Bargain The Wonderful Country (DVD) Stockists

Bargain The Wonderful Country (DVD) Stockists

Starring: Robert Mitchum, Julie London, Gary Merrill, Albert Dekker Robert Mitchum stars in this classic 1950s Western based on Tom Lea's novel. When injured mercenary Martin Brady (Mitchum), under the employ of notorious smugglers the Castro brothers (Victor Mendoza and Pedro Armendariz), loses a shipment of rifles and ammunition, he is taken in by U.S. Army Major Colton (Gary Merrill), who uses Brady's expertise to gain control over the hostile Apaches in Mexico. As he begins to fall for Colton's wife Helen (Julie London), Brady has a big decision to make: go back to Mexico and face the Castro brothers or fight Colton for Helen's hand. The cast also includes Albert Dekker, Jack Oakie and Charles McGraw. Genre: Film Release Date: 16th March 2015 Year of production: 1959 Director: Robert Parrish Running Time: 98 min Cat No: 163486 Barcode: 5019322634867 No Disc: 1 Certification: PG Format: DVD

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Supercar The Complete Series (DVD) Stockists

Intrepid pilot Mike Mercury takes to the skies in the complete series of Gerry Anderson's Supercar. With Professor Popkiss manning the console, and the eccentric Dr. Beaker providing his customary blend of erudition and genius, the stage is set for an adventure series that blends action, humour and charm in equal measure. Gerry Anderson's rarely seen Supermarionation classic is presented here in superbly remastered DVD quality that even Dr. Beaker would find 'most satisfactory!'SPECIAL FEATURES[] Full Boost Vertical - The Supercar Story - full length documentary[] Commentary by Gerry Anderson on two episodes [] Supercar Annuals...

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The Wizard Of Oz - 75th Anniversary Edition [1939] (DVD) Stockists

Classic musical adaptation of the L. Frank Baum novel starring Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, Bert Lahr and Jack Haley. A tornado whisks Dorothy (Garland) and her house from Kansas to Munchkin City, squashing the Wicked Witch of the East upon landing. The Wicked Witch of the West (Margaret Hamilton) vows revenge, while Dorothy sets off on the yellow brick road to see the Wizard of Oz (Frank Morgan), hoping he can tell her how to get home. On the way she makes friends with a scarecrow (Bolger), a tin man (Haley) and a cowardly lion (Lahr) - all of whom have specific reasons for wanting to meet the magical Wizard. With the Wicked...

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Mussolini And The History Of Italian Fascism (DVD) Stockists

Documentary charting the rise of fascism, its effect on Italian life, the outbreak of war and the eventual demise of Benito Mussolini. Chapters include: 'Mussolini, the man and the politician and his rise to power', 'The Matteotti affair and the birth of the Totalitarian state', 'Fascist policy at home and abroad', 'The Vatican agreement and initial contact with Hitler', 'The opponents and the intellectuals of the regime', 'Modernisation in Italy and the new African colonies', 'The Italians in the 1930s and fascist support' and 'Defeat, Civil War and the death of the Duce'. Running Time: 480 minutes Region: All Regions Release...

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Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie (DVD) Stockists

Feature-length comedy based on the award-winning TV series starring Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley as the infamous Edina and Patsy. Causing mayhem and havoc wherever they go, Edina and Patsy continue to enjoy their booze-soaked, glamorous lifestyle when they find themselves taking the blame for a major faux pas at a trendy London launch party. Consequently hounded by the media and paparazzi, the pair flee to the south of France where they immediately settle in to the ways of lavish living. Despite being broke, the duo conspire a way to prolong their stay. The film also sees the return of Edina's daughter Saffy (Julia Sawalha),...

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Six Million Dollar Man Season Three [1975](DVD) Stockists

When Colonel Steve Austin (Lee Majors) barely survives the devastating crash of an experimental NASA aircraft, his shattered body is rebuilt using bionics a secret new medical technology developed for the U.S. government by Dr. Rudy Wells. Outfitted with atomic-powered bionic legs, an arm, and an eye, Austin is now ''better, stronger, faster'' than he was before. Austin's enhanced abilities are put to the test as he is sent on dangerous and covert missions for the government's OSI division, under the supervision of director Oscar Goldman (Richard Anderson). SEASON 3 of The Six Million Dollar Man kicks off with the returning-from-the-dead...

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Pearl Harbor/From Swopd To Zero/Japanese Air Power [DVD] [2001] Stockists

This documentary chronicles the devastating attack by Japan on America's Pearl Harbor on December 7 1941, and traces its effects on the course of the Second World War. Japan had built up a formidable aerial fighting force in the years leading up to the conflict, and the 340-force which attacked the Harbor swiftly destroyed the island's airfields and left 2000 men of the defenceless US Pacific fleet dead or wounded. A huge assault was simultaneously launched by Japan on Hong Kong, Guam, Midway, Wake Island and the Philippines, but in June 1942 the Battle of Midway saw the Allies take the offensive, resulting in the desperate...

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The Irish Mob (DVD) Stockists

A tale of shamrocks and sub-machine guns, this captivating documentary series spans more than 100 years of history to chart the extraordinary rise of the Irish Mob In America. From the Irish gangs of New York in the late 1800s through to the 1970s, this documentary tells the amazing stories of the first generation Irish kids who became some of America s most notorious and wanted gangsters. It explores the lives and crimes of key members of the Irish Mob including Gangs of New York graduate Owney Killer Madden, Jimmy Coonan s infamous Westies gang from Hell s Kitchen, America s most wanted Frankie Sheeran and the recently captured...

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The Winter Guest (DVD) Stockists

Alan Rickman directs and co-writes this bittersweet drama, which pairs real-life mother and daughter Phyllida Law and Emma Thompson. Following the death of her husband, Frances (Thompson) meets with her mother (Law) in a Scottish seaside town. As they attempt to repair their own, damaged relationship, their lives become linked to those of two young boys, a teenage couple, and a pair of elderly women whose sole pleasure in life is attending funerals. Running Time: 105 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: English Release Date: 1 Sept. 2008

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The Persuaders! The Complete Series (DVD) Stockists

Nitro and gylcerine... and I light the fuse! Two millionaire playboys - one a peer of the realm, born into money, and the other a self-made man who fought his way out of the New York slums - are conned by a retired judge into righting wrongs in a series that combines action, style, humour and panache in large quantities! Regarded by many as the finest of Lew Grade s ITC film series, The Persuaders! stars Roger Moore and Tony Curtis as the mismatched playboys with an eye for the ladies and a penchant for landing themselves in trouble. Alongside all 24 episodes are a wealth of special features, including: THE MORNING AFTER -...

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