Bargain The Brothers Series 4 (DVD) Stockists

Bargain The Brothers Series 4 (DVD) Stockists

Financial shenanigans, ill health and industrial action all threaten the Hammonds family business in the fourth series of BBC One s classic Sunday night drama. When matriarch Mary (Jean Anderson) suffers another heart attack, the family rallies round and Edward (Patrick O Connell) decides to keep quiet about his impending marriage to his father s former mistress Jennifer (Jennifer Kingsley). After rapid expansion, moves are afoot for the Hammonds to go public. Brian (Richard Easton) has money man Martin Farrell (Murray Hayne) join the board, while Edward appoints ex-foreman Bill Riley (Derek Benfield) to help run the business. Farrell is alert to the firm s organisational weakness, while Riley is suspected of causing unrest among the workers about the new share issue. The company is floated at a time of deep tension, on the advice of slippery merchant banker Paul Merroney (Colin Baker), and Edward is left fighting for survival as chairman. Can he rely on the support of all the family? In case you missed the previous series> Region: Region 2 Release Date: 9 Jan. 2017

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Burnt Offerings Dual-Format Blu-ray & DVD (DVD) Stockists

When college lecturer Ben Rolf (Oliver Reed, The Brood, The Devils) and his family rent a remote country mansion at a bargain price, they believe they re in for an uneventful summer. Little do they realise that they ve just moved into a veritable house of horrors! As the malevolent force that dwells within its walls exerts its dark influence on the minds of its new inhabitants, and the sinister occurrences begin to mount up, it grows increasingly clear that this is a holiday they ll never forget... provided any of them live to tell of it. Also starring Karen Black (The Day of the Locust) and Bette Davis (Whatever Happened to...

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David Attenborough's Life On Land - A DVD Encyclopaedia (DVD) Stockists

Twenty years ago, David Attenborough started making a series of programmes about the different groups of living organisms that inhabit our planet--birds and mammals, plants and insects, amphibians and reptiles. These landmark series now form David Attenborough's Life on Land Collection and are brought to you here in the order in which these various groups arrived during the history of life on Earth. To accompany these series is an index, which can be accessed interactively on each of the discs and is also included in this collection as a hard-backed book. You can use the index to look up a species and find not only on which...

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Call The Midwife - The Collection (DVD) Stockists

The first two series and the 2012 Christmas special of the BBC drama adapted from Jennifer Worth's memoirs about a group of midwives working in East London in the 1950s. Jenny Lee (Jessica Raine) gets her first job at Nonnatus House which she soon realises is a nursing convent and not a hospital, as she had assumed. As she begins caring for patients, she gradually becomes accustomed to her new environment, making friends with fellow midwives Cynthia (Bryony Hannah), Trixie (Helen George) and the clumsy Chummy (Miranda Hart). In series two, it's 1958, and while Jenny has her hands full dealing with an abused patient, Trixie...

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Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of an Empire (DVD) Stockists

Running Time: 1020 minutes

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Zee And Co. [2008] (DVD) Stockists

Elizabeth Taylor is Zee Blakeley, the wife of eternally philandering Robert (Michael Caine), in this story of swinging Londoners directed by Brian G. Hutton (Where Eagles Dare). When Robert's fancy for the beautiful young widow Stella (Susannah York, Tom Jones) threatens to break up her marriage, Zee takes matters into her own hands to try to gain the advantage in their tumultuous relationship. Taylor plays the vulgar, loud and shrewish wife with great relish in the role, her star persona illuminating every scene, making her fun to watch no matter what outrageous lengths she goes to in her bid to eliminate her husband's mistress....

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Scott Of The Antarctic (DVD) Stockists

John Mills stars in this docu-drama which captures the ill-fated final expedition to the South Pole in 1912 of British explorer Robert Scott .This classic drama highlights the problems which beset the journey and is accompanied by the music of Vaughn Williams. Extras: ¢ Interview with Sir Ranulph Fiennes ¢ Interview with Sir Andrew Davis ¢ John Mills Home Movie Footage ¢ Featurette on Jack Cardiff's Cinematography ¢ Restoring Scott of the Antarctic ¢ Stills Gallery Running Time: 105 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 6 Jun. 2016

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Dick Barton Live: (Dramatisation) - Audiobook (CD) Stockists

Dick Barton is back, in a special live recording! About the Author The original idea for Dick Barton came from Norman Collins, Head of the Light Programme. In January 1946, he sent a memo to an assistant asking him to investigate the possibility of a daily 'cloak-and-dagger soap opera'. Matters quickly progressed and soon the fictional hero of the serial had a name - Bill Barton (later changed to Dick). Barton's history was very thoroughly researched. It was decided that he had been born on Tuesday 10 December 1912 at 5pm. The BBC went so far as to ascertain from the Town Clerk of High Wycombe and the Air Ministry exactly what...

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The World's Fastest Indian (DVD) Stockists

Adventure based on a true story starring Academy Award winner Anthony Hopkins. Burt Munro (Hopkins) was a man who never let the dreams of youth fade. After a lifetime of perfecting his classic 1920s Indian Scout motorcycle, Munro set out at the age of 68 to test his bike at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah with only a shoestring budget. With all the odds against him, he set a new land speed record and captured the spirit of his times. Running Time: 127 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 30 Sept. 2013

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Freemasons And The Lost Symbol [2009] (DVD) Stockists

Documentary revealing the secretive world of the Freemasons. For nearly 300 years, millions of Freemasons all over the world have obeyed their oaths, hidden their rituals – and inspired conspiracy theories about secret governments and global control. This film offers an insight into who the Freemasons really are, and why bestselling author Dan Brown has chosen them to be the focus of his book ‘The Lost Symbol'. Genre: Documentary Release Date: 7th December 2009 Year of production: 2009 Running Time: 100 min Cat No: 132613 Barcode: 5019322326137 No Disc: 1 Certification: E Format: DVD

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