catherine s feelings toward Heathcliff soon change but it all ends in tragic consequences for everyone. The complete BBC Dramatisation Starring Ian McShane & Angela Scoular Review Simply the best dramatisation ever done of Wuthering Heights!! --Front RowA must have for all Bronte lovers. --First reviewedA...

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The Saint - The Complete Colour Series (DVD) Stockists

All 47 colour episodes of the classic television adventure drama, comprising the fifth and sixth series. Roger Moore stars as Simon Templar, aka 'the Saint'. A suave and sophisticated conman, Templar only steals from rich criminals and helps the forces of law by making sure they're thrown behind bars. For Chief Inspector Teal (Ivor Dean) however, Templar is nothing more than a common crook, and one he'd like to see behind bars himself. Episodes are: 'the Queen's Ransom'; 'Interlude in Venice'; 'the Russian Prisoner'; 'the Reluctant Revolution'; 'the Helpful Pirate'; 'the Convenient Monster'; 'the Angel's Eye'; 'the Man Who...

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Joan Baez - Beginnings Stockists

This Delta release explores the early part of Joan Baez's career, drawing the best tracks from her first two albums Joan Baez and Joan Baez 2, which showcases her glorious voice and demonstrate why she was such an instant success. All original recordings digitally remastered. Release Date: N/A

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