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Cherish February 2012 The Chef’s Choice Cady could spot a player a mile away and Damon was a player. What was a celebrity chef doing in Grace Harbour, anyway? True, he was trying to save the family business, but she wouldn’t be just another girl who fell for his charm. Damon was no stranger to women, but, this time, could he have bitten off more than he could chew?The Boss’s Proposal Dylan’s good-looking, charming – and trouble Maxine doesn’t need. Even though her new boss has a playboy reputation, Max has no problem using charm to put Dylan off his game. He wanted to wrap up the project quickly. But now he’ll do anything to show her that their partnership is perfect not only in the boardroom…but for a lifetime.

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God of Darkness eBook

Young Adult October 2012 no full description is available

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Snowbound: Miracle Marriage/Christmas Eve: Doorst... ebook

Medical December 2009 snowbound: miracle marriage Sarah Morgan When A&E doctor and confirmed bachelor Daniel Buchannan is left in charge of his brother’s kids there’s only one person he can turn to. Stella’s heart was crushed when Daniel broke off their engagement, but she agrees to come to his rescue for the sake of the children. Being snowbound with Stella shows Daniel just what he’s been missing…and Stella is about to discover that Christmas really is a time for miracles. christmas eve: doorstep delivery Sarah Morgan Doctor and single father Patrick Buchannan hasn’t been able to forget his night of reckless...

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The Sinful Art of Revenge book

Taking what is rightfully his Endless tabloid coverage has left Reiko Kagawa with way too much information about art dealer Damion Fortier's legendary playboy exploits - it's well reported that he leaves a wake of broken hearts across Europe's most glamorous destinations! Reiko knows she has two things Damion wants: the first a priceless painting and Fortier heirloom. The second her seriously off-limits body! And she has no intention of giving him access to either. Damion isn't used to beautiful women scorning his advances, so it's definitely time to turn his lethal charm up one last notch to ensure he gets exactly he wants......

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Billionaires & Babies ebook

Baby Bonanza The revelation that his affair with Jenna Baker had produced twins was almost impossible to grasp. Nick Falco was now determined to be a part of their lives. But Jenna wasn’t about to let the tycoon back into her least not without three little words that Nick had never said… Baby Business Donovan Tolley had to marry to keep his family’s company, and Cassidy Franzone was the woman he wanted. But convincing Cassidy to marry him without love on the table was one negotiation this cunning billionaire might not win…not even now he’d discovered she was nine months pregnant! Baby on the Billionaire’s...

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The Summer We Came to Life ebook

Mira June 2012 ‘ingenious’ - Huffington Post. Friendship never dies. Every summer, Samantha Wheland joins her childhood friends on a holiday. Always somewhere exotic, always somewhere fabulous. But this year one of the gang is missing. Since Sam’s best friend Mina lost her battle against cancer six months ago, she’s been struggling to find her way forward without her. Lost and left behind, Sam finds herself relying on the diary Mina gave her before she died. It feels like a guardian angel sending signposts to life from beyond the grave. But what if the lines between worlds blurred… Sam thought that friendship could...

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Bittersweet Yesterdays eBook

Nothing but Trouble Lucy Preston had been a headache for Mark Waterford since she was a teenager - a rebel whose only cause was to make her infuriatingly autocratic stepbrother's life as miserable as possible. She'd grown up somewhat in the past years; she'd found a niche at Waterford Consortium and had mercifully avoided any confrontations. Until Mark decided to make her his assistant. Mark was considered to be every woman's dream man, and Lucy hoped that one of them would quickly get him off her back. And then she realized that Mark's attention wasn't nearly as unwelcome as it once had been!

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The Baby Project / Second Chance Baby ebook

Cherish May 2011 The Baby Project When Whitney Ross is made temporary guardian of baby Gino, there’s a problem – the little orphan’s new daddy. Shockingly gorgeous tycoon Darius Andreas is far from ready to be a father! Soon another daunting task comes to light: dealing with her inconvenient feelings for Darius! Second Chance Baby Millionaire businessman Nick Andreas is stunned. The woman who broke his heart is his new assistant – and she’s pregnant! As they work together, Maggie’s growing bump is a poignant reminder of what they lost… But can they dare dream of getting back together and having a family the...

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A Vampire for Christmas ebook

Special Releases November 2011 As Christmas bells are ringing, a new blood lust is born!With the winter drawing in, an alluring world of dark demons and strange temptations beckons. As the snow falls, four powerful vampires are getting ready for the Christmas season.Driven by a thirst for blood and a desire for destruction, these forbidden lovers and immortal souls want to sink their teeth into the most debauched celebration of the year – by taking human paramours to share kisses beneath the mistletoe and dangerous deeds… Enter their wicked winter wonderland for one sinfully hot Christmas!

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A Marriage Worth Fighting For eBook

Alicia and Michael’s whirlwind romance promised everything. Yet after years of coming second to his medical career, Alicia can’t take being a trophy wife any longer. But Michael’s not giving up without a fight. He’ll risk everything for a second chance with his wife!

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Northern Exposure both

Blaze October 2011 Welcome to Alaska. A wild, rugged place where men are men…and women are scarce!Escaping the corporate rat race was the best thing Dalton Saunders ever did. Now he’s living life at a breakneck speed as an Alaskan bush pilot, doing what he wants, when he wants. There’s no adventure he’s hasn’t experienced…Until Dr Skye Shanahan rolls in to town. Skye isn’t quite sure how she ended up in Alaska. She needed some time to evaluate where her life was heading, but this is ridiculous. Luckily, she’s only here for two weeks. She can handle it until then.What she wants to handle, though,...

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