Bargain The Complete Roots Collection: Original Series (30th Anniversary Edition) [2007](DVD) Stockists

Bargain The Complete Roots Collection: Original Series (30th Anniversary Edition) [2007](DVD) Stockists

Celebrating 30 years since its TV debut, Roots: The Complete Collection brings together for the first time all the original episodes, sequels and extras of the award-winning series in one box set, comprising Roots: The Original Series 4-Disc Box Set, the 1979 sequel Roots: The Next Generation, and, for the first time on DVD, Roots: The Gift, a movie that focuses on the relationship between two of the slaves of the original series. Based on Alex Haley's best-selling novel about his African ancestors, the acclaimed US TV mini-series Roots garnered widespread popularity in the 1970s and to this day remains one of the most watched programmes in history, with the ratings for the series finale still the third highest-rated US program of all time, (behind the final episode of MASH and the "Who Shot JR?" episode of Dallas). Roots follows several generations in the lives of a slave family. The story begins with Kunta Kinte (played by LeVar Burton), a West African youth captured by slave traders and shipped to America in the 1700s. Torn from his homeland, stripped of his dignity, his rights and even his name, in torment and anguish he is brought to the slave markets of the new world. He tries, but fails, to escape before accepting he can never return to Africa. The film traces his life and those of his family, depicted up until the Civil War where Kunte Kinte's grandson gains emancipation. It captures generations of love, tears, pain, strife, sacrifice and happiness, reminding us of the resilience and resource of the human spirit even under crippling injustice. But Roots was more than just a quality drama, it had a wider impact on society. It persuaded American audiences to regard their history from a black perspective, and to see how--against odds far more desperate than those the pilgrims faced--Africans laid claim to their status as free African-Americans. It triggered a craze for genealogy and changed forever the way black people were depicted on TV. Synopsis The series that captivated a nation and made television history is brought to you in a complete box set that includes everything about Alex Haley's incredible family saga. The Complete Collection includes Roots which begins with Kunte Kinte's humble beginnings in Africa and continues in Roots: The Next Generations closing with Alex Haley's own life in the 1970's as he embarks on his research to unveil his roots. The Complete Collection also includes the Christmas movie Roots: The Gift as well as specially created special features to celebrate the legacy of Roots 30 years later. Running Time: 1313 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English Release Date: 29 Oct. 2007

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The Complete Roots Collection: Original Series (30th Anniversary Edition) [2007](DVD) Deals on eBay The Complete Roots Collection: Original Series (30th Anniversary Edition) [2007](DVD) Deals on Amazon
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Sherlock Holmes and The Case Of The Silk Stocking [2004] (DVD) Stockists

Not actually based on a Conan Doyle story, this is an original BBC drama scripted by Allan Cubitt, starring Rupert Everett as the eponymous Victorian detective and Ian Hart as his assistant Dr Watson. Holmes is in retirement, but is drawn out by Watson after the body of a young girl is found in the Thames, asphyxiated by a silk stocking. Holmes quickly deduces that the girl is of the aristocracy, and shortly afterwards another society lady goes missing, her body later found with the same type of stocking lodged in her throat. Knowing that there is now a dangerous killer on the loose in London, Holmes must use all his famous...

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Britain's Home Front Commemorative Box Set [DVD] Stockists

Britain's Home Front tells the full, extraordinary story of everyday life on the British Home Front from pre-war days to de-mobbing.Complete in three extra-length volumes, this unique collection is packed with rare and previously unseen government information films of the period, cinema newsreel footage and exclusive interviews with those who lived through those incredible times. Running Time: 319 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 01/07/2010

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Aja - Classic Albums [2009](DVD) Stockists

Jazzy Seventies popsters Steely Dan achieved the summit of their success with 1977's 'Aja', a record which secured a year's long residency in the US Top 40. This documentary chronicles its making, with the band's nucleus, Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, revealing the care that went into the crafting of the tracks, whilst various highly esteemed session musos explain their involvement in the recording process. Running Time: 60 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: German|Danish|French|Italian|Portuguese|Spanish Release Date: 1 Dec. 2008

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Amityville Horror Triple Pack (DVD) Stockists

The Amityville Asylum Lisa Templeton begins a new job as a cleaner at High Hopes Hospital, a mental institution in Amityville, Long Island. Initially delighted to get the job, Lisa soon realises that all is not as it seems. Intimidated by staff and the psychotic ramblings of the patients, she is further unnerved by apparent supernatural occurrences on the night shift. To preserve her sanity, Lisa must uncover the mysterious history of the institution and its inmates. But the truth is far more terrifying than she could ever imagine.? The Amityville Playhouse Following the tragic death of her parents, Fawn Harriman had counted...

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Pickup On South Street (1953) [Masters of Cinema] Dual Format (Blu-ray & DVD)(DVD & BLU-RAY) Stockists

If you refuse to cooperate you'll be as guilty as the traitors who gave Stalin the A-bomb.'' ''Are you waving the flag at ME?!'' Samuel Fuller's sensational film noir casts a steely eye at America in the dawn of the Cold War, and brings 1950s New York City alive on the screen in a manner rarely equalled in the annals of film. In one of his greatest roles, Richard Widmark plays Skip McCoy, a seasoned pickpocket who unknowingly filches some radioactive loot: microfilm of top-secret government documents. Soon after, Skip finds himself mixed up with federal agents, Commie agents, and a professional stoolpigeon by the name of Moe...

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Line of Duty Complete Series 1 and 2 (DVD) Stockists

SERIES ONE: Lives and careers are on the line in this thrilling police anti-corruption drama following the investigation into DCI Tony Gates (Lennie James). SERIES TWO: When a police convoy is fatally ambushed, AC12 relentlessly pursue the sole surviving officer, DI Lindsay Denton (Keeley Hawes). Running Time: 710 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English Release Date: 15 Feb. 2016

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Hancock's Half Hour: The Very Best Episodes Volume 1: v. 1 Audio CD Unabridged (CD) Stockists

Four favourite radio episodes specially selected by the show's writers, Ray Galton and Alan Simpson. About the Author Ray Galton and Alan Simpson met in a sanatorium in Surrey, where they were both being treated for TB. Ray Galton remembers noticing the six-foot-four Simpson and thinking he looked surprisingly large - 'you expect everyone in a sanatorium to be thin and weedy, and he was the biggest guy I'd ever seen'. During two years in the same ward, they listened to comedy shows together and also wrote a series of their own, creating a radio room in a linen cupboard. Having left the sanatorium within a few months of each...

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Loretta Lynn - The Coal Miner's Daughter (CD) Stockists

An iconic star of Country & Western music and still performing and recording to this very day. This single disc live encapsulation of Loretta's long career includes huge hits such as 'If You're Looking At Me (You're Looking At Country)', 'Me & Bobby McGee' and 'You Ain't Woman Enough'.

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This In Our Time - The History Of Liverpool (DVD) Stockists

Historical Pathe documentary released to coincide with Liverpool becoming 2008's European City of Culture. The film charts the history of Liverpool throughout the first half of the 20th century, capturing the changing streets, docks and landmarks of the city. Rare film records the giant pageant in Wavetree Park in 1907 as well as numerous royal visits and other special moments. Running Time: 80 minutes Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about DVD formats.) Release Date: 22 Sept. 2008

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Andre Rieu: Live in Vienna [2005] (DVD) Stockists

Recorded on the square in front of the Imperial Hofburg Palace in the heart of Vienna, Live in Vienna captures the full spectacle of an Andre Rieu concert. Including compositions from the most famous Viennese composers: Johann Strauss, Franz Lehá¡r, Emmerich Ká¡lmá¡n, W.A. Mozart, Robert Stolz and many others, the Johann Strauss Orchestra and Choir were joined by the Ballet of the Vienna State Opera, the Vienna debutantes from the Elmayer Dance School, the Platinum Tenors, the sopranos Dagmar Koller, Carmen Monarcha, Carla Maffioletti, Mirusia Louwerse and Suzan Erens, and the interpreter of the traditional Viennese song,...

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