Bargain The War Wagon   Westerns Collection 2011 (DVD) Stockists

Bargain The War Wagon - Westerns Collection 2011 (DVD) Stockists

John Wayne and Kirk Douglas star in this action-packed Western. Rancher Taw Jackson (Wayne) seeks revenge upon cattle baron West Catlin, who had robbed him of his life savings and his reputation years before. When he discovers that his nemesis is hiding half a million dollars of gold bullion in an armoured stagecoach, Taw gathers together a motley crew to help him steal it. Running Time: 96 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: Arabic|Greek|French|Russian|Danish|Hebrew|Turkish|German|Spanish|Norwegian|Dutch|Italian|Portuguese|Swedish|Finnish Release Date: 23/05/2011

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Point Break [1991] (DVD) Stockists

Young FBI agent Utah (Keanu Reeves) must track down a four-man bank robbery team who wear masks depicting the features of ex-US Presidents Reagan, Carter, Nixon and Johnson. Suspecting them to be surfers, the agent sets about infiltrating the surfing community, and becomes a little too close to the adrenalin junkies to be objective. With Patrick Swayze as the main suspect, and Gary Busey as Utah's more experienced partner. Running Time: 117 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: Dutch|English|French|Spanish|German|Italian Release Date: 12 Sept. 2011

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Policing London In 70s - Films From The Metropolitan Police Archive (DVD) Stockists

A series of four films from the Metropolitan Police archive reflecting the work of the police in London during the 1970s. 'Police Station' is a dramatised account of a day at inner city police station Gypsy Hill, 'Thames Patrol' follows the work of the riverside police, 'Eight Feet Tall' joins the mounted police as they select a new intake, and 'Without Due Care' follows the Traffic Division as they deal with drunk drivers, breakdowns, and crashes. Running Time: 94 minutes Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about DVD formats.) Release Date: 20 Oct. 2008

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Captain Orellana and the Possessed Village (DVD) Stockists

Captain Orellana, a former police investigator now working on his own solving the most impossible mysteries, has been tapped for the wackiest, most dangerous case of his long career. He's hired by the department of health to examine the strange occurrences in a remote village in which many of the villages seem to be POSSESSED! With 007-like swagger Orellana takes on the challenge Running Time: 90 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English Release Date: 7 Sept. 2015

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Operation Valkyrie [2008] (DVD) Stockists

The July 20 plot of 1944 was a failed attempt by members of Germanys High Command to assassinate Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany, and to take power by means of a plan called Operation Walká¼re. The key role in this drama, was played by Wehrmacht Heer officer Claus von Stauffenberg who was in charge of the German Reserve Army's Walká¼re, a role which allowed him direct access to Hitler. On 20th July 1944, Stauffenberg placed a briefcase packed with explosives in Hitler's private bunker. Despite the bunker being totally destroyed, the Nazi Leader managed to escape. The failure of this assassination attempt, which...

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The Fallen Sparrow (DVD) Stockists

A world at war, many sparrows must fall, are the ominous words that open this classic 1943 film noir. That sparrow could be Kit McKittrick (John Garfield), a former Spanish Civil War prisoner who arrives back in New York to discover the truth behind the mysterious death of his friend Louie Lepetino. McKittrick is on the verge of near madness following the psychological torture inflicted on him whilst imprisoned in General Franco s civil war jails. Haunted by a sadistic man with a limp, McKittrick finds himself surrounded by Nazi spies who want to steal a precious artifact that he has brought with him following his escape from...

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The Film Noir Collection - Woman On The Run [1950] (DVD) Stockists

After witnessing a mob hit, Frank Johnson (Ross Elliott Gun Crazy) goes on the run, fearing for his life. Inspector Ferris (Robert Keith The Wild One) and Detective Shaw (Frank Jenks Sudden Danger) are suspicious when they interview his uncooperative and seemingly uncaring wife, Eleanor (Ann Sheridan The Glass Key). But when Eleanor is approached by tabloid reporter Danny Leggatt (Dennis O Keefe T-Men) offering to help find her husband, it appears Leggatt is not all he seems! The riveting twists and turns, together with the acerbic wit and charisma of the leading lady, keep this thriller bubbling along as we head for a dramatic...

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The Resident (DVD) Stockists

Alone with a baby and feeling isolated, Joanna feels a growing sense of unease in her new apartment. Are the sinister noises, banging on the walls and whispering voices real, or is she losing her mind? Gradually uncovering the chilling history of her new home, she desperately clings to her sanity, while fearing the horrific events of the past have left a very real and malevolent presence. Review As unsettling as claustrophobic creep-outs come --Scream MagazineA beautifully disturbing film Running Time: 78 minutes Region: Region 2 (This DVD may not be viewable outside Europe. Read more about DVD formats.)...

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Lucian Freud - Portraits (DVD) Stockists

Lucian Freud, now in his 80's, has always been at pains to preserve his privacy. In recent years, as his fame has increased and his eminence as a painter has matured into pre-eminence, the artist has become the object of endless and generally inaccurate press interest. Lucian Freud: Portraits is an analysis of the artist as seen through the eyes of those who have been best placed to study him; his sitters. Over a period of two years film-maker Jake Auerbach and Freud's biographer, William Feaver filmed many of Freud's subjects, ranging from the late Duke of Devonshire and the now Dowager Duchess of Devonshire to fellow painters...

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Two's Company - The Complete Series [1975] (DVD) Stockists

All 28 episodes, plus the the 1976 Christmas Special, from the classic 1970s television sitcom. Dorothy McNab (Elaine Stritch) is a prickly American writer who moves to a flat in London's fashionable Chelsea. Employing stuffy butler Robert Hiller (Donald Sinden) as a domestic help, it isn't long before Dorothy's new money style begins to clash with Robert's 'old school tie' attitudes. Episodes comprise: 'The Bait'; 'The Housekeeping'; 'Dorothy's Electrician'; 'The Patient'; 'The Romance'; 'Robert's Mother', the Christmas special 'A Loving Christmas', 'The Reluctant Traveller', 'The Burglary', 'The Rubbish', 'The Honeymoon',...

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The Cedar Tree - Series 1, Vol. 1 (DVD) Stockists

Created by Upstairs Downstairs' Alfred Shaughnessy, The Cedar Tree is a study of one fictional aristocratic family, the Bournes of Larkfield Manor, focusing particularly on daughters Elizabeth (21), Anne (18), and Victoria (16). Dependent on their parents for income and bound by the remnants of the previous century's code of social behaviour, they represent a small backwater of Thirties life. The girls' great hope is to find a suitable husband, and their expectations are high; but who is to know that what awaits all women at the end of the 'devil's decade' is war?A huge success for ITV in the 1970s, The Cedar Tree picked up...

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