Bargain The Man with the Locked Away Heart / Socialite...... ebook Stockists

Bargain The Man with the Locked Away Heart / Socialite...... ebook Stockists

Medical March 2011 The Man with the Locked Away Heart Jingilly Creek isn’t used to strangers – especially tall, dark, utterly hot city cops! There’s definitely chemistry between the mysterious Marc Di Angelo and local doctor Gemma Kendall, but he seems determined to ignore it. Gemma can see the flicker behind Marc’s steely gaze… Can she release his tightly guarded emotions before he leaves town for good…? Socialite…or Nurse in a Million? Her ‘Sterling-Thorne’ surname might open society doors, but Vicky is passionate about nursing at Miguel Torres’ community clinic. The Spanish doctor, however, isn’t convinced she has what it takes. Vicky is determined to show him that behind her socialite reputation lies a heart of gold – a heart that’s rapidly falling for her gorgeous new boss!

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Last of the Ravens book Stockists

Paranormal September 2010 A last chance for love? Bren is unique: the last of the raven-kind. He long ago accepted there was no future – no wife or children – for him. But when he sees the petite blonde woman entering the only other cabin on his mountain, something stirs inside him. Miranda speaks with ghosts, helping those in need of solace. The last thing she expects is to meet a man who speaks to something deep inside her. But her joy is touched with danger – an organisation wants to free the world of freaks like Bren and Miranda. And they will stop at nothing to ensure that he is the last of his kind…

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The Braddock Boys: Brent / Travis ebook Stockists

Blaze September 2011 The Braddock Boys: BrentBrent Braddock’s the ultimate charmer with his cocky wink and slow molten grin! But then he meets Chief Petty Officer Abigail Trent. She goes strictly by the book and is always the toughest one in the room. But she’s definitely all woman! Can a woman who champions all things good and a bad-boy...vampire make it work?The Braddock Boys: TravisCowboy Travis Braddock is seeking vengeance. It’s a thirst that’s consumed him for a hundred and fifty years – along with a hunger for women he can’t seem to slake… Being a vampire isn’t easy! Wedding planner Holly Simms catches...

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His Rags-to-Riches Bride ebook Stockists

Special Releases February 2011 At his mercy…and in his arms? Innocent on Her Wedding Night Two years ago Laine fled Daniel – innocent but still his wife. Now broke she accepts a job as his cleaner. Yet Daniel still craves the wedding night they never shared… Housekeeper at His Beck and Call Liv’s reluctant to take a job as brooding soldier Cade’s housekeeper. He may be gorgeous but Cade’s heart’s as hard as they come. Yet even Cade struggles not to give into the desire that his virginal maid inspires! The Australian’s Housekeeper Bride Rhiannon’s shocked when stormy billionaire Lee hires...

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The Manning Sisters book Stockists

Mira February 2012 You are invited to a Manning family wedding… When Taylor Manning meets Russ Palmer she can’t believe someone can be so stubborn, macho and have such outdated views on womanhood! She’s moved home and job specifically to avoid heartbreak, so staying away from Russ shouldn’t be a problem. Except she’s itching to teach him just how powerful a woman can be… Christy Manning is on a flying visit to see her sister, Taylor. She hasn’t banked on her life changing. But that’s exactly what happens when she sees Cody Franklin. She knows the look between them can’t be real because Christy’s engaged...

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Count Valieri's Prisoner ebook Stockists

Kidnapped and held for ransom... Things like this just don't happen to Maddie Lang! She's grown up in a sleepy little English village, so doesn't expect a research trip to Italy to end in her being held captive by the infamous Count Valieri... His price? Her innocence! Holding her under lock and key in his luxurious casa, the Count is ready to strike a deal to save his family - one with an unconventional method of payment! As much as Maddie wills her traitorous body not to respond, his practised touch sparks the first flickers of what could become dangerously addictive flames... ‘This is what the Modern series is...

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Her Deal with the Devil both Stockists

Better the devil she knows...? Patrick Fourde was once famed for the trail of broken hearts and rumpled bedsheets he left behind him. Now the fashion house CEO is determined to make his name known for the right reasons. First challenge? Getting Sapphire Seaborn, Melbourne's Queen of Jewellery, on-side. Sapphie has sacrificed everything for her jewellery business and very nearly lost it all. She hates that to rescue it she needs to work alongside her nemesis- Patrick! It was supposed to be business only, but Sapphie quickly realises that when you make a deal with a devil this scorching someone's going to get burnt... ‘Sizzling...

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Non-Refundable Groom eBook Stockists

Seems Garrett had no intention of setting foot near any altar. But thanks to a favor for a family member, he was up to his irresistibly broad shoulders in trouble. Trouble in the form of a warmhearted woman who set his hormones racing and whose blue eyes spelled forever. Now what was a nonmarrying kind of man to do?

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Surrender to the Past book Stockists

Modern July 2011 The return of Ethan Black – the most magnificent man she’s ever met… Mia Burton thinks she’s seen the last of Ethan Black – the man who haunts her heart. She’s wanted to forget him – but can you really dismiss from your mind the most magnificent man you’ve ever met? He’s a painful reminder of her troubled past and she needs him to stay just a memory… But Ethan’s returned in all his very real glory – unyielding in his bid to resolve the history between them. Mia wonders what his real motive can be – because it’s clear he’ll do whatever it takes to win her back!

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McKettricks of Texas: Garrett ebook Stockists

Let New York Times bestselling sensation Linda Lael Miller take you away to the dusky Texas plains as the gorgeous McKettrick brothers find love and home Fast track up the political ladder, fast cars, fast women – that’s Garrett McKettrick. Or it was, until a scandal brought him home to Blue River, Texas, to plan his next move. Which doesn’t include staying at the family ranch with his brothers. A city boy, Garrett doesn’t think he has the land in his blood. But Blue River has other attractions, like former nemesis Julie Remington. Now a striking woman, Julie comes complete with a four-year-old son and deep ties to...

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A Most Unconventional Match book Stockists

Special Releases October 2010 A Wanton Widow When Hal Waterman calls upon the newly-widowed Elizabeth Lowery, it is intended to be the chivalrous act of a gentleman. But Hal has secretly adored Elizabeth for years. Elizabeth’s household is in turmoil and she has to support her young son. Hal’s help is more than welcome – but his silent, protective presence awakens feelings in her that she does not understand. Elizabeth’s marriage had been happy, but her husband had never aroused such confusing, exhilarating sensations in her… Elizabeth knows that society would condemn her, but Hal’s attractions may well prove...

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