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When dealing with the devil… It’s taken years for the Dimitri-Kalakos-sized hole in Louise Frobisher’s heart to heal. Yet now she has to face him once again – she needs the ruthless magnate’s financial help…but absolutely nothing more!   Be prepared to play with fire! Louise is offering the one thing Dimitri thought his money couldn’t buy: the Greek island that should be his! She thinks she can strike a bargain, but Dimitri knows there can only be one winner – and failure just isn’t in his vocabulary. He wants the island – and Louise back in his bed. “Another Chantelle Shaw masterpiece. All the magic ingredients of modern romance!” – Arpita, 63, Essex

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Anything You Want eBook

Erotica September 2010 When the mirror over her bed comes crashing down from the ceiling, she knows it’s been tampered with. Juggling three lovers--giving them anything they wanted and setting the price--had given her a sense of power. But now one of them is trying to kill her--only, which one? In order to unearth the culprit she devises a plan of seduction to trick the guilty party into giving himself away...

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A Baby for Eve ebook

Medical October 2008 Her baby dream come true? Nurse Eve Dwyer hasn’t set eyes on Dr Tom Cornish in twenty years. Why has he come back to Penhally Bay now, after she’s built a life for herself and lived through her pain for the baby they never had and Tom never knew about? Because he wants Eve. After a lifetime of running, he’s finally realised he’ll never love anyone more. But the flood waters are rising in Penhally, and Tom is called to head a rescue. He has little opportunity to make amends with Eve. Is it too late, or is there still a chance for them to have the happiness and family they both deserve so much? ...

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Passionate Retribution eBook

Lucas Hunt harbors a bitter grudge against Emily's family - and she is to be the pawn in his game of revenge! As a teenager, she'd craved attention from this powerful, unconventional man... only to discover the dark side of his desire. Since then she's vowed to hate him. But Luke is determined to become her husband, and Emily can't escape the trap he's laid for her. Nor can she deny that, although Luke is her worst enemy, he arouses a passion in her that she just can't resist!

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The Cowboy Target eBook

Love Inspired Suspense March 2013 FRAMED! For years after the suspicious death of his wife, single dad Wyatt Monroe isolated himself on his Wyoming ranch...until he's accused of murder. With a body at his doorstep, he's arrested and Wyatt has only one hope--a blue-eyed, blond-haired bodyguard. But it'll take more than skill for work-obsessed Jackie Blain to save her reluctant client, who just wants to be left alone. She'll have to gain his trust by keeping him and his daughter safe. With their lives in her hands, Jackie is faced with her toughest assignment ever--saving the cowboy and guarding her heart. Protection Specialists:...

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Pirate Tycoon, Forbidden Baby ebook

Modern May 2009 The French billionaire’s baby revenge! The pirate tycoon: brooding, dangerous hotel tycoon André Gauthier has whisked Kira across the Caribbean seas to his stunning island hideaway. He doesn’t just want to bed her with a ruthless passion…he wants revenge! The kidnapped mistress: one hot touch has Kira desperate to slip back between André’s sheets! But first she must tell him that she’s pregnant with his child… André is convinced Kira betrayed him with his enemy. He has to uncover the secrets she’s hiding – if he’s to claim his baby!

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Cause for Alarm eBook

Mira January 2009 Nineteen-year-old Julianna Starr has chosen Kate and Richard to be more than the parents of her child. Julianna knows that Richard is the man of her fantasies, the one she’s been waiting for. As tormented Julianna begins to mould herself in Kate’s image, she insinuates herself into Richard’s life, determined to tear their perfect marriage apart and have Richard for herself. But for Kate and Richard, the nightmare has only begun. Because Julianna is not alone. From her dark past comes a man of unspeakable evil…

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P.I. Daddy's Personal Mission / Colton's Surprise... ebook

Intrigue April 2011 P.I. Daddy’s Personal Mission When his father’s found dead P.I. Peter’s fixated on finding the killer. But his son’s teacher Lisa thinks the single dad is digging too deeply. She’s determined to help him move past the horrors of the past and find a way to heal his heart. Colton’s Surprise Family Damien Colton was in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. He’d lost his freedom, his good name. Now he wants it back. But if there’s one thing to distract a man from his plans, it’s a sexy woman desperate for help – with her own little secret to hide.

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The Italian's Summer Seduction book

Special Releases September 2010 The Italian’s Price by Diana Hamilton Cesare Saracino is bent on revenge! He doesn’t realise that the woman he forces back to Italy is not the one he sought but her identical twin, Milly. When desire unexpectedly flares between them, Milly can’t refuse Cesare’s advances… Also includes: The Sicilian Duke’s Demand by Madeleine Ker The Italian’s Seduction by Karen Van Der Zee

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Cowboy Delirium ebook

Intrigue February 2011 He was a cowboy, a soldier and above all a red-blooded male! Rio had never faced a challenge he couldn’t conquer. Until he was forced to kidnap Jaime. She almost made him forget his undercover assignment in a major cartel. Rio didn’t know what the criminals wanted with Jaime; he only knew he had to protect her. Keeping Jaime alive was easy compared to keeping his hands off her. Each moment brought him closer to temptation as his enemies closed in. With time running out, Rio has no choice but to put Jaime in danger. But can he choose between sworn duty and the woman he loves?

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Vengeful Bride eBook

Marry in haste... Emma had a secret in her past... a secret that meant she mustn't fall in love with Dominick Fleetwood. She had behaved recklessly with him once, and now he was back in her life - asking her to marry him! Emma found, to her surprise, that time had not made her immune to Dominick's brand of dangerous charm. And she soon found herself hoping that love might one day take the place of revenge in their marriage bed.

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