Bargain The Red Shoes   Special Edition (DVD) Stockists

Bargain The Red Shoes - Special Edition (DVD) Stockists

Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger's most celebrated Technicolor fairy-tale, The Red Shoes is both metaphor and melodrama of unparalleled boldness. So extravagantly theatrical a movie was regarded as simply unreleasable by the Rank Organisation back in 1948, but in spite of their attempted suppression it has long since been acknowledged as one of British cinema's landmark achievements. Not only were Powell and Pressburger unorthodox enough to populate the cast with real ballet dancers (including the radiant Moira Shearer in the pivotal role), they built the whole film around an extraordinarily daring 17-minute ballet sequence in which the camera moves from outside the proscenium arch into a subjective whirl of impressionistic images inspired and informed by Brian Easdale's marvellous score. Only after seeing this, so the story goes, was Gene Kelly able to see how he could make An American in Paris. The melodramatic plot, metaphorically acted out in the "Red Shoes Ballet" then re-enacted for real by the main characters, presents Great Art as something worth dying for, and, in the person of Anton Walbrook's Lermontov, gives us a portrait of the artist as a man for whom anything and everything is worth sacrificing in its pursuit. Loosely based on Diaghilev, impresario of the Ballets Russes, Walbrook's magnetic central performance is of sufficient stature to conceal the rather trite predicament of his ballerina protágáe, and the film's contrived, over-the-top tragic ending.The Red Shoes is widely considered to be one of the greatest films ever made. It's one of the BFI's Top 10 British films and won 2 Oscars. The film has been restored by UCLA Film and Television Archive in association with The British Film Institute, The Film Foundation, ITV Global Entertainment Ltd. and Janus Films. This version of the film was screened at the Cannes Film Festival 2009 in the prestigious Cannes Classic slot and was introduced by Martin Scorsese Running Time: 153 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 06/07/2009

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Bulldog Drummond Double-Bill (Deadlier Than The Male / Some Girls Do) (DVD) Stockists

Double-bill of classic espionage action, starring Richard Johnson as British adventurer Bulldog Drummond. In 'Deadlier Than the Male' (1966), when a group of seductively beautiful women start committing a series of political assassinations, Bulldog Drummond is called in to investigate. Before long Drummond has determined that his old rival Carl Petersen (Nigel Green) is responsible, and the scene is set for a taut confrontation in Petersen's isloated castle. 'Some Girls Do' (1969) sees Drummond trying to track down Petersen (James Villiers) before he can destroy a top-secret experimental fighter aircraft being tested by the...

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Little Red Monkey (DVD) Stockists

Richard Conte best known for his role in The Godfather stars with Russell Napier (Scotland Yard's Superintendent Duggan) and noted Scottish actress Rona Anderson in this stylish Cold War thriller. Little Red Monkey was a global box-office success for Anglo-Amalgamated, made at the company's famous Merton Park Studios, and provided an early showcase for future Primetime Emmy-winning director Ken Hughes; it is presented here in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements.A mysterious assassin is targeting eminent British atomic scientists, leading to fears for the safety of Leon Dushenko a Russian defector and guided-missile...

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Enid Blyton's The Famous Five - Five Have A Mystery To Solve (DVD) Stockists

ENID BLYTON THE FAMOUS FIVE FIVE HAVE A MYSTERY TO SOLVE A film by Ernest Morris When the Famous Five are asked to look after Wilfred, a lonely orphan with a magical ability to communicate with animals, they have no idea of what exciting adventures lie in store. Wilfred is determined to investigate rumours of dastardly deeds at a supposed animal sanctuary on the mysterious Whispering Island. He sets off to investigate with four-footed Famous Five member Tim the dog, and the rest of the gang are not far behind. But will they be in time to save the day? In this second splendid Famous Five cliffhanger adventure from the Children's...

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Ackley Bridge: Series One (DVD) Stockists

Things are changing in the Yorkshire mill town of Ackley Bridge. Previously the Asian and white communities have rarely mixed. Now, as their two comprehensive schools have merged, lives and cultures are set to collide. With lessons about to be learnt in and out of the classroom, education may not be the first thing on the agenda. Ackley Bridge Stars Jo Joyner, Paul Nicholls, Liz White, Arsher Ali & Sunetra Sarker. Channel 4's new six-part series 6x60 series is created by Ayub Khan Din (East is East), Kevin Erlis (Shameless) and Malcolm Campbell (Shameless, What Richard Did), directed by Penny Woolcock (Tina Goes Shopping,...

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The Olive Tree (2016) (DVD) (DVD) Stockists

Release Date: 15/05/2017 Icíar Bollaín's inspirational and poignant story of a vibrant, determined young woman on a journey From Goya Award Winner and internationally acclaimed director Icíar Bollaín (Even the Rain, Take My Eyes), The Olive Tree follows a wilful and spirited young woman named Alma who embarks on a journey from the East coast of Spain to Germany in order to retrieve an ancient olive tree precious to her ailing grandfather. With the help of a variety of friends & new acquaintances, she pulls everyone she encounters into her plan with unexpected consequences for all involved. The powerful feature film...

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Just for You (DVD) Stockists

This ultra-rare musical film of 1966 tells the story of a rock and roll hopeful searching for his big break. Following the young singer as he goes from studio to studio with his girlfriend and attempts to convince radio and TV executives to play his song, Just for You becomes a showcase for a host of Sixties musical talent, including Freddie and The Dreamers, The Applejacks, Millie, The Bachelors, Peter and Gordon, The Merseybeats and many more.Known in the US as Disk-O-Tek Holiday, the film is presented here in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements, in its as-exhibited theatrical aspect ratio. SPECIAL FEATURES:[]...

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Howards Way - Complete Series 1-6 Box Set (DVD) Stockists

All 78 episodes of the glossy 1980s BBC drama series following the mixed fortunes of the yacht-dealing Howard family. The BBC's answer to 'Dallas' and 'Dynasty', the series is set in the fictional coastal town of Tarrant and focuses on the wheeling, dealing, bed-hopping and backstabbing that are the fabric of the lives of the highly privileged South Coast yachting set. Running Time: 3849 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English Release Date: 2 Nov. 2009

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High Treason (DVD) Stockists

After the destruction of the SS Asia Star in London Docks, Commander 'Robbie' Brennan joins forces with Special Branch and MI5 to investigate an underground terrorist group planning acts of sabotage. They discover that the group's next act of destruction is 'the big one' - an attack on a power station. Running Time: 89 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 4 Mar. 2013

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The Great Gatsby (DVD) Stockists

Baz Luhrmann writes, directs and produces this adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan. Set in the 1920s, the story follows aspiring writer Nick Carraway (Maguire) as he moves to New York and becomes intrigued by his neighbour Jay Gatsby (DiCaprio)'s lavish lifestyle and mysterious past. As Nick finds himself caught up in the world of the wealthy, he witnesses romantic entanglement and betrayal. Gatsby's true nature is slowly exposed and his involvement with old flame Daisy Buchanan (Mulligan) ultimately leads to tragedy. The soundtrack was overseen by Jay-Z and...

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