Bargain The Story of Silbury Hill Stockists

Bargain The Story of Silbury Hill Stockists

Silbury Hill is an iconic monument within the Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site and the largest prehistoric mound in Europe. Written by two authors with unrivalled information and knowledge of the Hill and combining scholarly research and readable narrative the book tells the story of the early recognition of its importance and of the later antiquarian and archaeological investigations. Each is described and set within its own historical and political context alongside the extraordinary characters of the time.For the first time the results of the recent work - the collapse of the summit in 2000 leading to the re-opening of the famous tunnel in 2007 - are set out from first-hand knowledge and the origins of the monument and the construction techniques fully outlined. The book also describes how the mound was seen and used by later communities and considers what Silbury means to people todayKey Features:224 pagesPaperbackPublished in 2010

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McMorran & Whitby Stockists

McMorran & Whitby are arguably one of the most unsung practices of post-war British architecture. Led from the late 1950s by Donald McMorran and George Whitby two indisputable architectural heavyweights of the post-war era the practice willingly rejected the experimentalism and fleeting faddishness that characterised the dominant paradigm of the age and from which so many of Britain's towns and cities are still blighted. The practice can be seen as part of an evolution in British classical tradition with direct linkages through other eminent figures such as Sir Edwin Lutyens and E. Vincent Harris.Their work found notable...

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Ships of the Port of London: First to Eleventh Centuries AD Stockists

This report is the first full study of the remains of ships and boats used in the port of London from the first to the eleventh century AD. Using evidence from the vessels from the waterfronts and from trade goods Peter Marsden has reconstructed the design and use fo these ancient ships and brought together for the first time the accumulated evidence of over 30 years of archaeolgoical research.The remains of three substantial vessels are discussed: Blackfriars ship 1 the earliest-known seagoing sailing ship yet found in northern Europe the New Guy's House boat a river barge from the second century and the County Hall ship...

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Played in Birmingham Stockists

Played in Birmingham is the fifth book in a groundbreaking English Heritge series celebrating Britain's rich and diverse sporting heritage.Lavishly illustrated and adopting a completely new approach to the study of sporting and urban history Played in Birmingham leads readers along a trail of fascinating locations and little known buildings landscapes and waterscapes in all corners of the city and its surrounds.Birmingham is a city founded upon hard work enterprise and civic pride. Its stock of historic public baths includes three of the oldest operational swimming pools in Britain. In 1888 a Birmingham draper was responsible...

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Guidebook: Cliffords Tower Stockists

Clifford's Tower is all that remains of York's medieval castle which was once the main northern stronghold of the kings of England. At first there was a timber tower here where one of the most notorious events in the history of the castle took place in 1190 when the Jews of York who had taken refuge in the Tower died in tragic circumstances. The stone tower was built soon afterwards and was used as a treasury and royal exchequer. In the 17th century a fire destroyed the interior of the tower and the building was reduced to a shell. Many of the rest of the castle buildings were swept away in the 18th and 19th centuries....

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Guidebook: Minster Lovell Hall Stockists

The ruins of Minster Lovell Hall are situated in a picturesque spot on the banks of the River Windrush about half way between Witney and Burford. The house was built in the first half of the 15th century by William seventh Baron Lovell of Tichmarsh. It was at least the second house to occupy the site which had belonged to the Lovells since the 12th century. The house was bought by Sir Edward Coke in the 17th century. It subsequently passed to his descendant Thomas Coke Earl of Leicester who dismantled the buildings between 1740 and 1750 leaving the house to fall into decay. The principal remains are the great hall and entrance...

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The Repair of Historic Buildings: Stockists

A revised work offering comprehensive advice on how damage from inadequate maintenance can be avoided. It remains aware that a programme of repair must take into account a building's unique character condition and historical development and covers principles and methods of repair.Paperback 76ppPub Date: February 1995

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Defending Scilly Stockists

The Isles of Scilly are renowned for their natural beauty wild flowers and temperate climate but there is another reason to visit these paradise islands. Since the 16th century they have been in the frontline of this country's military defences and successive generations of fortifications have survived in Scilly unmatched in any other location around Britain.This unrivalled survival was due to the lack of pressure to develop the islands and happily because the feared enemy rarely attacked. However there is another threat to this precious heritage the power of the sea. William Borlase in the mid-18th century recorded how...

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Yeavering Stockists

This volume – originally published in 1977 and long out-of-print but still in demand – describes the excavation of a site near Wooler in Northumberland which is identified with the place called Ad Gefrin by the Venerable Bede.There Edwin of Northumbria had a northern palace; and there Paulinus his Roman missionary achieved mass-conversions. Excavation showed that the roots of Ad Gefrin stretched further back in time. The site was used as a cremation cemetery from about 2000 BC. Put under the plough at or after the time that a British oppidum was established on an overlooking hill it was still receiving cremations...

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British Seaside Piers Stockists

The seaside pier is perhaps the most iconic symbol of the British holiday resort and for many of us it is the epitome of excursions to the seaside. No two piers are the same ranging as they do from the clear uncluttered deck to elaborately structured pavilions from amusement arcades to the landing stages and theatres that were the highlight of pier life in the early part of the last century.Founded in 1979 under Sir John Betjeman the National Piers Society serves to celebrate the pier raise it in our consciousness and educate us on preservation conservation and the economic benefits for seaside towns of a functioning pier.Published...

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Leonard Manasseh & Partners Stockists

'Leonard Manasseh was an 'architect's architect' greatly admired by his contemporaries both on a personal and professional level. He came to prominence at the Festival of Britain and went on to be one of the leading British architects of the 1960s designing private houses and offices as well as major public commissions.Timothy Brittain-Catlin architect and architectural historian at the University of Kent describes how the work of Leonard Manasseh and Partners expresses one of the central themes of the 1950s and 1960s � the apparent conflict between the architect as creative artist on one hand and as rational...

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