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Best The Wheels on the Bus Stockists

Jump aboard for a safari park singalong. You know the tune: roar, hoot and mime along.

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Bought: Destitute yet Defiant ebook

Modern March 2010 Ruthless sicilian, virgin mistress He’s scarred, sexy, and unashamedly Sicilian… Silvio Brianza dragged himself out of the slums, but his scars run deep… She’s defiant, desirable, and utterly disobedient! Jessie still scrapes her living, scrubbing floors by day and singing in seedy bars by night… Silvio turned his back on that world, but now he’s found Jessie he’s going to make her his! Jessie may be powerless to resist Silvio’s raw sexuality, but no amount of dresses and diamonds can change their history. He’s her enemy, he’s shunned his past – he’ll never love the street girl...

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Shadow Bound ebook

Fantasy June 2012 IF ALL YOU KNOW IS SHADOWS, YOU BEGIN TO FORGET THE LIGHT… Shadow-walker Kori, able to travel from one human shadow to another, keeps her powers hidden from the world. Until supernatural crime lord Tower imprisons her and suppresses her magic. Freedom for her, and her magician sister Kenley, now comes at price. The job? Recruit Ian Holt, a man who can manipulate darkness – or kill him. Yet Ian has a mission of his own: assassinate Kenley, whose unique powers give Tower a deadly advantage in their underworld. Fighting for two different sides, Kori and Ian can’t deny the desperate magnetic pull that...

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Death Of A Soldier

On 12 May 2009 Margaret Evison's son Lieutenant Mark Evison of 1st Battalion The Welsh Guards died of wounds sustained whilst leading a patrol in Helmand Province. Hailed a hero Mark's death was a national sacrifice his grave to be one of many in the identical ordered rows in a military cemetery. But to his mother Margaret it was the most intimate of griefs. In Death of a Soldier she attempts to reconcile her own unanswerable sense of loss with the idea that her son died for a good cause. With her we confront the horror of his death and witness her struggle to see epithets such as 'heroic' and 'noble' as more than a...

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1st to Die

The first novel in the Women's Murder Club series. As the only woman homicide inspector in San Francisco Lindsay Boxer has to be tough. But nothing she has seen prepares her for the horror of the honeymoon murders when a brutal maniac begins viciously slaughtering newly wed couples on their wedding nights. Lindsay is sickened by the deaths but her determination to bring the murderer to justice is threatened by her own personal tragedy. So she turns to Claire a leading coroner Cindy a journalist and Jill a top attorney for help with both her crises and the Women's Murder Club is born.

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Dinosaur Snap

Snap is every child's much-loved first card game and these large colourful and high quality cards will delight very young children. The cards feature illustrations of children's favourite subjects - characters from fairytales including the Three Little Pigs" and "Cinderella in Fairytale Snap" and magnificent dinosaurs including a Tricerotops and a Blarblarsaurus in "Dinosaur Snap". Snap is an easy and fun game which is a great way for young children to develop important matching and reading skills. The card packs make great gifts and follow on from the success of Usborne's other fabulous card games."

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Female Chauvinist Pigs

Today's young women seem to be outdoing the male chauvinist pigs of yesteryear applauding the 'pornification' of other women and themselves. This is a world where simulating sex for baying crowds of men on shows like Girls Gone Wild and going to lapdancing clubs - as patrons - is seen as a short cut to cool. Ariel Levy says the joke's on the women if they think this is progress. She tears apart the myth of this new brand of 'empowered woman' and refuses a culture-wide obligation for women to act and look like porn stars. This terrifically witty and wickedly intelligent book makes the case that the rise of raunch does not...

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Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats

First published in 1939 T.S. Eliot's collection of cat poems written originally to amuse his godchildren and friends has become a favourite of children's literature.

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Contatti 2

Contatti is the best-selling course for anybody wishing to learn Italian whether for work or pleasure. The course offers a thorough grounding in the language and enables you to speak read write and understand contemporary Italian. In Part 2 of the course the emphasis is on communication with modern and authentic reading and listening materials providing the basis for a wide range of interesting activities. The use of English is kept to a minimum but full vocabulary and grammar support are provided. With 2 audio CDs included in the book Contatti 2 is the perfect follow-on for anyone who has already studied the basics of...

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Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith: The Collected Stories

This collection of nine Lost Tribe of the Sith" stories is suitable for fans of the "New York Times" bestselling "Fate of the Jedi" series as it features the origin story of the tribe of Sith that play such a crucial role in those novels. The bestselling "Fate of the Jedi" novels introduce the "Star Wars" universe to a long-forgotten tribe of Sith. This collection of stories tells the origin of that tribe. Written by John Jackson Miller this paperback will include all eight of the "Lost Tribe of the Sith" stories as well as "Pandemonium" the never-before-seen final chapter that will only be available in this collection."

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Jedi Academy #1: Jedi Academy

Jedi Academy isn’t just any old school. And this isn’t any old school diary. A new recruit’s story told in comic strips, letters, homework assignments, school timetables and scrapbook pages. Cool! All his life, Roan has planned on going to Pilot School. And then he gets rejected. Ouch. But then a little green guy called Yoda invites Roan to Jedi Academy. Now he’s at school with robots, aliens and bullies who can lift things with their minds. Think starting at a new school can be weird? This school is totally out of this world!

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