Bargain The Plategagenets Presented By Robert Bartlett (DVD) Stockists

Bargain The Plategagenets Presented By Robert Bartlett (DVD) Stockists

Professor Robert Bartlett tells the extraordinary story of England's most dysfunctional, yet longest-ruling, royal dynasty. Henry II forges a mighty empire encompassing England and much of France. His sons, Richard the Lionheart and John, then turn on their father and each other, bringing the dynasty to the edge of annihilation. In the second episode Professor Robert Bartlett continues the remarkable story of the Plantagenets. England's longest-reigning royal dynasty fights to expand their power across the British Isles and win back their lands in France. In this golden age of chivalry, a clear sense of English nationhood emerges and parliament is born. In the final episode Professor Robert Bartlett charts the downfall of the Plantagenet dynasty. In the last century of their rule, four Plantagenet kings are violently deposed and murdered by members of their own family. It is the bloodiest episode in the entire history of the English monarchy. As the Plantagenets turn in on themselves, England is dragged into decades of brutal civil war. Running Time: 180 minutes Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about DVD formats.) Release Date: 6 Mar. 2017

Bargain Deal: £11.99

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Prisoners of Stalin (DVD) Stockists

Prisoners of War is the story of a camp in the boundless Siberian direct which holds prisoner those suspected of collaborating with the German Army. When one of the labourers stumbles upon a concealed steam train in the woods, giving refuge to the daughter of a German engineer, the pair fall in love. They plot to use the engine to escape and re-join life outside of the camp. Hotly pursued by the camp Colonel, an action packed adventure unfolds. Gripping to the end, the pairs passion and emotion fuels their desire for survival and freedom. Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about DVD formats.)...

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Young Montalbano Series 2 (DVD) Stockists

Inspector Montalbano is back with six all new, richly Sicilian episodes drawing on the novels and short stories of Andrea Camilleri. These are the tales of the young Inspector Montalbano, learning from experience and building the man who will, in later series, be so much older and somewhat wiser. Operating in his childhood home of Vigata, the young Inspector is joined by the characters that will support him all his life: Fazio Senior and Fazio Junior, Domenico Mimi Augello and the young and exceedingly eager Officer Catarella. In a Sicilian world of close-knit families, deception, great passion and cool-minded murder, Michele...

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Monroe - Series 1 (DVD) Stockists

New medical drama series about brilliant neurosurgeon Gabriel Monroe. At work, Monroe has the courage to perform cutting-edge brain surgery but at home, he is afraid to admit that his life is falling apart. When Alison Bannister is admitted with a brain tumour, Monroe has to help her make a frightening decision. To go ahead with an operation could leave Alison paralysed or unable to speak, yet without surgery, she is likely to die within a few years. Does she want to survive if surgery might change who she is? And can Monroe get her through this crisis as his own life starts to spiral out of control? With James Nesbitt, Sarah...

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The Railway Man [2013] (DVD) Stockists

Colin Firth, Nicole Kidman and Stellan Skarsgáçrd star in this war drama adapted from Eric Lomax's memoirs about his experiences in a POW camp. While serving in the Second World War, British Army officer Eric Lomax (Jeremy Irvine) is captured and held prisoner by the Japanese. He is brutally tortured and forced, along with his fellow captives, to build the Thai-Burma Railway. Many years later an older Lomax (Firth) is still traumatised by the experience. Supported by his wife Patti (Kidman) and friend Finlay (Skarsgáçrd), he decides to track down one of his torturers, Takashi Nagase (Hiroyuki Sanada), hoping to find the...

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Bulldog Drummond At Bay (DVD) Stockists

The ninth in the series of the Bulldog Drummond adventure films based on the novels by Herman C. McNeile, this film was the only one to star John Lodge in the title role. In this outing for the daredevil sleuth, Hugh 'Bulldog' Drummond finds himself up against foreign agents who are trying to steal plans for a top-secret remote-controlled aircraft. Dorothy Mackaill co-stars as Drummond's feisty love interest, Doris. Running Time: 74 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 22 Jun. 2009

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Red Beret [1954](DVD) Stockists

Ladd stars as an American Army officer who resigns his commission after ordering a fellow officer to jump from a plane which is about to crash. Ladd manages to land the plane safely, but his friend dies when his chute fails to open. Determined to avoid life-or-death decisions, Ladd enlists in paratrooper training camp. Running Time: 85 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: Hindi|English Release Date: 6 Jun. 2011

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A Game Of Murder (DVD) Stockists

A high octane thriller with plenty of twists and turns! Another highly-popular entry in the successful run of Francis Durbridge thrillers, A Game Of Murder is a six part BBC drama about the suspicious death of Bob Kerry (Anthony Sagar), a once-famous athlete in peak condition who is found dead on a golf course. The coroner records a verdict of death by misadventure, but Kerry s son Jack (Gerald Harper), a Detective Inspector with the Metropolitan Police, is determined to seek out the true nature of events which lead up to his death. His pursuit of the truth and the evidence which confirms his suspicions sees the body count...

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Runaway Bride [DVD] [1999] Stockists

This romantic comedy reunites the director and lead actors of the hugely successful 'Pretty Woman'. Ike Graham (Richard Gere) is a successful, flippant and misogynstic New York journalist, who writes an accusing piece on the antics of Maggie Carpenter (Julia Roberts), a Maryland woman who has left three men at the altar. When Maggie protests about the inaccuracies in the article, Ike is fired. Ike decides to pursue the story further, and journeys to Maryland, where he meets Maggie and discovers she is due to be married for a fourth time. As Ike gets to know Maggie, he begins to fall for her charms, and realises why so many...

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Monty Python And The Holy Grail [1975] (DVD) Stockists

Prior to 2015 Release Once in a lifetime there comes a motion picture that changes the whole history of motion pictures. A picture so stunning in its effect, so vast in its impact that it profoundly affects the lives of those who see it. That picture might well be MONTY PYTHON & THE HOLY GRAIL, and this we promise is definitely, positively its very last and ultimate edition. Re-mastered for Blu-ray high definition standards with picture and sound so clear that, as King Arthur and his Knights search for the Holy Grail, you can experience every severed limb, killer rabbit, coconut and shrubbery as never before. 2015 Release...

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