Bargain The Cool Charger Stockists

Bargain The Cool Charger Stockists

We all love our phones, tablets, gamers and e-readers, they give us endless entertainment on a daily basis – but what we don’t love quite as much is running out of charge. Just when you’re in the middle of some awesome game or some pretty important chattage, the dreaded low battery sound spoils all our fun. Now, however many devices we have on the go (well, definitely up to four) you can keep fully juiced up without any worries. This four port USB Cool Charger provides multiple charging ports with charge indicator LEDs which lights up blue when not in use and red when charging, the LED then turns back to blue when the charging is complete. Easy peasy! So if you have a house full of tech, but not quite enough plugs, or you’re heading off on holiday and don’t fancy taking all your chargers with you, the Cool Charger has it sorted!

Bargain Deal: £12.99

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The Cool Cable Stockists

Our phones have got bigger and more advanced than ever before but the charging ports on Apple devices and Android are kind of tiny. So make all that fiddly charging that little bit easier with the awesome Cool Cable. With a household full of devices there’s nothing handier than a universal cable that can cater for all your tech. This 2 in 1 charging cable has universal compatibility featuring a Micro USB as well as an iPhone and iPad lightning pin with a subtle but very handy blue glow, giving you the perfect amount of light to assist you in the dark, but not too much to disturb you from your slumber. Simply use the...

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Magnetic Induction Speaker Black Stockists

Most smartphone speakers require a lot of faffing about with wires and cables, which is not what you want when you need to hear your tunes instantly. This Magnetic Induction Speaker amplifies your smartphone, tablet and MP3 player's sound wirelessly. All you have to do is place your device on the speaker's stand for instant music amplification. This speaker connects to any device which has an internal speaker, such as mobile phones, tablets, mini tablets and music players. The speaker is held up by an ingenious stand which makes it great for watching films or tv programmes on your tablet or mini tablet. There's also a USB...

'Magnetic Induction Speaker Black Deal' priced at £5.97  =>  Click for Deal


The Travel Power Bank 2200mAh Stockists

Super portable, lightweight and ultra-stylish, the Travel Power Bank is the perfect accessory for your holidays. This rechargeable 2200 mAh leather-style power bank features two detachable keyring cables that provide you with both a Micro USB charging cable for Android and an 8 pin lightning connector for Apple devices. Simply plug the appropriate cable from the Travel Power Bank into your phone and the LED will light up to indicate charging, then when your done you can re-attach the keyring to your bag or rucksack for perfect portability! Ideal for festivals, camping and holidays, the Travel Power Bank makes sure you’ll...

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Speaker Station Stockists

Everyone loves having a speaker – there’s nothing quite like your music filling a room up to bursting with your favourite tunes. For those so inclined, this awesome multi-function Speaker Station is just the thing. This amazing station doesn’t just play music - with Bluetooth compatibility, you can connect a wide variety of devices to this speaker, allowing for anything from your smartphone to your iPad to blare out some banging tunes – it even has an integrated stand for your device. Simply slot your phone or tablet into the groove at the top, then you can enjoy that movie on your tablet with high...

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Touch Screen Gloves Stockists

 Let’s face it, we’re all addicted to our phones and we can’t prise our fingers away from the pesky things, even on a cold winter’s day, but now, you don’t need to anyway with these fabulously stylish and warm Touchscreen gloves. That’s right, no need to stop your Facebook, Candy Crush or Genie Gadgets addiction when it’s freezing. Keep your gloves on and tap away, even in a blizzard. Although you really should be inside if there’s a blizzard. Keep the tech dependence strong. Wear tech touchy type gloves.

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Mybuds Metallic Earphones Stockists

Ditch those boring colours and dull earphones for good, and upgrade to these stunning Mybuds Metallic Earphones! Made with maximum durability and sound quality at the forefront of their design, the Mybuds feature an aluminium foil cable which is housed by transparent cable, protecting your earphones from the elements and keeping them free from tangled wires. Available in both gold and silver, these metallic earphones feature a premium look with fantastic style, and can be matched with your music player and smartphone to finish off the sleek new look. Fitted with a standard headphone jack, the Mybud’s are compatible...

'Mybuds Metallic Earphones Deal' priced at £9.95  =>  Click for Deal


Smart Wallet - Phone Wallet Stockists

Turn your phone into a wallet with this nifty Smart Wallet!

'Smart Wallet - Phone Wallet Deal' priced at £2.49  =>  Click for Deal


Dashcam Video Recorder Stockists

Have you ever been in a serious accident on your way to work or driving home? Don't worry this isn't a cheesy insurance advert! If you have ever had any issues with angry drivers on the road or you just want to prove how good you are behind the wheel, then you need the Dashcam, which records high quality 1080p footage of everything in front of you. This full HD video camera has a 120° wide angle lens to ensure it captures every little detail on those wide open roads and motorways. Even if you are driving at night and the roads are particularly treacherous the Dashcam will adapt and switch to night time mode for you...

'Dashcam Video Recorder Deal' priced at £3.47  =>  Click for Deal


Selfie Light Case Power Bank 1750mAh Stockists

When you think of photography these days, you think of the selfie; an age-old tradition of taking pictures of yourself refined by modern technology and given new life with the advent of the cameraphones front facing camera and the rise of social media. As this highly popular photographic genre comes into its own in our age, technology rushes to meet the demands of eager photographers desperate to show us their faces at any given point in time. That is where the Selfie Light Case Power Bank comes into play. Designed for use with the iPhone 6 and 6s, this rose-gold Light Case’s most prominent feature is the array of warm-light...

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Mirrored Alarm Clock Grey Stockists

Prepare to get woken up in style, thanks to this beautiful Mirrored Alarm Clock. Quite apart from the alarm function itself, this handy little timekeeper has a customisable snooze function – so you can lie in for anything from five minutes to a whopping sixty although we think a sixty minute snooze is a little risky. It also has a temperature function, so you can put a number to your vague feelings of being either boiling or freezing in the morning. The white LED display is easy to read and looks incredible, and with a choice of USB power (cable included) or battery powered (3xAAA, not included), you can always decide...

'Mirrored Alarm Clock Grey Deal' priced at £16.99  =>  Click for Deal

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