Bargain The Tomb Of Ligeia (DVD) Stockists

Bargain The Tomb Of Ligeia (DVD) Stockists

Roger Corman and Vincent Price hook up for yet more horror in Edgar Allan Poe's terrifying tale of passion and possession. When a dead wife sinks her claws into immortality and comes back as a ferocious feline, she leads her husband's (Price) new bride on a deadly game of cat and mouse. And when the fur starts flying, she soon learns that even in death she can land on her feet. Review features one of Vincent Price 's most decisive performances --Time OutAn excellent conclusion to the [AIP Poe] cycle --Antagony & EcstacyA full-blooded gothic romance in the tempestuous manner, with high-flown dialogue just this side of camp --Empire magazine --This text refers to the Blu-ray edition. Running Time: 81 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: Dutch|French|Greek|Italian|English|German Release Date: 17 Oct. 2005

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The Colditz Story [1955] (DVD) Stockists

The Colditz Story is an outstanding factual prisoner of war film directed by Guy Hamilton, starring John Mills (Ice Cold in Alex) as Officer Pat Reid and Eric Portman (The 49th Parallel) as Colonel Richmond. It is based on the book written by Pat Reid, a British army officer who was imprisoned in Oflag IV-C, Colditz Castle, in Germany during the Second World War and who was the Escape Officer for British POWs within the castle.Colditz Castle in the heart of Saxony, was the fortress to which the German High Command sent officers who had attempted to escape from conventional prison camps. They regarded it as impregnable yet they...

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1990 Series 1 (DVD) Stockists

  Product Description  Britain, 1990. Edward Woodward (The Wicker Man) stars as Jim Kyle, renegade leader of a resistance movement, in the BBC's cult dystopian drama set in a totalitarian Britain. The country is run by the bureaucrats of the Home Office's all-powerful Public Control Department (PCD). Hundreds of thousands of civil servants work hard at monitoring and exposing all possible and imaginary threats to the country. They routinely command sophisticated surveillance of anyone suspected of opposing the status quo; ruthless suppression of independent thought in Special State brainwashing units cunningly disguised...

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Caroline Quentin - A Passage Through India (DVD) Stockists

Caroline Quentin is not the seasoned traveller of many TV travelogues. Unused to life on the road, to sleeping in a different bed every night and being thousands of miles from her family, her journey across India is an eye-opening adventure full of surprises. Starting in the far north, and working her way over 3500 miles to India's southernmost tip, Caroline plunges headlong into Indian society; staying with families, learning Indian traditions, meeting locals “ on and off the tourist trail and travelling on all manner of transport, from sleeper train to the world's cheapest car. Taking in breathtaking landscapes such as...

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Twelve O'Clock High [1949] (DVD) Stockists

Colonel Keith Davenport (Gary Merrill) is more of a friend than a commander to his men, a US bomber crew stationed in wartime Britain. After a series of dangerous missions, the pilots are living on their nerves and when Davenport is replaced by the callous General Savage (Gregory Peck), the latter's attempts to whip the crew into shape result in a deluge of requests for transfers. However, young Lieutenent Bishop (Robert Patten) rallies his fellow pilots, and soon they and Savage begin to develop a mutual respect. Running Time: 128 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 5 Nov. 2012

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Last Tango in Halifax - Series 3 (DVD) Stockists

The heartwarming Bafta-winning drama returns, packed with shocks and surprises as it continues the compelling story of childhood sweethearts, reunited after nearly 60 years apart, as they and their families negotiate the highs and lows of life and relationships. The latest series of this acclaimed ensemble drama sees Celia and Alan's marriage tested by revelations about an incident in his past. As his daughter Gillian tries to deal with the dramas of her own complicated love life, Caroline has settled into happy domesticity with pregnant partner Kate. But her life is thrown into turmoil by sudden and tragic events and, despite...

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The Ipcress File (DVD) Stockists

Michael Caine plays Cockney secret service man Harry Palmer in the first of a trilogy of 1960s spy capers. Here Harry tracks down a missing scientist, only to discover that one of his own superiors is a double agent. The film's sequels were 'Funeral in Berlin' (1966) and 'Billion Dollar Brain' (1967). Running Time: 103 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 16 Jan. 2006

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Chung Kuo China - (Mr Bongo Films) (1972) (DVD) Stockists

The course charted by Michelangelo Antonioni in Chung Kuo China presents unforgettable glimpses of one of the world's richest cultures. Although he visits familiar sights such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, the film's focus is fixed towards the people themselves. Across China, from major cities like Beijing and Shanghai to the Henan province, people struggle amidst poverty and hardship to sustain the collective revolutionary spirit that liberated them. Chung Kuo is an indelible time capsule of the aftermath of Mao's Cultural Revolution, the defining event of Modern China. Despite receiving the direct support of the...

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Eric and Ernie (DVD) Stockists

This heartfelt drama tells the story of Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise's formative years in show business growing from child stars into national treasures. Big head, short legs? was Eric Bartholomew's first impression of Ernie Wiseman, but their friendship endured and after encouragement by his well-meaning but determined mother, Sadie, Eric became the funny man to Ernie's feed. After a successful stint in children's variety, they worked their way up the ladder of live performance, but after a disastrous television debut in the series Running Wild, Morecambe and Wise learned to trust their own instincts and just make people...

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Classic British Jets - Vulcan (DVD) Stockists

The Avro Vulcan was the world's first large delta-wing strike aircraft. It entered service as a V-bomber with the RAF's Bomber Command squadrons in July 1957 with the capability to carry a 21,000 lb conventional bomb load – or an atomic bomb. The larger, more powerful B2 version, capable of flying 46,000 miles without refueling, appeared in 1960. This documentary profiles the Vulcan bomber, from the earliest test flights at Avro Woodford to the final flight of the very last Vulcan, XH-558, when it touched down at Bruntingthorpe airfield on 23rd March 1993. Genre: Documentary Release Date: 25th April 2005 Year of production:...

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