Bargain The Complete Humphrey Jennings volume 3: A Diary for Timothy (DVD & BLU RAY) Stockists

Bargain The Complete Humphrey Jennings volume 3: A Diary for Timothy (DVD & BLU-RAY) Stockists

THE COMPLETE HUMPHREY JENNINGS COLLECTION VOLUME 3: A DIARY FOR TIMOTHY (DVD & Blu-ray)Films by Humphrey Jennings Widely celebrated as one of Britain's greatest filmmakers, Humphrey Jennings is a true poet of the cinema whose work was the inspiration for Danny Boyle's 2012 Olympic Games opening ceremony. This, the last of three comprehensive volumes which bring together his entire directorial output, features the films he made between 1944 and 1951, and charts his transition from wartime to peacetime filmmaking. Featuring A Diary for Timothy, Jennings much-loved collaboration with E M Forster, The Dim Little Island, an muted but affecting celebration of Britishness, and Family Portrait, the esoteric Festival of Britain film, this essential collection confirms Jennings as a master of the cinematic art. Volume three includes the following films: The True Story of Lili Marlene (1944) The Eighty Days (1944) Myra Hess (1945) A Diary for Timothy (1946) A Defeated People (1946) The Cumberland Story (1947) The Dim Little Island (1948) Family Portrait (1950) Special features Presented in High Definition and Standard Definition V.1 (1944, 8 mins): alternative cut of The Eighty Days The Good Life ( Graham Wallace, 1951, 18 mins ): the film Jennings was working on at his death Illustrated booklet featuring film notes, credits and biographies by John Wyver, Patrick Russell, Kevin Jackson, Scott Anthony and others UK | 1944-1951 |black & white, and colour | English language, with optional hard-of-hearing subtitles | 218 minutes | Original aspect ratio 1.33:1 | Region 0 DVD/Region free Blu-ray) Disc 1: BD50 | 1080p | 24fps | PCM mono 2.0 audio (48k/24-bit) Disc2: DVD9 | PAL | Dolby Digital mono 2.0 audio (320kbps) Review 'Jennings was a visionary whose best films were touched with oddness and poetry' --Graham Fuller Running Time: 218 minutes Region: Region B/2 (Read more about DVD/Blu-ray formats.) Subtitles: English Release Date: 15/07/2013

Bargain Deal: £14.99

The Complete Humphrey Jennings volume 3: A Diary for Timothy (DVD & BLU-RAY) Deals on eBay The Complete Humphrey Jennings volume 3: A Diary for Timothy (DVD & BLU-RAY) Deals on Amazon
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The Nightcomers (DVD) Stockists

Marlon Brando's intense performance dominates this atmospheric, sexually charged feature from a golden age of British horror, directed by Michael Winner and also starring Stephanie Beacham in her first major film role. Visually stunning in a transfer from the original film elements, The Nightcomers sketches a prequel to Henry James' classic Gothic novella The Turn of the Screw, with Brando in typically compelling form as the servant whose disturbing, magnetic presence exerts a corrupting hold over the occupants of a country estate.Following the death of their parents, Flora and Miles are left in the care of repressed governess...

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A warm, funny, feel-good series about a family's adventures on a gorgeous Greek island when they uproot from their English home in the hope of a better life. Based on Gerald Durrell's much-loved Corfu trilogy of novels, The Durrells sees impoverished but sparky widow Louisa Durrell make the radical decision to seek out a new destiny for her family when her options in late 1930s England seem to be limited to struggling on or marrying a wealthy but dreary older man. Concerned that the lives of her four ‘children', are heading down the wrong track, she relocates her reluctant brood to a dilapidated house in the Greek sun. This...

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C4 s record-breaking drama series Humans, with an all-star cast featuring Gemma Chan, William Hurt,Katherine Parkinson, Colin Morgan, Tom Goodman-Hill, Carrie-Anne Moss and Sam Palladio sci-fi drama series from the makers of Utopia and Broadchurch set in a parallel present where the latest must-have gadget for a busy family is a Synth--a life-like humanoid. Both series together in this box set. Running Time: 720 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 16 Jan. 2017

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Dickens In America [DVD] - TV Series (Miriam Margolyes) Stockists

Illustrious author Charles Dickens is renowned for bringing the Victorian era to life, yet he also had a long held fascination with America, and made a substantial journey there in the mid-19th Century. This culminated in his book American Notes a comic, critical and satirical recording of the countrys manners, morals, flaws and fashions. Acclaimed British actress, and life-long Dickens enthusiast, Miriam Margolyes embarks on a literary road movie to tell the largely unknown story of Charles Dickens passionate and controversial relationship with America and Canada. From The White House to West Point, Dickens visited and wrote...

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Elvis & Nixon (DVD) Stockists

Kevin Spacey stars as President Richard Nixon and Michael Shannon as Elvis Presley in this comedic retelling of the pair's meeting at the White House in December 1970. Turning up unannounced, Elvis requests a meeting with the world's most powerful man as he tries to convince the President to appoint him as an undercover federal agent. Elvis proclaims a desire to tackle America's growing drugs problem and seeks out a Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs badge to do so. Although the President considers the King of Rock 'n' Roll unworthy of his time, his aide Egil Krogh (Colin Hanks) convinces him of the potential for positive...

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The Glittering Prizes: The Complete Series [DVD] Stockists

Written by award-winning screen-writer and novelist Frederic Raphael, The Glittering Prizes is the critically acclaimed series of six teleplays chronicling the changing lives of friends who first meet at Cambridge University. Tom Conti (Shirley Valentine, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence) stars as would-be novelist Adam Morris with Mark Wing-Davey and Nigel Havers among his college peers. Barbara Kellerman, Malcolm Stoddard, Connie Booth, Miriam Margolyes and Tim Pigott-Smith also feature among the cast. Meeting as undergraduates in the early fifties, the drama explores the hopes and dreams of a group of idealistic young students,...

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SAS: Rogue Warriors (BBC) (DVD) Stockists

BEN MACINTYRE is a best-selling author of military and espionage history. He has written and presented several films for BBC TWO from his books, including Operation Mincemeat. Ben has been hand-picked by the SAS to exclusively tell their story, gaining access that no civilian has ever been granted. Each day in the SAS archives leads to a new discovery, as Ben pieces together this story for the first time. The history of the SAS is an exhilarating tale of fearlessness and heroism, recklessness and tragedy; of extraordinary men who were willing to take monumental risks. It is a story of the meaning of courage. Running Time:...

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Armchair Theatre - Volume 1 (DVD) Stockists

Eight episodes from the hugely popular TV drama anthology series that ran from 1956 -1973. This selection of plays, broadcast between 1970 and 1973, features scripts by, among others, Fay Weldon and Colin Welland, and includes performances from Tom Bell, Billie Whitelaw, Richard Beckinsale, Peter Barkworth, Rita Tushingham and Beryl Reid. Episodes comprise: 'Say Goodnight to Your Grandma', 'Office Party', 'Brown Skin Gal, Stay Home and Mind Bay-Bee', 'Detective Waiting', 'Will Amelia Quint Continue Writing 'A Gnome Called Shorthouse'?', 'the Folk Singer', 'A Bit of a Lift' and 'Red Riding Hood'. Running Time: 400 minutes Region:...

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Freedom Radio [1941] (DVD) Stockists

The Roder family find their loyalty split as the Nazis rise to power. Dr Roder, an eminent throat specialist, detests the Nazis but his wife Irena is seduced by the glamour of Berlin. With the help of Hans, a young man whose girlfriend has been brutalised by Nazi storm troopers, Dr Roder sets up Freedom Radio, beaming anti-Nazi messages into the heart of the Reich. Running Time: 90 minutes Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about DVD formats.) Release Date: 8 Feb. 2010

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Without A Clue (DVD) Stockists

Victorian society thrills to the crime-solving adventures of the great Sherlock Holmes, unaware that he is in fact a fictional character created by the real sleuth - Dr Watson (Ben Kingsley) - as a cover for his own detecting abilities. When Scotland Yard request that Holmes help them with their latest, baffling case, Watson is forced to provide him, in the form of weak, drunken actor Reginald Kincaid (Michael Caine). Running Time: 102 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 10 Dec. 2001

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