Bargain The World’s Smallest Vacuum Stockists

Bargain The World’s Smallest Vacuum Stockists

Every OCD person’s dream, the World’s Smallest Vacuum is the ultimate accessory for the office, at home and on the go! Super tiny, ridiculously cute and the most fun you can have at work (if you’re a neat freak), the World’s Smallest Vacuum is here to save you from a world full of dust and grime! This tiny portable hoover quickly and easily removes dirt with a powerful suction and ergonomic design. Coming complete with two special attachments, this handy vacuum doesn’t require any batteries, simply plug it in to your USB port or charging adapter and you’re ready to clean! With an ultra-long 1.3 metre cable (included) you’ll be able to reach all those tricky spots without any problems, ensuring a clean and tidy workspace in no time at all! Then when you’re done, simply open up and empty out the dust to start again! Perfection!

Bargain Deal: £9.99

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Drinking Bird Stockists

A cool executive toy is this quirky Drinking Bird, a classic office gadget that works using properties of thermodynamics, converting thermal energy into mechanical energy. Simply dunk your birds head into a drinking glass of water, the bird cools from the evaporation which condenses with the liquid vapors in the head creating a partial vacuum. The liquid inside the body base of the bird is warmer then the head, hence at higher pressure and rises up the tube to fill the lower pressure of the head. When the bird tilts forward, it lets the liquid drain back and the cycle repeats. When the temperature is more humid, the bird...

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Billy Bass Stockists

Now the ultimate trophy fish is back and he’s got a brand new song too! Rock out to Billy’s classic rendition of “Don’t Worry Be Happy” or croon along to his latest tune, disco classic, “I Will Survive.” Perfect at parties, or for livening up the office, Billy is mounted on a wall plaque and uses motion sensor technology to bring him to life. Once activated, the big mouth bass turns his head, wiggles his tail and belts out his hits and he’s sure to win a brand new generation of fans! Celebrate the 15 year anniversary with an up to date singing Billy! Requires 4 AA batteries.

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Cushtie Cushion Original - Black Stockists

This Black Cushtie Cushion is compact at only 1 foot high and an extremely soft comfortable pillow. Use it anywhere, whether at home, away or on the move! If you travel in planes, trains or cars and need some home comforts to sleep, remember to take your Cushtie Cushion. It is filled with tiny polystyrene beads which can be squashed and squeezed to fit around you and bounce back into shape afterwards. Not only is the Cushtie a great pillow, it can also be used as a cushion when lounging around watching television. Whatever you do with it, squeeze, squash, hug, snuggle or pummel it will bounce back to it's original shape....

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Water Bazooka Water Pistol Stockists

This is a water bazooka with a compact, lightweight design for spontaneous, outdoor fun. Ideal for Summer party where there are plenty of kids around, simply add an old plastic drinks bottle by screwing it into the end and and ready, set, WET, WET, WET!! The Water Bazooka Water Pistol shoots up to 30 feet and is engineered to fit most plastic 2 litre drink bottles with a water-tight sealing band. Plus no batteries are required - simply a bit of pump action and you're ready to go. Great way to re-cycle most soft drinks bottles and no disposed battery waste either. For ages 8 and up. Please note we cannot guarantee the...

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Telescopic Shoe Horn Stockists

Do you often struggle to fit into your shoes? Well this useful tool is exactly what you need and is small enough to take with you! The strong stainless steel, rubber handled shoe horn extends from 13" to a huge 32" meaning that you can fit into your shoes with maximum ease and minimum effort! The spring loaded end piece enables the shoe horn to be easily manipulated into any shoe. It is the perfect aid to have at home but also small and light enough to take on business trips and holidays. Comes in assorted colours.

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Smallest Walkie Talkies Stockists

Not content with having just any walkie talkies, we’ve managed to find the World’s Smallest Walkie Talkies! These super tiny hand held devices can penetrate walls, floors, steel and concrete; and will transmit over a range of about 100 feet (30 metres).  Operating is very easy, simply push to talk (don’t forget your ‘over and outs’!) or use the button on the front to transmit in Morse code. The flexible antennas can be bent so the Walkie Talkies will fit into the smallest of pockets, just in case your missions are covert!  With something so simple, that just leaves you to do the fun bit……....

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Light Up Wrist Ball Stockists

Do you have a wrist related injury? Maybe you are a musician and want to strengthen your muscles so that you can play more efficiently? This Light Up Wrist Ball is the perfect solution. Shaped like a tennis ball, this nifty little gadget brings gentle relief to injuries such as repetitive strain injury, arthritis or even carpal tunnel syndrome. It is also a good gadget if you are a musician or full time typist - the Light Up Wrist Ball helps to strengthen muscles whilst reaching a recorded speed of up to 15,000 RPM and generating a force of up to 40LBS. A simple little gadget that can be used even just for fun! Easy to carry...

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Air Power Soccer Disc Stockists

Turn any empty space into an instant football hockey game with this Air Power Soccer Disc which floats off the ground using the same technology they use on hovercrafts and it works both indoors and outdoors. The small jets of air which come out of the bottom of the Soccer Disc allow it to automatically glide along the floor independently, but if you want to direct it into any direction simply give it a little kick. The disk's outer rim completely protects the disk so you can bounce it off of walls, furniture or any objects to make things more interesting. You can use your feet, hands or even a hockey stick to move the disc,...

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Water Bazooka Stockists

Its summer and all you have to play with is an old tatty water bottle. Not much fun you might say. So why don't you turn it into immediate fun with this awesome Water Bazooka! So how does it work we hear you ask? Well, instead of a water tank, the Water Bazooka can be fitted with most old water or soda bottles. No glue, sellotape or batteries are required to have super soaking water fights, simply screw a water bottle onto the end and you’re ready to go! It can even hold a big fat 2 litre water bottle and the watertight seal will save you from losing any water. The compact and light design makes it great for kids to...

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Laser Sphere Stockists

Relax and unwind with this lovely nebula lighting effect. Great for chilled-out teenAgers and as a night light for younger children. D 13cm. NOT a toy.Age 3+

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