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Modern July 2010 No-strings fling…to wedding ring? Self-made billionaire Zephyr Nikos has come a long way from the streets of Athens, but his heart is stone-cold – like marble. He can’t offer Piper Madison his love; instead he offers her his world: fine dining, private jet, rubbing shoulders with the rich and powerful… As their passion heats up and finally reaches boiling point, Zephyr and Piper must end their affair before one of them gets hurt. There’s just one small complication…Piper’s pregnancy test just came back positive! Traditional Greek Husbands Notorious Greek tycoons seek brides!

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Olivia's Awakening both

After her uncharacteristic behaviour made headline news, buttoned-up Olivia Balfour has been sent far away from home. The English rose will work for Clint McAlpine - a cattle baron who's as fierce and untamed as his Outback station. But she's shocked when Clint informs her that she's entirely at his beck and call. It's almost impossible to shake Olivia's composure. But the heat of the Australia sun - and her new boss's kisses - are fast melting the ice queen.

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His Mistress Proposal? both

By Request February 2012 Public Scandal, Private MistressStealing out of a Paris bedroom, leaving a sexy, dark-haired stranger asleep, sensible Veronica Bell has just experienced her first one-night stand! Then she unexpectedly meets Lucien again, he’s the stepson of her employer in the South of France! And he seems determined to seduce her back into his bed…His Mistress, His TermsRich, gorgeous playboy Alex Fitzgerald has his sights set on Merrow O’Connell. Initially he needs her interior design skills, but soon he decides she’s perfect mistress material! Merrow is determined to stay single – so what will she do...

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A World She Doesn't Belong To book

A sinful charade… Laura Talbot can’t believe she’s even considering Kyros Spyridis’s outrageous proposal – although he is her late twin sister’s husband. Yet for reasons she daren’t admit the shy, innocent Laura is tempted by Kyros’s dangerous proposition… Kyros needs Laura to act as his wife and keep the lies about his disastrous marriage going – just for one more week. Having lived all her life in her sister’s shadow, will the ‘good’ twin finally be able to step into her own light – even if it leads straight to Kyros’s bed?

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The Secret Vampire Society eBook

Nocturne November 2010 When the sexy redhead approaches Conner West at Club Underground, haunting ground of the Secret Vampire Society, he knows making love to her would be a perfect distraction on the anniversary of his beloved's death. Conner doesn't realize that he has met Brandi before—and that she wants revenge for turning her into a vampire. But in order for her plan to succeed, she will first have to indulge her desire for her very naughty vampire...

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Dangerous Lord, Seductive Miss ebook

Historical February 2011 Lord…libertine…lawbreaker? Heiress Deborah Cleveland jilted an earl for Randolph Chadwicke. He promised he would come back for her. But then he disappeared… Seven years later Randolph, now Lord Buckland, bursts back into Deborah’s life! She’s unmarried and penniless, he’s as sinfully attractive as ever – but this time he isn’t offering marriage… Worst of all, he seems to be involved with the murderous local smugglers. Can Deborah resist the dark magnetism of the lawless lord? Regency Rogues Ripe for a scandal. Ready for a bride.

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Weddings: The Proposals book

An irresistible invitation... Since Laura arrived at his family's chateau, Raoul Laroche hasn't taken his eyes off the golden-haired beauty, although Raoul has made up his mind; she's a gold-digger after the family fortune. But the minute Laura Aldridge stepped off the boat, she saw this trip to France as a brand-new beginning... Second time's the charm... TV producer Chaney Sullivan is ready to face her old boss and lover, Drake Llewelyn; that is until she starts to fall for him a second time. But rumour has it Drake is still a heartbreaker. Can Chaney take the biggest risk of all and trust him with her heart? Passion is...

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A Game of Vows ebook

He must speak now… Eduardo Vega once had the world at his feet, with trophy wife to match! Then a cruel accident left him with only fragments of memory – costing him everything. Now the time has come to track down his runaway wife and finally put the missing pieces of his puzzle back together… Or for ever hold his peace! Having tried her best to patch up the wounds of her first marriage, a couture-clad Hannah Weston is about to marry a much safer option. But moments before she says I do she’s confronted by a perilously tempting memory from her past… ‘A fabulous read. A smart, sassy heroine and a sexy hero…...

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Immersed in Pleasure eBook

Erotica April 2012 The Manhattan Mermaids: Believed to be the most beautiful women in the city, they entertain wealthy, powerful men in an exclusive club called Fathoms....and are all virgins. Derek Prince doesn't believe they really exist, until he meets the stunningly sensual Xenia. She drives him wild with desire, but giving in to temptation means losing her position at Fathoms. Derek is incredibly turned on by the thought of being Xenia's first...but will he be willing to wait for her?

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Heroes Welcome book

Blaze July 2011 These guys have it all – in battle and in the bedroom… Friendly Fire Injured on a black-ops mission, Cord Madden is furious at the world. Then Lexi McGowen reappears in his life to nurse him back to health. She’s about to reveal a whole new world to him, one touch at a time… The Prodigal When Rorie Beddingfield meets up with her first love, Chase Harrison, she realises there’s no better time to find out what she’s been missing. And wow – she’s been missing a lot! But can she tame the battered heart of this wounded warrior? Packing Heat Megan O’Connell’s letters were the only thing that...

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Passion & Pleasure ebook

By Request November 2009 Savage Awakening by Anne Mather For two years intrepid reporter Matt was held captive. His dramatic escape made headlines. But Matt has returned believing that he can never love a woman again…until he meets caring Felicity – and experiences their explosive sexual chemistry! For Pleasure…Or Marriage? by Julia James Tycoon Markos Makarios thinks he has the perfect woman in Vanessa: she’s beautiful, adoring, living only to please him. In fact, she’s the best mistress he’s ever had. But then he warns her not to think of marriage… Taken for His Pleasure by Carol Marinelli Billionaire Anton...

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