Bargain The Uncle (DVD) Stockists

Bargain The Uncle (DVD) Stockists

This moving, evocative and highly original drama recalls the mystery, the doubts and the poetry that is childhood as seen through the eyes of an isolated little boy whose life is turned upside down by the unwelcome arrival of his unruly nephew.Directed by BAFTA nominee Desmond Davis and featuring powerful performances from an accomplished British cast, including Rupert Davies, Brenda Bruce and Maurice Denham, this rare, highly acclaimed film is presented in a brand-new transfer from the original film elements. At just seven years of age, Gus has been an uncle all his life. When his quarrelsome, unmanageable nephew Tom comes to spend the summer holidays with him, however, he finds the responsibilities of his position almost too hard to bear...SPECIAL FEATURES:[] Image Gallery[] Promotional Material PDF Running Time: 87 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 06/07/2015

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Executive Stress - The Complete Second Series [1987] (DVD) Stockists

With her five children now grown up, Caroline Fairchild decides to resume her former career in the cut-throat world of publishing. Against the wishes of husband Donald, also working in the industry, she takes up the position of Editorial Director for her old company, Oasis Publishing - little realising it is now part of an American conglomerate that is also poised to take over Donald's employer. Finding that megalomaniac director Edgar Frankland Jr. takes a harsh line on married couples working together within his empire, Caroline and Donald devise an unorthodox yet practical solution - they become an undercover couple. The...

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Come on England CD Stockists

Various Artists - Come on England - Football Songs for Foo Release Date: N/A

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Warsaw 1944 (DVD) Stockists

During the summer of 1944, as Warsaw continues to suffer heavy losses and the city remains suppressed by the occupying Nazi forces, word is received that the ruthless Red Army is advancing from the East on a mission to obliterate the Nazis and liberate this ancient and proud city. In response, the Home Army gathers it last troops to launch a desperate underground revolution and distract the Nazis from the coming invasion. As the battle begins, Stefan, and his rebel brothers-in-arms sacrifice everything to defend their city and country in what could be the final battle for survival. As the city crumbles and the Home Army forces...

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Gorky Park (DVD) Stockists

When three murder victims are discovered in the snow of Moscow's Gorky Park - stripped of their faces and fingertips to make identification impossible - Russian detective Arkady Renko (William Hurt) is called in to investigate. He follows a trail which leads to two suspects: American fur trader Osborne (Lee Marvin), and the beautiful Irina (Joanna Pacula), a girlfriend of one of the victims and the woman that Renko himself once loved. Running Time: 123 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: French|Italian|Spanish|Dutch|Greek Release Date: 19/05/2003

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Andrew Marr's History Of The World (DVD) Stockists

Andrew Marr sets off on an epic journey through the explosive events, changes, conflicts and triumphs that shaped 70,000 years of human history. From our earliest beginnings in Africa, Marr traces the story of our nomadic ancestors as they spread out around the world and settled down to become the first farmers and townspeople. With spectacular images, compelling characters and incisive narration, this is an epic journey through human history and the story of the world we live in today, featuring dramatic reconstruction, documentary filming around the world and cutting-edge computer graphics. Running Time: 467 minutes Region:...

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Rear Window (DVD) Stockists

James Stewart and Grace Kelly star in Alfred Hitchcock's classic thriller which explores the role of the voyeur. After breaking his leg during a shoot, photo-journalist L.B. 'Jeff' Jeffries (Stewart) is forced to spend a humid summer recuperating in his Greenwich Village apartment. The wheelchair-bound Jeff whiles away his time observing his neighbours through a telephoto lens, bestowing them with nicknames and growing familiar with their daily routines. However, his society girlfriend Lisa (Kelly) is exasperated and then alarmed when Jeff becomes obsessed with the notion that Lars Thorwald (Raymond Burr), who lives in the...

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Immortal Beloved (DVD) Stockists

Gary Oldman stars as Ludwig van Beethoven in this biopic of the great composer. At the reading of his will, it is revealed that Beethoven has left all his worldly goods to a mystery female benefactor, who he names as 'my immortal beloved'. Anton Schindler (Jeroen Krabbe) goes in search of the unknown woman, uncovering a number of secrets about the musician's past. Directed by Bernard Rose. Running Time: 115 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 2 Feb. 2009

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Greatest Moments Of The Olympics [DVD] Stockists

Greatest Moments features a collection of 2-minute vignettes of the greatest and most inspiring moments that capture the true spirit of the Olympic Games from Athens 1896 to Beijing 2008. Drawing on some of the most memorable sporting achievements in the history of the Games, Golden Moments delves into the human element of the competition to examine personal stories of endeavour and triumph by some of the world s most accomplished athletes. Running Time: 195 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 16/07/2012

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Great British Railway Journeys: Series 5 to 8 (DVD) Stockists

Armed with his Victorian copy of Bradshaw's Railway Handbook, Michael Portillo takes to the tracks, travelling from coast to coast to discover what of Bradshaw's Britain remains. Passionate about trains, Michael Portillo charts the great British romance with the railways in this phenomenally successful series. Armed with his copy of George Bradshaw's famous railway handbook, he retraces fourteen journeys that were first documented in the Victorian guide (plus an additional one from its Irish companion!), witnessing what's changed and discovering how our love of the railways began. Throughout, he makes stops at some of Britain's...

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