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Cherish March 2011 The Doctor’s Pregnant Bride? From the moment Ted asked Sara to be his Valentine date, the scientist was hooked — even if she did seem to be hiding something. But Ted knew he had to convince her that she could count on him to be the family man she wanted and needed. THE TEXAS BILLIONAIRE’S baby After years away, Gina’s finally returned to Sagebrush, ready to start a new life and forget her haunted past. Then sexy widower Logan walks back into her life – and Gina’s the only one who can help his precious baby. But is she ready to give him her heart again?

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The Doctor's Pregnant Bride? / The Texas Billiona... ebook Deals on eBay The Doctor's Pregnant Bride? / The Texas Billiona... ebook Deals on Amazon
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A Secret Disgrace both Stockists

A shocking Sicilian secret… Louise Anderson’s heart pounds as she approaches the imposing castello. Only the Duke of Falconari can grant her grandparents’ dying wish – but this is the same man who said arrivederci without a backward glance after their night of unadulterated passion… Caesar can’t believe the woman who almost ruined his precious reputation still fiercely fires his blood. Discovering that their union created more than just salacious memories, he agrees to grant Louise’s request…in exchange for a demand of his own. That she wears his band of gold! Penny’s final Mills & Boon is a classic. Intense,...

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The Girl He'd Overlooked ebook Stockists

They grew up side by side – but he lived in the mansion, she in the servants’ cottages… James Rocchi has always had it all: money, good-looks and perhaps too much charm – his killer smile ensures there is never a shortage of sophisticated beauties willing to grace his bed. Yet not once has his appraising glance fallen on Jennifer, the plain girl from next door… Until a spell in Paris transforms Jennifer into a stylish woman with tempting curves… Now she is firmly in his sights! So when James offers her a job it’s clear there’s more than just business on his agenda!

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Private S W A T Takeover ebook Stockists

Intrigue September 2009 In his custody and in his arms… Liza was nobody special – until she witnessed a high-profile murder. Only traumatic amnesia kept her from remembering the killer’s identity. Holden Kincaid was KCPD’s number one sharpshooter, and he was desperate for answers regarding his father’s death. Yet he was denied access to witness Liza…until the security of her whereabouts was compromised. Taking Liza into his very personal custody would definitely keep her safe – but now devastatingly handsome Holden’s heart is on the line!

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Outlaw Bride book Stockists

Historical August 2010 Breaking him out of prison was the easy part… Bridget Callaghan was willing to do anything to save her family, stranded in the Cascade Mountains. The only man who could attempt such a treacherous rescue mission was Cole Ellis, but he was behind bars – and condemned to hang! Bridget’s boldness in breaking him out of jail was the jolt Cole needed to give his life purpose again. But with a posse at their heels and the mountain looming, she couldn’t help but wonder if putting her trust in this tough, life-hardened man wasn’t the biggest danger of all…

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Dance to the Piper book Stockists

Special Releases April 2011 Though her name is up in lights, Maddy O`Hurley cares nothing for the trappings of fame. All that matters to her is dancing and how alive she feels when she steps onto the Broadway stage. Reed Valentine`s only passions are wealth and power...and the attraction sparking between them surprises him: Maddy`s a dreamer and he stopped dreaming a long time ago. But Maddy isn`t going to give up on him without a fight.

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Prime Time ebook Stockists

Mira September 2011 Emmy and Agatha Award-winning television reporter Hank Phillippi Ryan shows readers that in prime time news you’re only as good as your last story…and everyone’s watching! In the cutthroat world of television journalism, seasoned reporter Charlotte McNally knows that she’d better pull out all the stops or kiss her job goodbye. But it’s her life that might be on the line when she learns that an innocent-looking e-mail offer resulted in murder, mayhem and a multimillion-dollar fraud ring. All too soon her investigation leads her straight to Josh Gelston, who is a little too helpful and a lot too...

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Seduction of an English Beauty ebook Stockists

Historical November 2008 A lady with a past Lady Diana Farren is no stranger to scandal. She has been sent abroad and instructed to behave herself. Diana has all the best intentions, but soon she is swept away by the passion of Italy – and of its most notorious seducer, Antonio di Randolfo! A rake intent on seduction Tall, dark, and smooth as silk, Antonio draws out all of Diana’s sensual longings. But when her past catches up with her, danger looms on the horizon – and Antonio might not be everything he seems… Grand Passion on the Grand Tour!

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The Real Rio D'Aquila book Stockists

Modern November 2011 From the gutters…to the penthouse Italian by birth, this street urchin lived a life of extreme poverty until he escaped to Brazil – where he cast off his roots, took a new name, and pulled himself up from the streets. Now Rio D’Aquila is beyond wealthy, with a reputation for being uncompromising in business…and incomparable in bed! But on meeting vulnerable Isabella Orsini he feels something deep within him stir, and he finds himself pretending to be that long-forgotten man. Passion flares and their affair spirals, but Isabella still doesn’t know that her lover has lied to her. Who is the real...

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Just A Little Bit Pregnant eBook Stockists

The doctor had confirmed it - Jacy James was two months pregnant. Her torrid, twelve-hour affair with Tom Rasmussin had apparently left her more than just satisfied. Trouble was, the father-to-be had run off while the tousled sheets were still hot. Now Jacy had to tell him the news... . Detective Tom Rasmussin hadn't been able to get Jacy or that searing night of passion out of his mind. So when he learned he was going to be a daddy, well, marriage seemed the right thing to do. But the proud woman turned him down flat. And now this determined bachelor had to convince Jacy that one night of passion could mean a lifetime of happiness......

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Forbidden Jewel of India both Stockists

TO OBEY HIS DUTY IS TO DENY HIS HEART Anusha Laurens is in danger. The daughter of an Indian princess and an English peer, she's the perfect pawn in the opulent courts of Rajasthan. Even so, she will not return to the father who rejected her. Arrogant angrezi Major Nicholas Herriard is charged with bringing the alluring Princess safely to her new life in Calcutta. Nick's mission is to protect, to serve - but under the searing Indian sun an initial attraction unfurls into a forbidden temptation. This beautiful, impossible Princess tests the very limits of his honour - especially when Nick is left with only one option to keep...

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