Bargain The Greatest Story Ever Told (DVD) Stockists

Bargain The Greatest Story Ever Told (DVD) Stockists

George Stevens' epic retelling of the Bible substitutes Utah for the Middle East and features a host of big names in cameo roles. Concentrating on the birth, life, execution and resurrection of Christ (Max von Sydow), Stevens was helped by fellow directors David Lean and Jean Negulesco in the filming of certain sequences. Running Time: 191 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: Norwegian Release Date: 31 Mar. 2003

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War And Peace (DVD) Stockists

In Tolstoy's tempestuous epic of love and war, passion and power, a small circle of aristocrats find their glittering world crumbling as Napoleon's sweeping forces threaten to overwhelm Imperial Russia. Set in the opening decades of the 19th century, War and Peace follows the changing fortunes of brooding military hero Prince Andrej, his bookish friend Pierre and the spirited but naá¯ve Natasha. As Napoleon's armies menace their privileged lives, the horrors of the battlefield reach into Russia's most elegant ballrooms and bedrooms. Starring an international cast including Clámence Poásy (The Tunnel), Malcolm McDowell (A...

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Dangerous Cargo / Dead Man's Evidence (DVD) Stockists

DOUBLE BILL of fast-paced British thrillers DANGEROUS CARGO Inspired by the real events of the attempted heist at Heathrow Airport in 1952, a criminal tricks an old friend into giving away the location of a shipment of gold bullion so he and his gang can steal it. Features John Le Mesurier and Terence Alexander. DEAD MAN'S EVIDENCE When a British secret agent's body washes up on the coast of Ireland, evidence implies that he was a traitor providing information to the Russians. Written by Arthur La Bern, author of the novel on which Hitchcock based his 1972 classic 'Frenzy'. Running Time: 150 minutes Region: Region 2 Release...

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12 Years A Slave (DVD) Stockists

Award-winning historical slave-narrative drama directed by Steve McQueen and starring Chiwetel Ejiofor. The film follows the experience of Solomon Northup (Ejiofor), an African-American living with a wife and two children in Saratoga, New York, who is kidnapped and sold into slavery by men claiming to offer him work as a circus musician. Transported by ship to New Orleans, it isn't long before he is given a new name and sold to William Ford (Benedict Cumberbatch), a relatively empathetic slave owner. But confrontations with the cruel and violent overseer John Tibeats (Paul Dano) lead to Solomon being passed on by Ford to the...

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The Army Game - Series 1-5 (All 50 remaining episodes) (DVD) Stockists

50 episodes of the popular 1950s British television sitcom about a group of hopeless National Service conscripts assigned to the Surplus Ordnance Department. Follow the fortunes of Alfie Bass, Charles Hawtrey, Frank Williams, Dick Emery and Bernard Bresslaw, as they try to serve out their time in the National Service by doing as little as they possibly can, much to the annoyance of Regimental Sergeant Major Bullimore (William Hartnell). Running Time: 1250 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 25 Aug. 2008

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The Essential Collection (CD) Stockists

Perhaps best known to younger audiences as the hero of Richard Thompson's classic tribute song Al Bowlly's In Heaven, AVID's latest release in the Essential series features one of the great vocalists of the last century, the aforementioned Mr Al Bowlly. Nearly thirty before he arrived in London in 1928 for a residency at the Savoy Hotel at the request of bandleader Fred Elizalde Al quickly established himself as a major singing star. In late 1930 he came to the attention of Ray Noble and enjoyed a successful collaboration with his band before hooking up with Roy Fox and Decca where his career really took off both in the UK...

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Britain's Home Front Commemorative Box Set [DVD] Stockists

Britain's Home Front tells the full, extraordinary story of everyday life on the British Home Front from pre-war days to de-mobbing.Complete in three extra-length volumes, this unique collection is packed with rare and previously unseen government information films of the period, cinema newsreel footage and exclusive interviews with those who lived through those incredible times. Running Time: 319 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 01/07/2010

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Death In Paradise - Series 1-5 [2016](DVD) Stockists

Hit comedy drama Death In Paradise is a fish-out-of-water detective series set on the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Marie. British detectives DI Richard Poole (Series 1 “ 2) and DI Humphrey Goodman (Series 3 “ 5) find themselves setting up home in the Caribbean as they arrive to head up the local police force and go on to solve a series of mystifying and puzzling murders. While Saint Marie may at first appear to be a paradise on earth, both DI Poole and DI Goodman soon discover that where there's sun, sea, sand and palm treesthere's nearly always murder! Running Time: 2307 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English...

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Die Nibelungen (Masters of Cinema) [1924](DVD) Stockists

Perhaps the most stately of Fritz Lang's two-part epics, the five-hour Die Nibelungen is a courageous and hallucinatory work. Its extraordinary set-pieces, archetypal themes, and unrestrained ambition have proved an inspiration for nearly every fantasy cycle that has emerged on-screen since - from Star Wars to The Lord of the Rings . In Part One, Siegfried, the film's eponymous hero acquires the power of invincibility after slaying a dragon and bathing in the creature's blood. Later, an alliance through marriage between the hero and the royal clan of the Nibelungen turns treacherous, with Siegfried's sole weakness exploited....

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Great Aircraft Of The RAF - The Spitfire (DVD) Stockists

This DVD offers a stirring tribute to this truly historic fighter, combining original archive footage with especially shot material of Spitfires on display and a host of interviews. Running Time: 60 minutes Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about DVD formats.) Release Date: 1 Jan. 2010

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Cactus Flower [1969] [2002] (DVD) Stockists

Cactus Flower is a delightful comedy sparked by crazy, mixed-up situations and a kooky, Academy Award®-winning debut performance from Goldie Hawn (Best Actress in a Supporting Role). Walter Matthau also stars as Julian Winston, an easygoing bachelor dentist whose delicately balanced scheme crumbles under some unexpected circumstances. Winston is stringing along his dizzy blonde mistress, Toni (Hawn), by telling her that he has a wife and children. But when he learns that she has tried to commit suicide over him, he promises to marry her. Toni, refusing to be a home wrecker, insists on first meeting Winston's wife, so he convinces...

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