Bargain The Fredrick Forsyth Collection (DVD) Stockists

Bargain The Fredrick Forsyth Collection (DVD) Stockists

A collection of six feature-length television dramas based on the works of Frederick Forsyth. David Threlfall stars in 'A Casualty of War' (1989) as Tom Rowse, a retired British secret service agent attempting to foil a Libyan plot to supply the IRA with a massive shipment of high-tech weapons. Beau Bridges stars in 'Just Another Secret' (1989) as Jack Grant, an American intelligence agent who uncovers a plot to assassinate Soviet President Gorbachev in the dying days of the cold war. In 'Pride and Extreme Prejudice' (1990), Alan Howard assumes his regular role as British secret agent Sam McCready, who, having been blacklisted by the KGB, sends his old friend and MI6 colleague Bruno Morenz (Brian Dennehy) to East Germany to broker a crucial deal on his behalf. However, unbeknown to Sam, Bruno is teetering dangerously on the verge of a mental breakdown after finding out that his girlfriend has been unfaithful, and his actions threaten to endanger both their lives as Sam is forced to follow him into forbidden territory. In 'A Little Piece of Sunshine' (1990), the idyllic and almost-forgotten island of Sunshine, hitherto under British rule, is set to become independent. However, in the run-up to the island's presidential elections the British governor of the island is shot and killed. The British secret service is called in to investigate, and Sam McCready (Alan Howard) delegates the case to Scotland Yard's Desmond Hannah (Larry Lamb). Lauren Bacall co-stars as the governor's widow, Lady Beatrix Coltrane. Alan Howard reprises his role as McCready in 'Death Has a Bad Reputation' (1990). When McCready's son is seriously injured in a terrorist attack, he breaks all the rules in his efforts to bring internationally-renowned terrorist Carlos the Jackal (Tony Lo Bianco) to justice. In 'the Price of the Bride' (1990), KGB officer Colonel Orlov (Robert Foxworth) defects to the West during a NATO exercise, leading Sam McCready (Howard) and his secret service colleague Dennis Gaunt (Peter Egan) to suspect that Orlov has in fact been set up as a decoy, and that another officer is the real agent. Synopsis FREDERICK FORSYTH, the internationally-acclaimed author of Day of the Jackal, The Fourth Protocol and The Negotiator, has created a series of six original and exciting spy thrillers. These screenplays, inspired by international headlines, have been devised by Forsyth and written by top screenwriter MURRAY SMITH.A Casualty of WarAfter American F-111 bombers strike and destroy the personal headquarters of Colonel Gadaffi, the Libyan leader seeks revenge. His particular target is not so much America, but Britain, from whose bases the F-111's flew. His method of revenge... to give a gift of sophisticated arms to the Provisional IRA... Starring: David Threlfall, Shirly Hack, Amanda Burton, Nadim Sawalha and Alan HowardJust Another SecretEast Berlin in the late 1980's. American agent Jack Grant has been sent there to find out why five C.I.A. agents have disappeared without trace. Slipping through the Berlin Wall, he exchanges places with a stagehand at a concert hall. As Grant burrows deeper into the Communist organisation, he uncovers a political time-bomb - a plot to assassinate the Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev. Starring: Beau Bridges, Kenneth Cranham, Alan Howard, Enn Reitel and James Faulkner Pride And Extreme PrejudiceWest German agent Bruno Morenz works part-time for British Intelligence. He falls in love with Renate, a girl whose apartment he supervises. However, after discovering a collection of incriminating tapes, he ends up killing the girl and her pimp - but are the tapes really about him? He now has in his possession, enough material to bring down half the state governments of the German Federal Republic. The chase is on... Starring: Brian Dennehy, Simon Cadell, Alan Howard, Malcolm Storry and Leonie MessengerA Little Piece of SunshineThe murder of the British Governor of the Caribbean Barclay Islands during a pre-independence election campaign, draws the world's press and a Scotland Yard detective to the scene. It appears that this murder is connected to organised crime and is more complicated a matter than it at first seems... Starring: Lauren Bacall, Larry Lamb, Phillip Michael Thomas, Chris Cooper and Kitty AldridgeDeath Has A Bad ReputationThe notorious international terrorist Carlos, known as 'the Jackal', is the focus of this gripping story involving intelligence networks worldwide. When Donatini, a US State Department employee, is assassinated, it's the beginning of an infamous reign of terror led by Carlos. A tale of revenge, deceit and murder ensues and the hunt for the notorious Jackal is on...Starring: Elizabeth Hurley, Tony Lo Bianco, Pamela Villoresi, and Alan HowardThe Price of The BrideIn the new era of the Glasnost, Soviet armed forces train with British forces on a Nato exercise. Colonel Orlove, top K.G.B. man, is determined to defect and escapes in the guise of a British soldier. With British and Soviet intelligence after him, he chooses to side with the Americans and offers some compromising revelations about his former employers. But is he telling the truth? Sam McCready, top S.I.S. man specialising in the Soviets, has his doubts... Starring: Peter Egan, Mike Farrell, Robert Foxworth, Alan Howard and Diana Quick Running Time: 585 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English Release Date: 20/07/2009

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