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Reaching for the stars – with Nurse Skye... Haunted by the ghosts of his fallen comrades, ex-army medic Adam Miller hopes to find salvation in beautiful Atanga Bay. Yet despite his intense attraction to feisty nurse Skye Williams, Adam’s determined never to get close to anyone ever again. But with Skye by his side maybe it’s time to put the past to rest for good…

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Marriage at the Cowboy's Command / How to Seduce ... book

Desire March 2012 Marriage at the Cowboy’s CommandBusiness brings Luke Kilgore home to Texas… Or that’s what he tells himself until he sees his former lover, Caitlyn Wakefield. He still wants Caitlyn. But he won’t settle for less than all she has. They will marry. He will be a father to their son. And he will not trust her again…no matter how she tempts him.How to Seduce a BillionaireWhere did Brandon Duke’s secretary go? Because this sultry woman is not the Kelly Meredith who left on vacation. She says this makeover is part of a plan…to become more seductive. And Brandon is just the man to give her a few lessons...

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Northern Fires book

For construction foreman Sven Sorenson, Alaska is close to heaven. Unfortunately, there’s one thing missing – women! Finding the right girl is impossible. Especially since he can’t keep his mind – or his hands – off the wrong one! High-flying bush pilot Juliette Miller’s not interested in commitment. She’s tried that twice. But her attraction to Sven is sizzling and maybe third time really is lucky.

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The Bodyguard's Return/Intimate Enemy ebook

Intrigue December 2009 The Bodyguard’s Return Carla Cassidy Joshua West left Manhattan for peace and quiet and a job in the family bodyguard business. Only his sleepy home town wouldn’t let him rest. Not with a string of suspicious deaths…and alluring redhead Savannah who wouldn’t take no for an answer. Intimate Enemy Marilyn Pappano Even though Russ had broken her heart years ago, accepting his protection felt so natural to Jaime. Especially when the threats she was receiving from a stalker began to escalate. But she never expected to feel quite this safe in the arms of her once sworn enemy…

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Tarnished Amongst the Ton book

THE SECRET LIFE OF MISS PHYLLIDA HURST Having survived the scandal of her birth with courage and determination, the beautiful Phyllida has reached a precarious balance within the ton. And in just one moment Ashe Herriard, Viscount Clere, blows her world and her carefully made plans to pieces. Brought up in vibrant Calcutta, Ashe is disdainful of polite London society, but something about Phyllida intrigues him. There's a mystery surrounding her. A promise of secrets and a hint of scandal- more than enough to entice him!

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A Price Worth Paying? book

When two bitter rivals... Why, why does her grandfather's dying wish dictate that Simone Hamilton must marry a man she hates? The marriage might unite their warring families, but formidable Spaniard Alesander Esquivel is the last man on earth Simone would want to be in the same room with- let alone share a marital bed! ...are forced to take one solemn vow... Alesander's strongest desire used to be gaining the final piece of his business empire- but now it seems there are more pleasurable diversions for the taking... Having a wife could be useful- especially to entertain him during those sultry hot Spanish nights! ‘Great...

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The Price of Retribution both

Hell hath no fury… To Tarn Desmond family is everything. So when merciless tycoon Caspar Brandon all but destroys her sweet sister, Tarn is determined to make this notorious playboy pay… Caz is intrigued by the pure beauty of the new girl in his office – no one has ever said no to him before, and if anything that’s just doubled his ruthless desire for her! As Tarn sinks deeper into her deception her resolve falters under Caz’s sensual onslaught. She hasn’t banked on revenge costing her the ultimate price: her heart…and her body! “Like a fine red wine Sara Craven just seems to get better and better.” –...

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Not Strictly Business! eBook

By Request January 2011 Prodigal Son Called away from his law firm, Jack Hanson is the only man who can save his family’s business. He hires Samantha Edwards, they’d known each other before…so it’s no wonder there are intense sparks flying between them. Samantha may be just the woman to show Jack how to live again… The Boss and Miss Baxter Nina, I’m so sorry about your job at the office. Your dedication and charm have always made a good impression on me. So I’d be pleased if you’d consider working for me, personally, as my assistant. As a responsible single mum it would be really tough for you without work....

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The Italian's One-Night Love-Child ebook

Modern February 2010 Pregnant with De Angelis’ baby! Seeing Bethany Maguire’s captivating curves in a tantalising silk dress, Cristiano De Angelis indulges in one night of passion with this beauty. A string of society heiresses have graced his bed…what difference will one more make? Except virgin Bethany is no socialite. She was just house-sitting a glamorous apartment when she gave in to temptation and tried on one of the owner’s designer dresses! She doesn’t belong in Cristiano’s jet-set life, and when she discovers she’s pregnant she flees. But the billionaire won’t let her go that easily…

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Suddenly a Bride / A Bride After All ebook

Cherish July 2011 Suddenly a Bride Single mother Elizabeth had no illusions about getting married. Tying the knot the second time around wouldn’t be about love and romance. It would be about friendship and making a home for her family. Then she met Will, her sons’ sexy baseball coach… A Bride After All Burned by love, Claire had given up on finding her dream husband. The physician’s assistant would have to be content taking care of other people’s kids. Until she met her happily-ever-after wrapped up in Nick, one seductive single-father package…

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Surrender in the Arms of the Sheikh ebook

By Request March 2009 Exposed: The Sheikh’s Mistress by Sharon Kendrick Sheikh Hashim Al Aswad nearly married model Sienna, before photos exposing her past were revealed. Hashim doesn’t know the truth behind the ‘scandal’. Now does he just want to bed her, not wed her? Stolen by the Sheikh by Trish Morey Sheikh Khaled has asked Sapphire to design the wedding gown for his intended bride. But when she’s told the bridal gown’s measurements are her own…Sapphy realises that she’s been stolen by the sheikh! Fit for a Sheikh by Carol Grace When millionaire Sheikh Tarik Oman storms into Carolyn’s office he’s overpowering...

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