Bargain The Cool Cable Stockists

Bargain The Cool Cable Stockists

Our phones have got bigger and more advanced than ever before but the charging ports on Apple devices and Android are kind of tiny. So make all that fiddly charging that little bit easier with the awesome Cool Cable. With a household full of devices there’s nothing handier than a universal cable that can cater for all your tech. This 2 in 1 charging cable has universal compatibility featuring a Micro USB as well as an iPhone and iPad lightning pin with a subtle but very handy blue glow, giving you the perfect amount of light to assist you in the dark, but not too much to disturb you from your slumber. Simply use the charging pin for Apple devices or pull out the hidden Micro USB for Android, whatever you need - the Cool Cable has it sorted! This metre-long cable is the ideal length for everyday use as well as a great travel companion for multiple charging needs (after all there's always one person who forgets their charger), and the Cool Cable comes in an assortment of gorgeous colours too. Perfect! *Due to the nature of how we receive this item, a colour will be chosen at random.

Bargain Deal: £3.97

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iPad Writer Stylus Stockists

Touch screens are a brilliant invention but sometimes can be a bit tricky to master, especially in the cold weather when you want to keep your gloves on or during hot weather when fingers are sweaty. So, if you find you’re not connecting with your touch screen phone or touch screen tablet than the App Screen Stylus is the answer.The App Stylus Writer plugs into the earphone socket of your phone and hangs on a retractable elastic cord so it’s always around. Screens will be kept clean and smudge free and you’ll enjoy smooth control. Plus, you’ll be on target every time - instantly gaining more accuracy...

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Power Pen Stockists

Looking like a device straight out of Q branch, the Power Pen could easily fit in with Mr James Bond’s high tech range of gadgets thanks to its sleek aluminium looks and its hidden powers. It might not be great at defeating evil maniacs hell-bent on world domination but it does have some pretty cool features no secret agent should be without. Secretly stored inside is enough power to get your phones battery out of the red and into the green, just enough to last you until your mission is accomplished and you are back at home with your shaken martini. With 700mAh of power, a ball point black ink pen and touch screen stylus...

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Spy Stream Alarm Clock Stockists

Want to keep an eye on things when you’re away? Well, this Spy Stream Alarm Clock is pretty much the way to do that. Firstly, this is a perfectly functional 12 or 24-hour clock, with an easy-to-read display and red numbering, making it the ideal piece to stick on a bedside table somewhere to keep an eye on the time. The real genius of this device, however, is in its capacity as a WiFi camera. When connected to WiFi, it allows you to use it as a camera to monitor the room it is in, connecting with your various smart devices. With the help of the connected app, you’ll be able to watch HD footage anywhere that you...

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The Cool Charger Stockists

We all love our phones, tablets, gamers and e-readers, they give us endless entertainment on a daily basis – but what we don’t love quite as much is running out of charge. Just when you’re in the middle of some awesome game or some pretty important chattage, the dreaded low battery sound spoils all our fun. Now, however many devices we have on the go (well, definitely up to four) you can keep fully juiced up without any worries. This four port USB Cool Charger provides multiple charging ports with charge indicator LEDs which lights up blue when not in use and red when charging, the LED then turns back to...

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Touch Screen Gloves Stockists

 Let’s face it, we’re all addicted to our phones and we can’t prise our fingers away from the pesky things, even on a cold winter’s day, but now, you don’t need to anyway with these fabulously stylish and warm Touchscreen gloves. That’s right, no need to stop your Facebook, Candy Crush or Genie Gadgets addiction when it’s freezing. Keep your gloves on and tap away, even in a blizzard. Although you really should be inside if there’s a blizzard. Keep the tech dependence strong. Wear tech touchy type gloves.

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Tablet Induction Stand Black Stockists

Induction technology is the cool new tech that is all the rave these days. No wires, no fuss, simply place your device onto the stand and away you go! The Tablet induction Stand works by amplifying the sound from your devices external speaker and this stand is a great example of this new technology. Great for using with your phone or tablet, simply open up your music or a film and pop the device on the stand for instant sound amplification, so easy and satisfying to use. The volume of the sound is controlled directly by the device that it is coming from so you can play it as loud or as quiet as you like. This handy speaker...

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Aurora Ice Colour Changing Alarm Clock Stockists

12 colour changing alarm clock Cool clear ice finish Dual power by USB (cable included) for constant glow or battery (4 x AAA not inc) for 30 second glow Glows a different colour each hour Touch to glow mode Alarm and date display Colour scrolling light and sound alarm Touch to snooze the alarm Large easy to read dual display AM and PM mode Optional 24 hour mode

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Speaker Station Stockists

Everyone loves having a speaker – there’s nothing quite like your music filling a room up to bursting with your favourite tunes. For those so inclined, this awesome multi-function Speaker Station is just the thing. This amazing station doesn’t just play music - with Bluetooth compatibility, you can connect a wide variety of devices to this speaker, allowing for anything from your smartphone to your iPad to blare out some banging tunes – it even has an integrated stand for your device. Simply slot your phone or tablet into the groove at the top, then you can enjoy that movie on your tablet with high...

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Magnetic Induction Speaker Stockists

Most smartphone speakers require a lot of faffing about with wires and cables, which is not what you want when you need to hear your tunes instantly. This Magnetic Induction Speaker amplifies your smartphone, tablet and MP3 player's sound wirelessly. All you have to do is place your device on the speaker's stand for instant music amplification. This speaker connects to any device which has an internal speaker, such as mobile phones, tablets, mini tablets and music players. The speaker is held up by an ingenious stand which makes it great for watching films or tv programmes on your tablet or mini tablet. There's also a USB port...

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Mega Power Bank 10400mAh Stockists

For any smartphone addicts who constantly need a power source with them at all times to fuel their Angry Birds or Facebook habit, you can keep them happy with this Mega Power Bank - Power in your pocket, which is the ultimate compact charger to take with you whenever you may need an added bit of extra power. It features an impressive 10400 mAh of power, which means it can charge any smartphone five times over and completely charge an iPad. The battery is made by electronic experts Samsung, so you know that your charger will stand the test of time. It also features a twin USB socket so you won't have to wait for one device to...

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