Best The Virtuous Widow ebook Stockists

Best The Virtuous Widow ebook Stockists

Centenary Products November 2008 Ellie Carmichael was an heiress when she married, but her husband drank and gambled away her money. Now he is dead, and all Ellie has is their three-year-old daughter and her reputation. But when a handsome stranger turns up on her doorstep on a perilously cold night, Ellie must put her virtue on the line…

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Falcon's Love ebook

Historical January 2010 He will protect her at all costs… Darius of Faucon has been sent on a king’s mission – to protect the young widow of Thornson Keep until a husband can be found for her. A seemingly simple task for a noble knight – until he sets eyes on Marguerite, his one-time love…and Lady of Thornson! Though Marguerite was forced to wed another, she never let go of the passion she once shared with Darius – or the precious gift he unknowingly bestowed upon her. Now Darius is about to uncover the secret she has kept for five years…

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Before I Wake both

even death can’t get you out of high school… Covering up her own murder was one thing, but faking her life is much harder than ex-teen banshee Kaylee expected. Now she’s fighting to stay visible to the human world and struggling to find time alone with her new reaper boyfriend Tod. To stay in the mortal realm, Kaylee must reclaim stolen souls and, when her first assignment brings her face-to-face with an old foe, she knows the game has changed. Her immortal status won’t keep her safe. And this time Kaylee isn’t just gambling with her own life…

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A Gentleman Of Substance eBook

A Secret Child... When Lucy Rushton's lover was killed in battle, she was his brother, formidable viscount Drake Strickland, to protect her unborn child. The marriage tore her heart, yet after their vows were sealed, Lucy saw another side to her stern husband - a compassionate, captivating gentleman of substance who lured her in ways Jeremy never had! A Secret Love... Duty-bound to care for lovely Lucy, Drake never expected sharing his home would warm his cold, bare life. And when her eyes flashed with provocative beauty, sending an irresistible invitation, he longed to believe his wife's heart was wholly his.

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Night Driving eBook

Ex-Army Captain Boone Toliver has five days to get from Montana to Florida with an injured leg to stop his sister's wedding to a man she hardly knows. And his only option is hitching a ride with his free-spirited neighbour, hairstylist Tara Duvall - whose body makes his mouth water and his libido burn...

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Colorado Abduction / In Bed with the Badge ebook

Intrigue October 2010 Colorado Abduction Ranch owner Carolyn was used to being in charge, but incredibly sexy FBI agent JD had other ideas. He was domineering, stubborn and had vowed never to let an assignment turn personal…until Carolyn found a way to melt his hardened heart. In Bed with the Badge Police officer Riley is annoyed at being partnered with former academy classmate Sam. Sam’s as mind-stoppingly handsome as he is irritating, sparking in Riley deliciously improper thoughts. But, after their problems of the past, how can she learn to trust him?

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At The Billionaire`s Bidding book

Includes: The Bedroom Surrender Spending a week at Adam`s island villa was a purely practical arrangement. Rosalie refused to agree to his more outrageous propositions - but the naive virgin hadn`t reckoned on Adam`s powerful persuasions!

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Bound and Pleasured eBook

Erotica August 2011 Three years ago, Darla Rogers's ex, Jacob Remington, left on a top secret Special Forces mission and didn't return—at least, not to her. They had broken up after he pushed her to the erotic edge, asking her to trust him completely...and she pushed him away. Now Jacob is back, revealing his membership in a secret society that enjoys games of dominance and submission. This time, Darla is determined prove she belongs in his world. Even if that means embracing her darkest desires with Jacob and the society's leader.... Book two of The Masters series.

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Return of the Rebel Doctor ebook

Her irresistible rival For years Katie has run her small Scottish community hospital, and is not impressed when the bad boy from her past comes back to stake his claim on her job! Ross McGregor might have been from the wrong side of the tracks once, but the ex-army doc has developed a charm that's as sharply honed as his medical skills. Katie intends to fiercely protect her dream job- but why does she find her mind wandering to thoughts of the handsome doctor who's back in her life?

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Every Girl's Secret Fantasy ebook

Modern September 2010 A wickedly sexy rebel – with a secret… Mechanic Pace Brodrick has stepped straight out of prim Phoebe’s wildest fantasy – oil-slicked and dangerously sexy, he’s her perfect Mr Right Now! Phoebe’s been long overdue some excitement – and Pace’s wicked smile guarantees she’ll have the thrill of her life! Then Pace discovers the temptress behind Phoebe’s good-girl façade! She drives him wild – but will she want their fling to last for ever when she discovers Pace has been lying to her all along? For this bad boy is actually a secret millionaire…

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Time Raiders: The Seduction eBook

Paranormal May 2010 Dr. Athena Carswell is on the brink of making time travel possible--until the Department of Defense sends Colonel Peter Grafton to oversee her work. The hot young officer is a serious distraction, especially when his psychic abilities reveal their mutual attraction! However, there are others interested in Athena's work, too--people who will use any force necessary to get their hands on her research. But when it comes to protecting Athena, nothing will stand in Peter's way...not even time itself. An eBook-exclusive prequel to the TIME RAIDERS series from Silhouette Nocturne!

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