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HISTORICAL March 2010 She’s revived his heart – but who is she? Driven by grief and an implacable thirst for vengeance, Captain James Drymore has one sole purpose in life: to hunt down the men who killed his wife. But when he sees a beautiful young lady in distress James allows himself to become distracted for the first time… Having rescued Amy, James discovers she didn’t escape unscathed – she has lost her memory! As the conflicted Captain slowly puts together the complex pieces of his mysterious lady’s past, James realises he needs to let go of his own. Can he and Amy build a new future – together?

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Surrender My Heart eBook Stockists

Natalie Hart has sworn off love and basketball. All sports, for that matter. Her pro athlete husband cheated on her—and she’s not sure she’ll ever be ready to give her heart again. Now single and working at a children’s charity, it’s not just event planning that has her putting in overtime. Local football celebrity Michael Jones is organizing a gala affair with Natalie. And the sexy jock has made it crystal clear he’d like to kick off with seduction. But can Natalie let down her guard and fall for another professional athlete? Michael Jones is used to women falling at his multi-million dollar, cleat-covered feet....

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Sydney Harbour Hospital: Tom's Redemption / Docto... book Stockists

Medical April 2012 Sydney Harbour Hospital: Tom’s RedemptionTwo years ago renowned head of neurosurgery Tom Jordan disappeared. Now he’s back and his secret is out. Tom’s blind and will never operate again.He’s the proudest, rudest man registrar Hayley Grey has ever met. Nevertheless, the chemistry between them is mind-blowing – yet there could be so much more if only Tom would let Hayley see the man behind the mask…Doctor on Her DoorstepJenna’s spent her life being overlooked – so, finding gorgeous Dr Adam Sinclair on her doorstep, she assumes he’s looking for someone else. But this delectable stranger is...

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The Captain's Kidnapped Beauty both Stockists

RESCUE FROM AN UNLIKELY SOURCE Abducted and taken aboard a merchant ship bound for India, Charlotte Gilpin desperately searches for ways to escape. The heiress certainly doesn’t expect rescue from the most unlikely of sources – Captain Alexander Carstairs, a man with whom she has crossed swords in the past. Alex isn’t sure what to make of Charlotte’s claim to have been kidnapped – he wouldn’t put it past this spirited woman to have cooked the whole thing up to avoid her father’s matchmaking. But in the confines of the ship this confirmed bachelor unexpectedly finds Charlotte getting under his skin…again!...

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Making Piece both Stockists

When journalist Beth Howard's young husband died suddenly, baking was the one things that still made her smile. So Beth hit the road in their old camper van, travelling across America and bringing Pie to those who need it most. Powerful. Courageous. Triumphant. This is Beth's true story about finding strength, second chances and spreading the joy of pie.

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Champagne Summer both Stockists

Special Releases July 2012 by India Grey Tamsin’s ready to spend her summer relaxing and topping up her tan. That’s until Alejandro – the man who nearly destroyed her reputation – comes back into her life. Now his world of champagne and scandal awaits her once again…and Tamsin’s determined to make up for lost time. Includes: At the Argentinean Billionaire’s Bidding; Powerful Italian, Penniless Housekeeper

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Defying the Prince ebook Stockists

Santina Princess-To-Be's Sister Serenades High-Society It was a night filled with scandal, but pop princess Izzy Jackson really took the crown! Royal and VIP guests were reportedly horrified at the singer and reality TV star’s impromptu performance at her sister’s royal engagement party. It was left to Prince Matteo, second in line to the throne, to whisk tipsy starlet Izzy off stage, into his limo and straight to his luxury palazzo, from which the pair are yet to emerge… Rumour has it the proud prince and the footballer’s daughter are working on a charity concert. Will they make sweet music together or split citing...

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A Baby for Eve ebook Stockists

Medical October 2008 Her baby dream come true? Nurse Eve Dwyer hasn’t set eyes on Dr Tom Cornish in twenty years. Why has he come back to Penhally Bay now, after she’s built a life for herself and lived through her pain for the baby they never had and Tom never knew about? Because he wants Eve. After a lifetime of running, he’s finally realised he’ll never love anyone more. But the flood waters are rising in Penhally, and Tom is called to head a rescue. He has little opportunity to make amends with Eve. Is it too late, or is there still a chance for them to have the happiness and family they both deserve so much? ...

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A Price Worth Paying? book Stockists

When two bitter rivals... Why, why does her grandfather's dying wish dictate that Simone Hamilton must marry a man she hates? The marriage might unite their warring families, but formidable Spaniard Alesander Esquivel is the last man on earth Simone would want to be in the same room with- let alone share a marital bed! ...are forced to take one solemn vow... Alesander's strongest desire used to be gaining the final piece of his business empire- but now it seems there are more pleasurable diversions for the taking... Having a wife could be useful- especially to entertain him during those sultry hot Spanish nights! ‘Great...

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Hot Nights With an Italian ebook Stockists

Hot Nights with an Irresistible Italian the santangeli marriage Renowned playboy Lorenzo is furious when his innocent wife Marissa flees on their wedding night. Lorenzo vows to bring his virgin bride home – and show her that there’s more to his desire than meets the eye. The Italian’s Ruthless Marriage Command Forced to share custody of his nephew with her, Dante d’Alessandri won’t let Taylor out of his sight! At first Dante sees Taylor as just a nanny. But soon he realises this ripe young beauty could fill another, more pleasurable role – in the bedroom. Veretti’s Dark Vengeance Arrogant tycoon Salvatore...

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Her Deal with the Devil ebook Stockists

Better the devil she knows...? Patrick Fourde was once famed for the trail of broken hearts and rumpled bedsheets he left behind him. Now the fashion house CEO is determined to make his name known for the right reasons. First challenge? Getting Sapphire Seaborn, Melbourne's Queen of Jewellery, on-side. Sapphie has sacrificed everything for her jewellery business and very nearly lost it all. She hates that to rescue it she needs to work alongside her nemesis- Patrick! It was supposed to be business only, but Sapphie quickly realises that when you make a deal with a devil this scorching someone's going to get burnt... ‘Sizzling...

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